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Sylph Transporting Aetheric Coronal Elements (ACE)

[Editor's Note: ZSL originally sent me this article on December 28, 2011. Ken]

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
January 9, 2012

Sylph Transporting Aetheric Coronal Elements (ACE) by ZS Livingstone (Jan. 9, 2012)

A video of five different photographers capturing the same "UFO" was posted on December 25 2011 from the Siberian city of Tsjeliabinsk. The usual English spelling of this Russian city of 1.1 million is Chelyabinsk. From the 1960s until the fall of the Soviet Union, this was a city closed to foreigners. Many of the Soviet Union's tanks were built there including Stalin's T34 tanks. Russians called the city "Tank City". In the same Oblast (state) work was done on nuclear weapons. There was a serious nuclear accident 150 kilometres north-west of the city in 1957 and travel was limited in this area.


A sylph flying low and slow over the city carrying a piece of the corona of the sun is good news. There is enough power in the blazing sphere of Aetheric Coronal Elements to set fire to the whole region. Properly contained the ACE could be used to generate electricity for centuries to come. ACE is nature's Free Energy source. In the past demon entities from the lower astral realms would have tried to wrestle the ACE from the sylph and use the power for their nefarious plans. As much of the lower astral is now collapsing sylphs are free to do their work unimpeded.

The ACE could be used to transmute the radiation still in the soil. ACE could be used to remove heavy metals contaminating the land from seventy years of heavy industry. ACE could be used to accelerate plant growth and heal the animals in the forest. ACE could be used to heal the people. It is a power source and it is Power from Source.

ACE can be used to create quartz crystal abundance such as is witnessed in Arkansas and Brazil. The earth elemental beings used ACE to fashion all the myriad forms of geodes found underground. ACE can be used to transmute silicates into copper, iron, and other metal ores. The Iron Range of northern Minnesota was fashioned by dwarves using ACE.

Breatharians stare at the rising sun and gradually draw individual atoms of ACE into their cells and they need not draw energy from food thereafter. Sundancers and Aborigines can go for days without food or water as they have the power to transmute water and nutrients from air. The balance of ACE to body mass is critical or the body could incinerate. Deep respect and understanding is needed by those who breath
in the power of the stars.

The sylph floating slowly over Chelyablinsk created a magnetic bottle from its body and held a piece of the sun...Golden Apples of the its being. The sylph too could incinerate but is wise in the wiles of the aetheric plasma.

It is likely the ACE was a recent arrival from a Coronal Mass Ejection. There are many layers of protection keeping ACE from raining down on Earth. The sun itself contains most of the plasma gases and aethers within its magnetic field. The sun sets up extra magnetic shielding on the side facing Earth and the areas where CMEs could arise to engulf the Earth. Solar Angels the size of planets fly out to the CMEs and draw the ACE to themselves and return it to the solar corona. There are large spacecraft in the third, fourth and fifth dimensions shielding CMEs from hitting Earth directly. The Earth's magnetic field deflects CMEs and ACE. If some ACE does make it through this protection the intradimensional sylphs contain those pieces.

A sylph drifting slowly over a military city doing its job of moving ACE out of harm's way is Good News. The Russians did not fire a laser or particle beam at the sylph. They knew enough not to interfere.

Would the Pentagon be wise enough to let sylphs remove ACE from above an American city?

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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