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Sylphs Are Very Concerned

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
May 24, 2004

During the fall of 2003 a large nuclear device was exploded in the atmosphere of Jupiter creating a black circle hundreds of thousands of miles across. The Hubble Space Telescope photographed the event and the image was placed on the internet. The caption: "What caused this?" The image was similar to the impacts of the pieces of the comet Shoemaker-Levi seven years earlier. From the sylphs of Jupiter I have learned that the nuke was a hundred megaton H-bomb which ignited the atmosphere and yielded many times more energy than the initial fireball.

Forewarned, much of the region was evacuated and none of the sylphs were killed. Their concern is that further tests with even larger bombs have the potential of igniting the whole atmosphere. This was a concern of Robert J. Oppenheimer during The Manhattan Project. The largest bomb exploded in the air over Siberia just before the 1963 Test-Ban Treaty was about forty megatons. That explosion did ignite our atmosphere. The Russians were concerned. Americans were concerned. Sylphs were concerned. Since then most underground explosions have been less than five megatons.

The usual formula taught for the conversion of mass to energy, assumes that all the energy comes from the destruction of matter. This is wrong. As physical atoms are held together by aetheric vortexes surrounding them, which in turn are held together by even higher dimensional energies...the destruction of a third dimensional atom releases energy from the next higher dimensions. The blast of any nuclear device taps into Zero Point or Free Energy sources. Such blasts cause aetheric matter to "unravel" and if the blast is of sufficient intensity...the dovetailing of matter in the third, fourth and fifth dimensions could disintegrate. This would be the same as the ignition of the atmosphere feared by Oppenheimer. It is likely that the developers of the atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb were aware of yields being greater than mass lost.

The use of nukes to unravel pieces of the aetheric cocoon around the physical planet has been done deliberately to lower the frequency of the people on Earth and help make them more susceptible to mind-control. Nuclear power plants likewise generate vast quantities of deadly orgone (DOR) as witnessed by Don and Carol Croft.

With the possibility of impact with a large asteroid and the realization that the existing H-bombs are not large enough to break up an asteroid or comet, a project has been created to develop large H-bombs in the one hundred megaton or larger yields. There is no place on Earth to test such a weapon. Space detonation would fry all the satellites. It would blow pieces away from the moon if tested there. Likewise Mars. Explosions in space far from Earth would be difficult to calibrate. They would be large flashes in space discharged into a vacuum. The bomb's effect on a material body would be uncertain.

The crashing of 22 pieces of comet Shoemaker-Levi provided an example of large yield explosions on the atmosphere of Jupiter. In the minds of atomic physicists Jupiter became a place to detonate asteroid busting nukes.

As the Earth is already protected by many higher dimensional beings who could easily deflect any asteroid or comet, the development of one hundred megaton H-bombs is unnecessary. Even the larger sylphs of Jupiter, Saturn and the Oort Cloud individually could deflect a large body. They have already done that service to Earth many times in the past and will continue for ages to come.

The possible use of such weapons against large UFOs is impossible. There are many ways to disarm nukes. It is nothing for an advanced soul to transmute fissionable materials into something non-fissionable.

The ones who would wish to absolutely control everything on Earth, think that they need such weapons to maintain control of the planet against other off-worlders. This is a Dr. Strangelove scenario where the leaders are fools led by the insane.

Since the beginning of creation there have been spirits caught in negative vortexes where the life atom is compressed. Such a compression could and does trap souls in small volumes. In such a situation, conscious awareness limitations prevent the soul from liberating itself from its own self-made trap. Higher dimensional intervention is needed to break the souls out of their prisons. Some can be thimble sized for millions of years. The negative vortexes created by nuclear fission can cast all those near an explosion into rapid compression. The nuke explosion rips away all memory of the fourth dimensional aetheric body. Only by powerful higher intervention can such souls be prevented from being trapped in a pebble. Even at that, all the soul progression over many incarnations has been lost. Those souls are reconfigured and transported back in time to relearn that which they lost. The cause and effect generated by the misuse of fissionable metals has already been horrendous.

The war of the mini nukes has been raging for over twenty years and many souls have been rescued. Sylphs are concerned that many more could be caught up in this pointless battle for control of the planet. The ones controlling nations and these weapons will never get near to their goal. The sylphs are not going to allow the loss of Jupiter, Saturn...or the Earth.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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