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The Sylphs Are Working Hard

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
August 23, 2004

Testing The Orgonite Dodecahedron
A few energy sensitives have been in or near the copper geodesic sphere and have felt the type of energy it contains. All of them have said that something is going on but are unsure as to the nature of the healing effects. August in central British Columbia has been a scorcher with temperatures as high as 105 degrees F. As the dodecahedron is in a metal clad garage where the temperatures are even higher not too many have ventured there. Elemental activity has been good, even inside the garage.

Weird Weather For British Columbia
The way that the jet stream is arched high into Alaska and then descending into the continental USA along the Rocky Mountains, the west coast is hot and dry. East of the Rockies the weather has been cold and wet. Saskatchewan had frost on August 20. BC has over 300 forest fires, fortunately none are threatening populated areas. Last year 300 houses were burnt to the foundations in Kelowna and 100 houses north of Kamloops destroyed. Unlike last year there were a few rainy periods this year when cold wet low pressure systems were able to push through the high pressure system parked over what is usually one of the highest rainfall areas in the world.

Alaska had a million acre forest fire this summer. Did you hear about it? Most of BC's fires have been along the Alaska/Yukon borders. As the top of the jet stream arch was directly over HAARP facilities in Alaska. Chemtrail spraying has been intermittent, one or two days per week. The spew planes appear to be following the path of the jet stream laying down bands of aluminum particles to the north of the stream. With HAARP cooking the air to the north of the stream the 'river of air' is steered north. I have seen sylphs collapse these HAARP experiments by transmuting the aluminum. Thank You! Thank you for decreasing the fire threat.

Even at that the HAARPies are persistent and the sylphs have a whole world to think about, so as soon as the sylphs are off, putting out other fires, the jet stream goes north again. The actions of HAARP are primarily aimed at conditions in the lower 48 states at the expense of Alaska and Canada. As spraying has decreased over the coast of California, it looks like HAARP is trying to selectively steer the jet stream from Alaska, controlling weather deep into the heart of America.

The problem with these experiments is that the sylphs are working against HAARP, yet at the same time including HAARP in their plans to bring into being the best weather possible to all parts of the world. This plan includes all aspects of global warming and magnetic pole reversal. The minute to minute planning by the sylphs in communication with higher dimensional beings would totally swamp the information super highway. There is a lot of real Intelligence at work. Considering that a single sylph plugged into the free energy system of the galaxy/universe is able to generate a rainstorm, and one rainstorm has more power than all electrical generation in the USA, HAARP is not in the same league as a single sylph. There are lots of sylphs and more are coming.

Even if the sun were to become more active there are plans to keep the Earth cool. The universe is throwing a party on Earth and everyone is invited! The sylphs are planning to keep everything in balance with the help of higher dimensional beings.

Where Has All The Water Gone?
Barry W. from Prince George BC told me that there is another mystery in the planetary ecology....where has all the melt water from the retreating glaciers gone? Someone calculated that if Antarctica melted the oceans would rise 120 feet. If Greenland melted the oceans would rise to a lesser extent...maybe 10 feet. In British Columbia the previous ice age is still here clinging to the tops of the mountains. There are hundreds of large alpine glaciers. Alaska has glaciers bigger than Delaware. All these glaciers have decreased by half in the last century. Greenland has lost 40% of its glaciers in the last 40 years. Larsen A and Larsen B ice sheets from Antarctica have broken away and melted. Enough ice has melted to raise the oceans today, not some future date. Where is the water?

Barry said that the water could have gone to the bulge at the equator that satellites have discovered. If that had happened a lot of islands including many in Indonesia, Micronesia, Galapagos, Amazon Basin, Congo Basin, Coastal Africa and South America would have been submerged. I told Barry that I would sleep on the problem. When I awoke, I remembered ..... many hundreds of cubic miles of water have been sent off Earth. Some has gone into the Oort Cloud beyond Pluto. Some to the other planets in our solar system and most to water worlds in other systems. Stargates used to send the water were set up and then dismantled in minutes. I was again overwhelmed by the demonstrated power of higher dimensional beings. I was told not to worry. The oceans will rise and there is still a threat of devastating tsunamis. Do not worry, people will be warned. Earth ocean water is precious as it contains much suspended gold, a rare gift for planets that have few metals.

