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What Resides At Depth?

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
December 3, 2006

In the posting "Hawaiian Chain" I wrote about the non-volatile silicates oozing from great depth under Kilauea. Visitors to the Big Island can walk up to the lava flows without fear of dangerous pyroclastics or toxic gases. This is not the case with most volcanoes. The area around Mount St. Helen's in Washington State is evacuated up to 100 miles distance. People thought to be at a safe spot in 1980 over ten miles away from the volcano died. Mount St. Helen's is not a Hot Spot like Hawaii but a crustal volcano with its magma derived from the subduction zone off the coast.

The floor of the Pacific tectonic plate slides under the North American plate to a depth of five miles to ten miles and melts. Since it contains water locked into the rock the rising magma is steam driven. When the magma has risen high enough in the volcanic chimney the steam explosively propels the ash high into the air. The magma also contains Aetheric Coronal Elements [ACE] seen as a luminous cloud above some erupting volcanoes. ACE adds to the steam explosion. Thousands of feet of the top of St. Helen's was blown away. Ash fell over many states. Water decreases the temperature at which silicates melt and is thought to be a key ingredient creating the seventy or so Hot Spot volcanoes worldwide. Is water the only propellant?

Yellowstone Hot Spot is a huge volcano. Some geologists call Yellowstone a Super-Volcano as previous explosions virtually wiped out all life on the western side of North America. Ash and pyroclastic bombs rained down on much of the Mississippi Valley and Appalachians. There was water in the magma rising from the mantle about forty miles under the Rocky Mountains but also there was petroleum and natural gas.

In the Abiotic petroleum theory, hydrocarbons are created deep in the earth by the high pressures and temperatures on carbonaceous material left by meteorites during the early period of the formation of the solar system. The meteors were of such size they plunged deep into the mantle. As the petrochemicals show nearly equal amounts of right-handed isomers as left-handed ones, the vast majority of petroleum on the planet was not derived from fossils. If petroleum was from fossils, up to 90% of the isomers would be right-handed.

(The term abiotic means "non-life". As I know the planet is a living being, abiotic does not fit the processes involved in creating oil. Also the transmutation of other elements into hydrogen, carbon and sulphur are happening at great depth. Transmutation involves conscious awareness. )

Yellowstone has erupted many times with the last great explosion leaving a wide cauldron with little in the way of a crater. The amount of petroleum in the Colorado oil-shale and the Alberta oil-sands indicated the presence of vast amounts of petroleum under and in the Rocky Mountain region. Petroleum and especially natural gas would have been present under Yellowstone and contributed to the huge explosion but water is needed to move the hydrocarbons up the chimney and into the atmosphere. Much effort has been applied to Yellowstone over the past several years to spiritually balance the energies around and under the Hot Spot.

Another Hot Spot known for petroleum is Halmahera Indonesia. Geologically Indonesia is one of the most contorted piece of real estate in the world. Halmahera between Celebes and New Guinea is on the Pacific Ring of Fire as well as the India/Australia plate tectonic movement. Halmahera has deep fissures radiating in four directions and along those cracks in the crust, oil is found. The volcanism of Sumatra and Java is due to the subduction of the fast moving India/Australia plate under the islands. Krakatoa in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra has had some of the world's most violent explosions during historic times. This is a crustal volcano not a Hot Spot or mantle generated volcano but adding petroleum to the steam does create huge explosions.

Another Hot Spot associated with petroleum is Jebel Marra in Darfur Sudan. Oil is found in Sudan, Libya and Chad. The war of genocide against Darfur tribesmen appears to be oil related. Already a pipeline extends from Darfur to the Red Sea. Tankers are shipping oil to China. Chinese workers built the pipeline. The amount of oil under Jebel Marra could be greater than any other field in the Middle East. Russian technology used in Siberia to puncture a hole into the mantle could be planned for Marra. This may include exploding H-Bombs at six or seven miles depth. A blow-out would be a Yellowstone like event.

