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The Unitied States Of A Miracle

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
August 26, 2006

After successfully holding enough light to stop the catalytic conditions caused by the explosion of a series of ten megaton H-bombs at Amchitka (Aleutian Island), Alaska, seventy members of the Alpha and Omega Order Of Melchizedek descended upon Denver Colorado. It was June 1973 and the Watergate hearings were on every TV set. The United States was going through a purging it had never experienced before.

The United States President had broken the law and the full weight of the senate inquiry was coming to bear on him. It is likely that most of the presidents had bent or broken Constitutional Law over the previous one hundred years but, Richard Milhous Nixon, in sending the burglars to break into the Democratic National Committee office in the Watergate, made it obvious to the plutocracy running the USA and most of the world, that he did not trust them. Nixon won the 1972 election by a landslide, but he had to go. The Rockefellers and all the rest pushed for impeachment using rules laid down in the Constitution. Although they hated that "piece of paper", they had to use it.

The psychological conditioning Nixon had undergone since childhood in Whittier California was breaking down. More than any previous president, Nixon knew how the world worked. He knew many secrets. His distrust of the Illuminati was great and he might tell the American people the truth. He had to go.

Our teacher set up a chalkboard and taped a replica copy of the Declaration of Independence. He taped the Bill of Rights to a wall. He showed us a booklet containing the US Constitution. He said these are spiritual documents. Read Them! In this world, it is a miracle that such words had ever come into being. The USA is The United States Of A Miracle. He read the Declaration of Independence loudly and with passion. The energy in the room increased exponentially as he opened his consciousness. In group conscious awareness, the spiritual meaning of all the documents before us was grounded into the crystalline core of the planet and rang out to the whole world. All chakras were burning with intense light and the recognition was the understanding that the words on these documents were from God. Although not perfect, as with all words and actions of man, the parchments glowed with inner light.

We were in the majority Canadians, but with a few Americans, listening to a man born in Kingston Ontario who defined the core of the American spirit. In the midst of the Watergate Hearings, with the War in Vietnam at full throttle and Americans questioning the direction of their nation, Canadians were moving huge amounts of energy to help save the union.

We had felt the bombs in the Aleutians impact our consciousnesses and we held the energy, now our teacher was asking us to keep a great nation from being destroyed. Could we hold this energy?

Later,on the same chalkboard, the name NIXON was printed. The energy principles in the five letters were analyzed. Double NN or double negative becomes a positive. The X of the "unknown" in the middle with an I and O on each side which could also be a representation of the number ten surrounding the X could bring about the full understanding of the unknown. Even though Nixon is a shorter form of Nickson or Nick's son and carries the connotation of Ole Nick's son or 'son of the devil', there are redeeming qualities in the name, useful in helping Nixon find a greater truth.

Next, a one dollar bill was shown and the Masonic symbols were described. The most blatant lie on the paper currency was "In God We Trust". The designers of the bill did not trust God. Although the symbols have been corrupted and do not carry power, the original divine design, the "Maze-onic" symbols, can be unscrambled by love. The aura of most currencies are filthy. There are ways to overlay pristine consciousness into previously corrupted notes. Money can become a tool used by good people to do good work.

The signers of the Declaration of Independence were working with power. Mysterious events happened. A grandfatherly man appeared in the room and guided the discussion. He soon disappeared. George Washington, a man of prayer, became luminous. The men knew a higher hand was leading them. In the hotel meeting room in Denver, we could feel we were in Independence Hall some 197 years earlier. Powerful energies were spanning the centuries.

We were warned that there were twenty-eight psychic groups in Denver and most were not working with the best of intentions. Denver was a challenge in the mid 1970s and it was a challenge for Joan and I last year. I drove to the places where energy work had been done, remembering the high frequencies we generated during a dark time.

Nixon did not reveal the nefarious plans of his masters, but in the drama of the Constitutional outworking, much was brought to public attention. Nixon ended his life in New York City, living in an apartment besides that of David Rockefeller. Even until the end, the NWO watched Nixon closely. Maybe there is a coded message in the Whitehouse tapes?

The Patriot Acts have gutted "the pieces of paper", but the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights are spiritual gifts. They are not of paper, but of light. Two nights ago, I awoke needing to ground the energy. From 3:30 AM until dawn, I grounded a lot of energy into the core of the Earth. The energy was like a jewelled sceptre, I was grounding the Constitution, making real that which the evil ones are trying to destroy. I realized that the USA cannot sink into Fascism as the "pieces of paper" have indelibly written FREEDOM on the American spirit. That spirit has confounded the plans of the black nobility time and time again.

It truly is, The United States Of A Miracle!

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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