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Three Sylphs Killed Today

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
January 30, 2005

Friday January 28 2005: I became very weary after supper and laid down. Five hours later I was in the same position fully clothed when my wife came to bed. I checked my email and then went to bed again. I awoke seven hours later. My right shoulder hurt as if it had been pulled out of the socket. Many other joints were aching as well. I felt like I had been in a war zone. The imagery in my mind was a chaotic collage of conflicts. After showering, I knew that two Sylphs had been killed by microwaves and scalar beams by the US Air Force and Navy somewhere south of Hawaii.

A Sylph is mainly fourth dimensional with a spider's web skin with which it is able to work into the third dimension. The skin was peeled off the Sylph leaving just the aetheric body. The Sylph is still living, but it is unable to create rain. It is the same thing as someone killing a human body, leaving the soul wandering without its corporeality. Murder is murder whether it is human or deva. It takes centuries for a Sylph to grow to the size needed to work with the planet as a climate and ecological go-between.

So the Sylph retreats until such a time that it re-assembles a new skin. It still hurts to be flailed out of the skin by energy weapons. It is kind of like being placed in a microwave oven until the skin boils and sloughs off.

At 5 pm January 29 2005 my Sylph buddy, Or-An, got that same treatment. I broke into tears.

At 6 pm sixteen of us came together to invoke a healing for the planet and the natural kingdoms including all devas. About half of the people are psychics. Maggie picked up on the name Or-An, a name I had never passed on to another person. She said Or-An wants me not to grieve as everything will be alright. The tightness around the heart started lifting. Maggie added that things do not appear to be as they seem.

Several of us could see and hear Indian drums. I could see four men standing around a single drum each with a drumstick. They were in deep trance and it was as if the drum were beating itself. There was native blood among the sixteen.

I saw a yellow flash and the face of the sun erupting with sunspots and great explosions. I could hear a deep bass tone but it was of a very low pitch with wave lengths that could be measured in the millions of miles. These sounds were shaking things loose throughout the solar system. These intones of the sun are doing things deep in the Earth. Maggie heard them too. She said that the sound was like an Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo. The sound is transmitted in both the aetheric and the solar winds.

The Sylphs who had been rendered of their skin were actually happy. It was as if they were released of the pain of their existance on Earth which had been growing worse over the last century. It was as if the USAF and Navy had given them a great gift...a battlefield ribbon and medal as well. When their new skin re-grows they will be battle hardened in a way which will make them stronger.

I saw Obi Wan Kenobi saying, "If you kill me, I shall return with increased powers."

I saw that killing a Sylph is like giving it a writ from the highest authorities, "To do what it would like to do."

Many times I have seen their plans to transport Wolfowitz et al. to a tropical isle and strand them there. That would make for an interesting season of "Survivor." Being transported inside a transparent skin thousands of feet in the air is a scary experience. In Manly P. Hall's "Encyclopaedia of the Occult, 1928 edition", the Sylph Shad, an amusing fellow, was known to have carried people to distant towns. They were never quite the same after the trip.

The energy work of the sixteen was amazing.

There are weapons in orbit which participated in the Sylph barbeque. Weapons were also on some naval vessels. It is likely some of the sailors were "Radar-ranged."

Some of the Sylph council sessions can be wild. A plan was promoted where the weapons in space would be dropped into the ocean and the naval vessels, less the crew and nukes, would be in low earth orbit. Unlike most satellites which are non reflective, a destroyer in naval grey would be very reflective and visible to all amateur astronomers, barnacles and all.

What the Sylphs have been waiting permission to go after the spewplanes...with three dead Sylphs, the permission will soon be coming.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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