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Sylphs Do Battle Above The Green Line

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
June 27, 2004

June 26 2004, was a day where everything was on edge; especially nerve endings.

Something was going down...evil was afoot. Overnight, the forest fire count had doubled to four hundred. Thousands of lightning strikes from rainless storms have the fire fighters chasing after every puff of smoke. The RAP Attack twenty man helicopter was in constant use over Salmon Arm. This helicopter drops men on to a fire by rope. This area is too mountainous for parachuting "Smoke Jumpers".

British Columbia is the same size as California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho combined. Forests cover 45% of the land. California has sent in a number of fire fighters to help the BC crews.

Since the beginning of June, the usually pristine air has had a haze. Tests in the Okanagan Valley show that it was mainly dust not smoke from forest fires. Such dust has long been know to contribute to increased lightning strikes and dry lightning storms. Where is the dust coming from? This is not Arizona where a strong wind can create a blinding storm. Last week the dusty haze was over Vancouver and contributed to the rare phenomenon of lightning over the west "wet" coast. Things have been strange since the "meteor" of June 3 2004.

I could also feel the powerful radars on the Green Line firing up. One radar ball is on the Fly Hills ten miles west of Salmon Arm. When this system is powered is as if the air is full of flying razor blades. The last week the frequencies were especially grating. There was a hostage/suicide incident in this small town last week. Very rare.

The Green Line was set up in the 1950s by NORAD. It is a line of radar dishes on the 52nd line of latitude about two hundred miles north of the Canada/USA border. The system was upgraded in 1999. There are two other lines at the Arctic Circle, the DEW Line for Distant Early Warning and the Forest Line at 60 degrees N. These were set up to warn people of Soviet ICBM attacks. There was talk of a theoretical anti-ballistic system which could knock the ICBMs out of the sky. As the only ABM that could possibly kill a nuke was another nuke, a fifteen minute war above Canada would have totally obliterated Canada. Some cities in Russia and the USA might exist but none would exist in Canada. The military term "Green Line" used in many places in the world is actually an euphemism for "no man's land".

I have made three trips to the radar ball and it is now surrounded with orgonite. I believe the thirty foot plastic ball contains a phased array radar and operates on many military and civilian frequencies. It also works on HAARP and mind control frequencies.

On June 26 I received a phone call from a woman who asked me, "What is happening? Everything is strange!" She was getting a full blast of radar from the Green Line. We talked for twenty minutes and shared our feelings and what limited information that we had. The second call was from a local psychic who likewise was wondering what was going on. She wanted me to attend a meditation she was setting up. She knows that I carry strong energy. The third phone call was from a very strong Vancouver psychic of sixty years experience. She knows that I am not a trained psychic, remote viewer, nor astral traveler yet she was calling me. My training is in chakra and kundalini activation or energy grounding and this allows me to communicate with sylphs. When I say that I will sleep on a problem, I am actually sleeping on it. I am a walking talking cloud-buster. I shared what I was feeling and I believe that she was able to make a better atunement to the sylphs through me. She knows that there is a war in the skies.

We ended our conversation when thunder could be heard. As I live on the side of a mountain it is not a good idea to be on the phone in a lightning storm. I went around the house turning appliances off, and then went to the window and saw spectacular flashes of lightning which filled the whole sky over the mountains. I could still feel the flying razor blades in the air but then came the rains. Two inches of rain in thirty minutes. The grating energy of the radar was gone and the dust was washed out of the air.

There were a lot of lightning strikes, but no fires thanks to the air elementals doing their work in the face of many man-made obstacles.

Sleeping on the problem I confirmed for myself that magnetite powder was suspended in the air and is part of the war in the air. It is being used to intensify the effects of radar. It is part of the neutral particle beam technology. To the Sylphs it is another stupid thing that stupid men do.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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