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Tesla's Radiant Energy Hidden In Plain Sight

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
January 14, 2014

Tesla's Radiant Energy Hidden In Plain Sight by ZS Livingstone (Jan. 14, 2014)

Over the past two years I have had to replace or re-wire old T-12 fluorescent fixtures into new T-8 fixtures. The fat tube 1 1/2 inch diameter T-12 fixtures are no longer being manufactured. The skinny tube 1 inch diameter T-8 fixtures are 50% brighter even though they are two/thirds the surface area.

Really amazing are the new electronic ballasts at one/quarter the volume and weight of the old magnetic ballasts. I have not torn one of the new steel clad ballasts apart to see what is inside so I searched the internet. One article described the difficulties engineers overcame with current surges and excessive sparking at the contacts inside the electronic circuits.

It is interesting that the wiring to the "tombstones" or electrical contacts for the four foot fluorescent tubes is entirely different than the old magnetic ballasts and that by making a single contact to one tombstone alone lights the fluorescent tube. The circuit is not completed yet the bulb is bright. This reminded me of high school physics classes where Tesla Coils would light bulbs in the bare hand of the instructor when the other hand was in contact with a 20,000 volt induction coil. Such coils were not created by Tesla but by Sir Oliver Lodge (1851-1940) a contemporary and collaborator with Nicola Tesla (1856-1943). Lodge was supposed to have disproved the existence of aether in a number of experiments and been at odds with Tesla on this issue, but it is most likely The Royal Society forced Lodge to publish lies in order for him to keep his funding. 20,000 volt Lodge Coils actually prove the existence of aether and Tesla's Radiant Energy.

During the time of The War of the Currents between Edison's direct current (DC) and Tesla's alternating current (AC) in the 1880s and 1890s, Tesla investigated the power surges which happened when electric motors were started. The surge lasts a few milliseconds and galvanometer needles spike at twenty times normal operating voltages and amperages. It takes another half second for the spike to settle down. (Tesla in his brief time working for Edison designed a better direct current dynamo and motor which Edison patented without crediting Tesla.)

Tesla developed machines which turned circuits on and off thousands of times per second and created a continuous twenty-fold power surge. He included these spark generators in his radio circuits and was able to broadcast clear radio signals to ships at sea with 100 watt transmitters at the time when Marconi was using 50,000 watts and hundred foot towers to broadcast difficult-to-hear Morse Code across the Atlantic. Marconi was using softer electromagnetic transmission without spark generators. Marconi refused to use Tesla's discovery. By the 1940s all radio broadcasts used spark generators and radio operators were called "sparkies". Modern radio is Tesla's Radiant Energy hidden in plain sight. In school we are taught to this day radio is electromagnetic waves, but in reality it is aetheric Radiant Energy with electromagnetic waves as a smaller portion of the energy broadcast. In all likelihood the Radiant Energy component of radio is twenty times the power of the electromagnetic signal.

Now electronic ballasts in T-8 fluorescent lights and the compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) are miniature spark generators taking AC power from the electrical grid and magnifying the power by many times. It is also possible to run electric motors from spark generators making small quarter horse-power motors as powerful as five horse-power motors. The wiring would be entirely different.

With all the electronic ballasts now being placed on the electrical grid, there is a possibility of excess power from lights and appliances flowing back to the power lines. Radiant Energy would be superimposed over the electrical transmission lines causing unpredictable power surges. The implementation of Smart Meters appears to address this problem. The placement of Smart Meters on all homes and businesses could make it possible for the power grid itself to generate power with a smaller input from dynamos. The power utilities would be charging customers for Free Energy.

Nicola Tesla attempted to build a Free Energy broadcast tower at Wardencliff Long Island New York 1900-1904. J.P. Morgan shut it down. Tesla allowed him to do so as he recognized the copper topped mushroom shaped tower could be converted into a fierce weapon. From that time, Tesla worked on smaller Free Energy generators. In 1931 he ran a specially built electric car on Radiant Energy from a vacuum tube device the size of a shoebox.

The use of continent-wide power grids generating Radiant Energy could be a big problem. In 1899 in Colorado Springs Tesla connected a huge spark generator to a fifty foot diameter copper coil and pulsed the sparks in a particular way. He created a standing wave which was sustained after the coil was turned off. The aetheric flow from the upper atmosphere, Van Allen Belts and the solar magnetosphere flowed down through the coil's building for weeks. The energy penetrated deep into the Earth and then returned to the surface as fountains of ionized aetheric energy. There will be power surges on the electrical grid in places were there are no current dampeners. Due to aetheric standing waves transmission, towers may sizzle and melt. Also the earth's crust will change causing rupture noise and sinkholes.

It would be far better for individual homes and businesses to use small Free Energy units for power than to broadcast it over the electrical grid. The power would be generated on demand and standing waves minimized. The power source in an individual home would be a cube about a foot on each edge. The cube would be positioned within the Hartmann and Curry Grid and blend with them. Ley-lines are ionized aetheric streams of the same substance as Radiant Energy. Spark generators pull power from the aetheric grids of the crust and thus it is important to work with nature and not against nature.

Tesla's Radiant Energy has always present. It is in the sunlight,in the atmosphere, the waterways, in the crust and in life on Earth.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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