Where Is the Hole In The Ozone Layer?
Remember twenty years ago when scientists discovered the hole in the ozone layer and were warning that people, plants and animals would suffer from higher ultra-violet radiation? Ronald Reagan said something about everyone starting to wear hats. A magazine ran images of giraffes wearing panama hats and lions in fedoras. Definitely there has been a depletion of ozone and skin cancer is high in Australia and South Africa, but not to the level anticipated for the early twenty-first century.

About ten years ago I visited Polynesia during my nightly travels. There were many sylphs attending the birth of a baby sylph. The mother was a 16 year old girl. The girl had been kept from medical doctors by the islanders. The sylph was born to great joy. This 'midwayer' was different. It was led away from the birth mother to a sylph foster mother. The birth mother was given many blessings and to this day is highly honoured. She will be a wise woman.

This child is now very large and spends most of its time in the high stratosphere transmuting chlorine into lighter elements, mostly air. The chlorine which the scientists thought would take centuries to dissipate has been removed in less than a decade.

A few years ago an unusual climatological event happened. Meteorologists called it "The Circum-Polar Flush". Both the north and south poles experienced it. Normally, cold dry air in the stratosphere does not mix with the wet and warmer air of the troposphere. Somehow arctic and Antarctic vortex storms sent winds through the eight mile high barrier causing huge portions of the polar stratospheres' air to be pushed into the lower atmosphere. In one season the size of the hole in the ozone layer was cut in half. Atmospheric scientists could not explain the loss of half of the ozone hole nor could they explain troposphere winds blasting into the stratosphere. The chlorine in the troposphere combines with moisture and falls to ground. The chlorine had come from space programs using freon as a propellant.

Helmcken Falls in Wells Gray Provincial Park
My wife and I went to a wedding in Quesnel BC on July 31. On the return trip we camped overnight at Pyramid Campgrounds, Wells Gray Provincial Park, August 2 and 3. We did a mediation upon awakening and were amazed that there was no interference. Even in an under populated central British Columbia town like Salmon Arm there is some psychic pressure. Zero was like we were the only people on the planet. To someone who is used to the psychic loads of cities like New York or Los Angeles, Wells Gray Park would feel like a cosmic void, disconcerting. To Joan and I it was heavenly. Somehow the park is being shielded by a lot of energy.

We visited Clearwater Lake and looking around the lake the trees looked as if they had been grown and trimmed to fit in with their neighbours. Everything was sculpted yet no human being had been allowed to cut these trees since the 1940s. Even though we were nearly 4000 feet high the valley had its own micro-climate which included dozens of species trees and shrubs. Often on the plateaus of central BC lodge pole pines grow excluding everything else. The spirit realm is close to the Earth in Wells Gray.

We hiked to the canyon rim of Helmcken Falls. The falls are about 50 feet wide at the top. A small river falls 450 feet into a box canyon it has carved. Hundreds of layers of lava and volcanic ash could be seen on the opposite wall. There are no fences on the canyon rim and the vertical drop is 400 feet. Joan and I walked on the trail on the rim and came to an ideal place to take a picture of the falls. There were no trees blocking the view. I was then stopped from advancing by a firm push. A sylph had stopped me. I stopped Joan from approaching that edge. I backed away from the rim into the trees and detoured further along the rim away from the falls. About fifty yards away I inched up to the edge on my belly and looked back at the place where I had been pushed back. It was a volcanic overhang. Weak rocks stretching out over air. Joan took a picture of me on my belly looking at the falls and the overhang. To get back to the camper we had to pass by the overhang again. Even though I had no intention of nearing the overhang I felt a push from the sylph again, twenty feet from the edge. Why? I looked up in the sky and saw a perfectly spherical puffy white cloud to the north overtop the opposite rim. Faster than I could think of getting out the camera, the cloud dissolved. The last traces were of an eye, CBS type eye. The message was loud and clear, "We are keeping an eye on you."

The elementals promised to collapse the dangerous part of the rim when no one is nearby.

