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Tesla Coils

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
March 9, 2006

My first experience with a Tesla Coil was in a physics class in 1968. The coil was about a foot long and weighed over ten pounds. Its input was from some drycells and its output was in the tens of thousands of volts, enough to cause hand held mercury discharge tubes, ordinary light bulbs and fluorescent tubes to glow across the classroom. A. M. Grasdahl, our teacher never did explain how the high voltage caused the lights to glow in the absence of wires. It was left as a mystery. Power was broadcast without wires.

The lightbulb had a filament designed to glow best at 110 volts. The discharge tube required thousands of volts and the fluorescent tube 7000 volts. The lights had to be held bare handed, therefore the body was being used as an antenna to rated at 40 watts yet the same drycells wired to a flashlight were just able to light up the 4.5 watt bulb.

Later in the same classroom we were to learn the inverse square law and how the power available at twice the distance was a quarter of the amount of the first position. There was a definite connundrum here as a 40 watt bulb was glowing with more light at ten meters than a 2 watt bulbs directly wired to the drycells. From this simple demonstration more power was eminating from the Tesla Coil than entering from the 1.5 volt drycells.

Later reading about Nicola Tesla's 1899 experiments in Colorado Springs and how he lit light bulbs miles distant and destroyed the town's AC generator (which he replaced at his own expense), I can imagine he was working with a huge coil in the millions of volts. Photographs of the period have him sitting in a chair near a huge coil with a metal sphere atop the coil. Lightning bolts of electricity are crackling in all directions and he continues to read his paper. He appears to understand the nature of the energy around him and is not concerned regarding his personal safety. It is possible to be safe in a high voltage environment as long as one is not grounded, nor too conductive. Cool and dry.

From his work with broadcast energy in 1916 on Long Island, Tesla understood his coils were generating more power than they were receiving on their primary input coil. Somewhere between the small primary coil and the far larger secondary coil, the fabric of space was ripped open and thousands (if not millions) of watts more power was generated than initially used. Free Energy?

Tesla said that he could broadcast from his tower all the power a city needed. J.P. Morgan, the man financing the project had the tower destroyed. There was no money to be made as the power could not be metered. Tesla's plan was to have New York City powered by dry cells (?) in a small house beneath the mushroom shaped wood and metal tower!

The terawatts of energy broadcast from these coils has come to be called"Scalar". The term scalar comes from physics and mathematics: "having only magnitude, not direction." The term "Vector" is used where both magnitude and direction have been determined. Strictly speaking the term scalar does not apply to this form of energy as the technology has progressed to the point where both the magnitude and direction have been determined. The term "Scalar Beam" is an oxymoron.

More accurately "Scalar Energy" is ionized aether. It is generated at all times when electricity and magnetics are present. The mysterious force pushing electrons through a wire is ionized aether. Electromagnetic Force or EMF has been around for over a hundred years and I asked Grasdahl, "What is EMF?" He explained it as electrons pushing one another through a wire. As the speed of the electrons through a wire is measured at centimeters per hour even at high volts and the speed of electricity is about 2/3rds the speed of light the answer was unsatisfactory. In Edison's Direct Current (DC) system the electrons move opposite the flow of "current" and the resistance is triple Tesla's Alternating Current (AC) where the electrons do not move much.

Edison and Tesla fought over whether AC or DC was better. Edison found that AC was three times deadlier than DC and set up demonstations where animals were electrocuted quicker on AC than DC. He even electrocuted an elephant. Edison lost because it would take vastly more copper to wire a city for DC and long distance transmission of DC is impractical. Direct Current generators would have had to have been built in every neighbourhood. The truth of the matter is that AC power is sixty cycles per second alternating ionized aether or "Scalar Energy". Electric dynamos are generating scalar beams longitudinally propagated along the outside of a wire. The alternating ionized aether flows push the electrons back and forth in the wire but essentially the electrons remain in the same place, probably attached to the same atoms. Electricity is not about electricity.

At this time terawatts of ionized aether are being generated by large Tesla Coils which alter the weather and cause earthquakes. HAARP in Alaska was broadcasting one billion watts of electromagnetics at specific chemtrail heating frequencies and is now broadcasting over three billion watts. As the heart of the Dr. Eastlund apparatus is the Tesla Coil therefore the "Scalar" energy could be far higher. How high is guesswork. Yet the ionized aether is not"push-pulling" the volcano Mount Augustine or any of the Cascade volcanoes into explosive release of magma. Faultlines are stressed but not slipping. Something is holding the crust in place. It is easy for the higher dimensions to anticipate and counter unbalanced forces, but for the most part Tesla Coils broadcast power in all directions equally. This situation is similar to Nicola Tesla sitting reading his paper while lightning bolts whizz by him. As long as his potential was the same in all directions he was safe. The broadcast of huge amounts of ionized aether balances itself on a planetary scale. The generation of huge amounts of ionized aether could cause problems for the Van Allen Belts and the lower astral. It is amusing to to see the minions of the lords of the hell states destroying their lower astral. Any pieces of densified aetheric ice would probably be vapourized before entering the atmosphere by the same ionized aether.

The Hartmann ley lines are augmented by dynamos, transformers, motors and transmission lines. Slim Spurling witnessed the shrinking of these ley lines during a Denver power outage. Vertical "curtains" reaching hundreds of feet in the air collapsed to the height of a man. Slim had earlier determined the ley lines penetrated a few feet underground and has dowsed this depth remained the same power or no power. He has also found diminished Hartmann lines away from urban areas. I believe these lines and other types of ley lines are the routes ionized aethers use to return to to their points of origin thus completing the aetheric component of the power circuit. HAARP activity and other Tesla technologies are "grounded" by the ley lines.

In another essay I have written, "Free Energy is not Free." Tapping into higher dimensional sources takes responsibility. Ionized aether released from a Tesla Coil is more than likely originating from even higher sources. As all of Creation is composed of living beings, the ionized aether is part of a larger living being. In most situations the energy is being taken from "Mother Earth". At some point someone has to take responsibility to rebalance expended energy. In most cases "Mother Earth" cleans up the mess left by her children, humanity.

I have had a discussion with a man who believes higher energies are not living or conscious, he says they are lifeless. From all my metaphysical studies and dialogues with sylphs I know this belief is not true. All is living...all types of substance and all types of energies are forms of living beings. The belief that matter and energy is inanimate is an illusion created by "The Royal Society" during the "Age of Reason" when "Science" replaced "Natural Philosophy".

The use of higher sources of energy can only happen when people accept responsibility for the power and express gratitude to those providing the power.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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