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Sylphs Transmute Chemtrails in Skies Over Irvine, California

[Editor's Note: On July 10, I sent ZSL a series of digital pictures that I had taken on the afternoon of June 30, 2004 in Irvine, California. I asked him to look them over and give me his opinion about what I was photographing. I had the sense that I was photographing Sylphs in the process of converting or transmuting the poisonous substances that make up the spew soup of chemtrails into something that is harmless and winds up looking like normal clouds after tranmutation. Since April, it's been very evident to me that chemtrails can no longer 'stick' or create day-long chemtrail whiteouts (overcasts) in this area. For most of May and June 2004, I didn't notice any chemtrails being sprayed here. I then noticed that they started spraying again in late June.

ZSL mentioned in a March 23, 2004 essay that Giant Sylphs were coming into earth to help heal the atmosphere. In April-May 2004, I made a big supply of muffin Tower Busters and gifted many of the local flood control channels which are running all through this area. I had already gifted local cell phone towers and buried HHgs under trees in strategic locations much earlier, but gifting the orgone generators into any manner of running water (flood control channel) has a huge amplification effect. In addition, I set up a big 5 gallon Chembuster percolating on the patio. As Don Croft has often repeated in his articles, if you saturate your local environment with a SUFFICIENT number of orgone generators, you are going to create enough positive atmospheric OR orgone energy to make it easy for Sylphs to come in and work the skies over your area and gobble up those chemtrails like so many Dorito Corn Chips!

When Don first introduced the Chembuster idea in the Winter of 2001-2002, it was clear that the CB could cause the chemtrails to break up and disperse, but many critics said "So what?" "If the poisonous stuff is still in the atmosphere and we are still breathing it, what have you accomplished?" At the time, I said that it was possible that the CB was having some additional transmutation effect on the spew soup in addition to physically causing the chemtrails to disperse. I was getting that information from gifted people who were able to tune in psychically and got the sense that stealth viruses and other nasty pathogens that the NWO Gang were slipping into the chemspew soup was somehow being changed or neutralized into a less harmful form. But with the influx of the chemtrail munching Giant Sylphs, we have now taken a huge leap forward. Those harmful substances in chemtrails are being neutralized and transformed into beneficial molecules and elements. What more could you possibly ask for in the way of assistance to defeat the chemtrail genocide operation? Sylphs are virtually vacumning the sky of chemtrails IF you would only assist them by gifting enough orgone generators in your neighborhood and local vicinity. Instructions for making your own orgone generators are linked within the introduction on my orgone generator page, or you can obtain them ready made from me or other vendors. There is no reason now for any person reading these words to idly sit by and lament about the chemtrail sprayings. We can now literally vacumn the sky clear of them as fast as the Spew Boys can lay them down. So what are you waiting for? An engraved invitation?..Ken Adachi]

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
July 11, 2004



Sylphs are in the pictures you intuitively guessed to be so. The easiest way of conceptualizing what is happening in the sky is to see the giant sylphs as baleen whales eating krill. They are eating Chemtrails and changing them into air and water. The transmutation is happening inside the sylph's "gastro-intestinal tract and spinal cord".

"Five mile long 'Blue Whales' floating in the air are making the sky blue again."

There appears to be a dispersal when the CTs are first consumed, as the spew expands into a ball inside the volume of the skin of the sylph. The negative or DOR charge is dissipated. Then the CT is stretched into a tight bright white thin cloud. At this point the physical transmutation processes occur. That thin cloud within thirty minutes becomes air and water vapor.

Sylphs can either eat the CT minutes after it is spewed or when it is a grey-white haze covering the whole sky. Over Irvine, the DOR, deadly charge has been taken from the smeared clouds by all the orgonite in the area. The grounding effect of Croft Chem Busters, Pipes, HHgs and TBs etc. has made the job easier for the sylphs. Also CBs help in the alchemical processes of transmuting barium and other heavy metals including uranium.

Sylphs can sweep through a hazy sky such as the 2:17PM photograph ingesting tons of metal particles. Days, even months, after the spew has been released the mess can be cleared from the air.

The 5:54PM photograph shows a sylph consuming a newly laid CT. The rainbow effect is at the point where the CT passes through the skin or "baleen" of the sylph. The rainbow is the first step in the transmutation as DOR is being changed into healthy or natural orgone. The sylph's size is many times the span of this picture. The CT in the sylph has spread out and does not have the characteristics of the grey CT smear clouds. The rainbow is something that Don and Carol Croft have seen many times. Often a lenticular cloud has a sheen around its entire circumference. This is DOR becoming Natural Orgone. In that situation you can actually see the full size of the sylph or the energy signature of a fourth dimensional "Friendly Lemurian". Such a spacecraft is a living being, not a physical craft.

Sylphs can take on any shape that they desire. Often as in Trevor James Constable's infrared photos the "Critters" are amoeba shape. I see the giant sylphs as having whale like or lenticular shapes. In dreamstate I see them as people, very big people in very big bodies, with all the same inner workings as the human body, but working at a higher frequency and more rarefied density.

Communication with them is pictorial and by "rote". I am using "rote" in the Robert A. Monroe's "Ultimate Journey" usage as a "thought ball" or information package. Receiving a "rote" is like receiving a full length movie in a fraction of a second. Sometimes it takes weeks to process a single "rote".

There is a timeless perspective to the communication with sylphs...or else a time sense which sees the lapse of a century as the duration of a day. They are working on Earth-time to do the great works that they are doing but their perspective of time and space is vast compared to us humans. Then again they see themselves as small weak beings compared to those who can lift stars out of their galactic orbits. It is all a matter of perspective. To the sylphs the plans of the NWO are utter foolishness, like bullies intimidating other children in elementary school. Sooner or later the bullies will be sitting in the principal's office.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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