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Transmuting Flowers

[Editor's Note: Another leap forward in a continuing series of magnificent and important essays from ZS Livingstone that expand the boundaries of our perceptions and consciousness. These are the times of his unfoldment and he's meeting that call with enormous insight, spirit, economy, and grace. I'm exceedingly proud to be a part of that splendid destiny...Ken Adachi]

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
November 13, 2009

Transmuting Flowers by ZS Livingstone (Nov. 13, 2009)

There is a purpose in the brief existence of a flower. Their colour and fragrance uplift the frequency. Their myriad designs are all aspects of sacred geometry. In the union of the pollen and ova abundant seed is produced, food galore for birds, small animals, insects and people. Hidden from sight are the processes of transmutation where sunlight helps change toxic elements into the elements used by life.

The alchemy of changing one element into another is constantly happening in humans, animals, plants and minerals. In flowers many exotic elements show up in the seeds. Gold has been found in a specific type of desert flower. Scientist theorize that the plant concentrated the gold from the soil ignoring any possibility of transmutation. The scientists also do not ask the question of how the plant transports a metal that does not dissolve in water.

Flowers collect different energies from sunlight not the red photons used in the miracle of photosynthesis. Flowers glow in the ultraviolet and the ultraviolet is the light attracting bees. Frequencies in the ultraviolet facilitate transmutation.

Cyanobacteria growing on leaves and flowers need sunshine to transmute air and water into cobalt in the creation of cyanocobalamin or Vitamin B12. Cobalt is not found in the air nor on the surface of the plant upon which cyanobacteria is attached.

In the seeds of the flower are the DNA proteins and the enzymes used to weave the double helix blueprints. Nitrogen atoms are in proteins. Nitrogen is next to impossible to extract from the air. In all of nature only one enzyme in the roots of bean plants can "fix nitrogen". There are just a few pounds of this enzyme in the whole world yet millions of tons of nitrogen are harvested from crops annually. The enzyme is not in a rose but the rose "fixes" nitrogen. The rose takes oxygen and changes it into the nitrogen it needs. Transmutation is a plant's preferred way of obtaining nitrogen.

A friend in the Mid-West is thinking of taking up sun-gazing: .Many have undergone remarkable healings by watching the rising or setting sun when it is safe to do so . After nine months some have become breatharians needing little or no food. People become like flowers and transmute what they need from air and water. Flowers gaze upon the sun safely all day long and create all the food in the world.

Would not a breatharian become anemic? No iron is found in air. Oxygen can be transmuted to nitrogen, nitrogen to magnesium and finally magnesium to iron. There are many transmutation pathways and the body can create what it needs from what is available.

A botanist can take flower petals and find out what elements are present. Unseen to physical chemistry, are the aetheric or fourth dimensional transmutations happening in flowers. This is the greater transmutation. Due to the regressed state of consciousness on the planet, duality thought fills the atmosphere and the space around the Earth. Thought is fourth dimensional substance. Most of the thoughts that pass through our minds are corrupted or carnal in nature. Wilhelm Reich could see dark crystallized aetheric material over large cities. He could feel its unhealthiness and called it Deadly Orgone or DOR. He wrote that from his experience most DOR was created by men and women in conflicted relationships. Reich developed cloud-busters in order to break up the dark crystallizations and ground the crystallized thought in water and earth where the natural and elemental kingdoms would change the DOR into healthy orgone or HOR. Wilhelm Reich did not get to the point where he saw flowers transmuting DOR.

For every flower there is an elemental being, a pixie, fairie or sprite. A small elemental being clears the space in the garden into which the flower blooms. An elemental is a gardener who never leaves the flower beds. All the elemental beings are tasked by Mother Earth to clear the thought pollution of mankind in order to help humans think clearly. Most humans suffer from "stinking thinking" Flowers are transmuting the stink.

Meditate upon a flower and feel the fresh, new and pure thoughts rising within the colour and fragrance. Every man and woman has the potential to transmute thought too. Be like a flower...bloom.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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Subject: article "Transmuting Flowers"
From: Francis Smith
Date: Sun, November 15, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken:

I was delighted to read the article "Transmuting Flowers" by ZS Livingstone, since I'd just been thinking along those lines in the last few days. In particular, I was wondering how we are ever going to rid the earth of all the pollution we've created - nuclear waste, GMOs and everything else. Since Earth is a closed system, what's created here stays here for ever. I began to realise that the only way this poor misused planet can ever be cleansed is by a process of transmutation, and wondered if this was possible. Mr. Livingstone's lovely descriptions of flowers' powers of transmutation have brought me great peace of mind. I believe this is what brings gardeners such pleasure: they are unknowingly absorbing the vibrations of the flowers' transmutations, and that's what causes the peaceful, uplifted feeling that people get from gardening or just being in the presence of flowers and plants. May we always be blessed with flowers.

Frances Smith

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