While looking at the falls on my belly I was looking for Victor Schauberger vortexes in the falling water and the levitation of the mists. About a hundred feet beneath where the water starts falling, water starts breaking up into droplets and drifting away from the main torrent. From there on down a fine mist hangs in the air. The pool of water at the bottom of the falls is shrouded in mist. There is a hollow in the cliff extends about thirty feet behind the falls. There is little in the way of debris at the foot of the falls as the rock crumbles easily. The cliffs have been cut as if by a laser. There is more going on than meets the eye.

Schauberger, a forester in Austria during the 1930s and 1940s saw how energy worked in nature. His research may have contributed to the development of the Nazi "Vril" Flying Saucer. He determined how to measure the voltage of falling water. At one waterfall in the Austrian Alps he measured water charged to a million volts with a very low amperage. The same mist levitated for great distances from the falls. The size of the drops were too big to be suspended by the air itself. They should have dropped immediately. The mists of Niagara Falls remain aloft for a long time and soak viewers above the falls. Schauberger saw each drop of charged water as levitating separately. Such energized water would impart its charge onto the rocks beside the falls and contribute to the carving of the water course. Also such charges would be used by the natural kingdoms. The awe of any waterfall is backed by real energy. It appears that the micro-climates of Well Gray are backed by the power of Helmcken Falls and the dozen other water falls in the park. As Wells Gray is many times the size of Yellowstone it would take weeks to canoe and hike to them all.

Monsoon In The Thompson River Valley
After leaving Wells Gray, Joan and I made the three hour trip back to Salmon Arm. At Kamloops a powerful thunder boomer lit the sky and drenched the semi-arid soils of the convergence of the North and South Thompson Rivers. The rain followed us for an hour back to Salmon Arm and as we passed where the Orgonite Dodecahedron is nearest to the Tran Canada Highway the rain came down faster than the windshield wipers could clear the windshield. To me this was confirmation that the geodesic was helping to break through static conditions in the air. It was the best rain in weeks.

Unity Gathering
August 13 to 17 Joan and I went to the Unity Gathering north of Grand Forks BC. Jon Logan and I poured about 400 Tower Busters and gave them away to the ninety attendees. We gave a two hour explanation to about 15 people in the gazebo in the sanctuary on Sean and Esther's property. Our poster presented orgonite as a tool to be used to help clean up the environment. Joan video-taped my talk about sylphs.

I took my ChemBuster from Salmon Arm and gave it to Sean. He said that it should be placed in the Star Dome. As there are three other CBs in Salmon Arm and none that I knew about north of the Grand Coulee Dam, it was a good move. This CB had not been moved in two years. It was as if it had grown roots. I got zapped in the solar plexus when I tilted the pipes down towards my stomach. Immediately, two sylphs popped into view above my house, concerned about the change. I explained my plan. This CB has twelve double terminator quartzes. Six are in six inch pipes pointed towards the ground. Six are in the six foot pipes and pointed up. This is a self grounding CB, it really does have roots.

Joan says that I did a good job at the sylph presentation. There were three professors. One a PHD in American History from Harvard. He wore a Red Sox ball cap and his license plates read, "Fenway". He says that when he dies his heaven would be Fenway Park. Another PHD was in Psychology at York University in Toronto. He taught a popular course on Religious Mysticism, but left after two years, when the University would not allow him to teach the truth of the spiritual aspect of psychology. The third educator from Los Angeles teaches on-line at Phoenix University. I covered a lot of questions. About midway through the session, I felt a prodding to move outside the gazebo. Looking up I saw two sylphs, earth sylphs, about a quarter mile in diameter. I pointed up to them and when all 15 had seen them they disappeared in less than ten seconds. None of the other clouds changed. It is great to have friends in high places when challenging the paradigms of the overly educated.

The Unity Gathering was eclectic and ecumenical. Most new age beliefs were represented on one way or another. We were not trying to change anyone. We were sharing tools and information and hoping others would start pouring resin whatever their beliefs. The TBs are now in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Arizona, Los Angeles, Vancouver and a lot of points between. They are in the hands of energy sensitives who will use them well.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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