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Two Crows Remain

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
April 4, 2006

On September 12 2002, I brought through that "Four Crows Remain" ( Now there are two.

The Crows have been the lords of the lower astral realms since before the fall of Atlantis. They are the first tier of the the fourth dimensional Illuminati. They are parasites and the last two are weakening. With their self inflicted soul deaths, the generals will be gone and only a few colonels in the second tier will remain.

They who have controlled the planet have lost their souls. The last thread of the Golden Cord snaps and the One Living Spark is retrieved by the High Self. The ego is extinguished. As the life experience is valueless, it will be erased. In time none will remember the mockery created by the Crows.

They were once High Angels, living the Word of God, feeling the divine presence, infused with the energy that is the basis of everything. Then they reversed their consciousnesses and turned away from the One Source. They cut their ties to the Love of the One and fell through the densities into the shadows and latched onto material creation. The Crows did not fall into the physical world but into the netherland of the lower astral from where they could fashion enslavement on the incarnate and the disincarnate. In order to claim kingship they acted as tyrants. In order to have the force and control of a dictator, they drained the life blood of the living. Vampires. Parasites. Those who once knew the glories of abundant love were energy thieves reduced to using force.

Those who were once humble and accepting of the Divine became haughty and arrogant. Blind in their greed for material and temporal power they could not see that if they turned back to the One Light, all would have been forgiven. 

When a soul reverses polarity to God there is still a connection to God. The Golden Cord still exists in a much reduced capacity. If someone were to totally cut themself from Source, they would cease to exist at that moment. There is a trickle of energy directly to the heart keeping the consciousness intact. It is similar in purpose to the Vagus nerve connecting the brain to the physical heart even when the spinal cord is damaged. God has provided a route back to Oneness even in the darkness of denial. A signal to the heart keeps it beating.

The existance of those who have turned their consciousnesses away is weak. The Crows have laboured long to appear mighty and dominant as they hide their weakness. The more they strive to maintain their illusion of life in denial the more the thread frays, eventually the last thread of the Golden Cord will break.

Turn back to the Source! Now! Heal the rift and be free of fear. The Miracle of the Resurrection of Consciousness is Now.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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