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USAF Has Developed Effective Method For Defeating Sylphs

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
November 22, 2004


A combination of EM and Scalar technology has been developed by the USAF and Navy that can kill sylphs including giant sylphs. This was foreseen by the sylphs and the operators and they have had to pick and choose their targets. I knew months ago that much of the giant sylph activity was over Asia where some of the worst pollution is. The Chinese and Indians have not deployed spewplanes nor EM and Scalar weapons. They do have cell-phone towers etc. More CBs are needed, even for the west coast. The east coast is being hit with a lot of chemtrails. H.M. returned from Germany with photos of chemtrail grids over the Saar.

U.S. ground forces in Fallujah and other Iraq cities are losing and it will bring about their use of carpet bombing to achieve their objectives. This is the same scenario as Vietnam. 3.1 million were killed over the duration of that war. When the ground war was lost, Kissinger and Nixon carpet bombed Hanoi.

Egyptians guess that over three million Iraqis have been killed over the last eighteen months.

The Pentagon says 100,000 civilians have been killed. Wolfowitz's plan never included enough soldiers to win a ground war. As most of the population is urban, carpet bombing the major cities could kill up to 20 million, leaving under 2 million Iraqis to service the pipelines. ETHNIC CLEANSING!

If Iran comes into the conflict to defend its Shiia brothers the same ethnic cleansing could include 60 million Iranis. It is very likely the B-52s would be dropping tactical nukes disguised as "high explosives". Bush is now in the company of Nixon as a mass murderer. If carpet bombing starts over Baghdad he will be in the same league as Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

The operators have seen this coming for a long time and they WILL INTERVENE!

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone



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