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Tropical Punch

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
January 21, 2005

This term is new in the weather lexicon. The meteorologists just put it together this week in Vancouver BC to describe the large amounts of rain and warm air that has hit the British Columbia southwest coast. Henderson Lake on Vancouver Island is the rainiest part of Canada averages 27 feet of rain per year. It has received two feet of rain in the last three days. Parts of Vancouver have received a foot of rain in the same period.

Two weeks ago Los Angeles was soaked with rain and Cbswork placed a picture of the large storm covering most of the coast of California on his website. There are terrific energies at work here.

The usual term Vancouver weathermen use for this mid-winter warm and wet weather is "The Pineapple Express". The Pineapple Express is a band of rain clouds extending from Hawaii to the west coast following the jet stream like a river in the sky. Looking at the satellite photos they saw that the river in the sky starts at a tropical storm in the western Pacific southeast of Japan. They could see that the width of the rain clouds doubles at Hawaii and that there was twice as much rain as a "normal" Pineapple Express so they renamed it "Tropical Punch". It is amazing to see a band of clouds hundreds of miles wide extending across the entirety of the North Pacific Ocean.

The usual rain on the coast of British Columbia, actually most of the coast from Cape Mendocino to Anchorage is in the form of cold low pressure systems. They are huge and drop continuous gentle rains. With HAARP and the deflection of the jet steam north to Alaska, those rains have been steered away from the west coast. There has been a drought in the west for years and in BC the western red cedar have been dying. Their root systems are shallow and require constant rain. In the Cariboo in the middle of BC whole forests have died due to the mountain pine bark beetle. Normally cold winters keep this bug from spreading but for ten years the winters have been mild. NASA scientists say this the dead trees are the most visible evidence of ecological change in the world. One section of the dead forest is the size of the panhandle of Idaho.

The sylph-eye view of the ecological problems in British Columbia is keener than NASA's and they have tens of thousands of years of experience in weather moderation. They have already decided what plant species to substitute for the coming warmer climate. They run into problems with the forest companies who plant one type of tree after clearing a section of land. Mono-cropping invites future pests and diseases. The orgone balance is unnatural too. The sylphs do move seeds to areas that best suit the plants and trees. They also have access to seeds from other eras via the "Operators". If a new species of plant is needed higher agencies can string the new DNA together. In the awareness of the sylphs Darwinism is rubbish.

The sylphs have been preparing for Earth for high human population for 12,000 years. The ability of the Earth to maintain populations in the tens of billions has never been questioned by the deva kingdoms. There is a great purpose in the endeavour. If some species are lost, they can be recreated at some future date. No Problemo!

China needed more food...poof...dwarf rice was discovered. In the 1900s Canada needed wheat that could grow in less than 100 days...poof...Marquis wheat was discovered. There are many of these miracles happening. And Malthus turns over in his grave every time a new miracle in agriculture appears.

The "Pineapple Express" and now the "Tropical Punch" is a way that the sylphs and the planet itself can put water into drought regions from great distances. There is a deadly curtain of energy over North America yet the sylphs are still getting the job done. They are in the western Pacific and are hosing the California coast with more water than anyone has ever seen before. No sylphs lost their life in the process.

The amount of moisture in the Tropical Punch is phenomenal. Again it is beyond the capacity of air to hold that much humidity according to normal evaporative processes. Again mist levitation is happening in the tropical storm and in the blue skies over Hawaii. Hawaii is at 19.5 degrees north latitude, one of the planet's tetrahedron energy points. I originally was told to work out the cubistics of the planet in 1971 by my teacher. I was told about the phenomena long before Richard C. Hoagland knew about it. My teacher was told about the phenomena in 1933. Hawaii is a Hot Spot, magma flows originate deep in the planet. There is another Hot Spot in the western Pacific north of Guam. Highly organized orgone fields rising out of the planet are levitating the mists. The planet is breaking droughts in order to accomplish its part of the plan of increasing the human population. Snow in the Sierra Nevada of California is important in feeding the people. Hurricanes into the southern states are important in preventing the south and Midwestern Great Plains from becoming vast deserts.

Thank you Hawaiians for keeping your skies clear.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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