The San Andreas faultline leaks oil into California. This is not a Hot Spot volcano but evidence of oil under the Mohave could bring about deep boring in this geologically sensitive region.

The Persian Gulf faultline, also not a Hot Spot, extends the length of the Gulf and the Tigris/Euphrates Valley. The proven reserves are huge. Due to the topography most of the deep oil is likely under Iran. The push to attack Iran could be an effort to explode H-Bombs at great depth in both the Gulf and the Caspian regions.

Another area with unknown potential is French Polynesia. There are four Hot Spots in the Equatorial and South Pacific. French H-Bomb tests in the Marquesas twenty years ago were about a mile depth but might have shaken some natural gas free. Interestingly the same region was labelled Lemuria by James Churchward in his 1930 book, "The Lost Continent Of Mu." Churchward's psychic sources claim Lemuria sank when natural gas pockets beneath the continent ruptured.

Could exploration for oil under the crust cause land to subside?

It is apparent the mantle is not a homogeneous zone as different sorts of magma arise from the different Hot Spots.The fracturing of the crust to release lighter elements into the atmosphere could cause huge explosions and extinctions. Likewise huge crustal shifts, as witnessed by the spacing of the islands and seamounts of the Hawaiian Chain and dozens of other Hot Spot Chains in all the oceans, could happen. An ocean floor shift of 30 to 100 miles would be a disaster. The Russians have already blown a hole in Siberia and are supplying natural gas to Germany and France. Other nations and multinational companies driven by greed are likely planning to do the same.

Years ago Project Mohole off the coast of Southern California drilled miles deep in a trench, a thin area of the ocean floor. They suddenly stopped. It is a mystery as to why they had their funding pulled but maybe somebody was frightened by the project?

The problems with the Hot Spots and what resides at depth in the mantle appear to have been recognized and moderated in ancient times. There is a mystery regarding the Great Pyramid. It was constructed about 12,000 years ago and it is now precisely oriented to the four cardinal directions within a fraction of a degree, whereas other megalithic structures are not. The movement of the continents has changed the position and orientation of the continents. Mexico may have rotated counter-clockwise as much as 15 degrees in 9000 years. Similarly Peru has rotated but not to the same extent as Mexico. The western hemisphere is hundreds of miles further from the old world than it was when the pyramids were built. Somehow Egypt and northern Africa has remained cemented to one orientation when most all other lands have shifted.

It is well established the Giza Plateau on which the Great Pyramid at 30 degrees north is on the latitude line covering the greatest extent of dry land, and at 31 degrees east it is on the line of longitude covering the greatest extent of dry land. It seems the builders had mapped the whole world and had found the anchor point of continental drift.

Years ago I looked at the Hot Spots of the Sahara: Jebel Marra in Darfur Sudan, Emi Koussi in northern Chad and Tahat in southern Algeria as anchor points from which continental drift can be calibrated. Considering the inherent instability of the crust floating on the mantle it is amazing there is one part of one continent remaining relatively fixed in position and orientation. It is also interesting the three Hot Spots form a Golden Mean Spiral in the opposite direction to the Golden Mean Spiral of the three pyramids on the Giza Plateau. The spiral of the three Hot Spots covers most of the Sahara.

Originally I had looked at Hot Spots as anchor points upon which the lower astral realms could establish their parasitic control of the physical plane. The Aetheric Ice upon which the lower astral is based is fragile. Their instability is a mirror of the instability of the thin crust of the Earth floating upon a molten mantle. The problems of the Earth are reflected in the astral and the problems of the astral are reflected on the Earth.

The parasitic lower astral feeds upon the living and much of the natural ley-line planetary energy grid was used to take energy from the planet and the natural kingdoms. The conflicting purposes exacerbate crustal deformation and continental drift. Falling densified Aetheric Ice causes earthquakes. Parasitic practises in the astral accelerate the densification and quicken the cycles of disasters. Yet something is blocking or slowing these same disasters. The structures at Giza have assisted in locking northern Africa in a fixed position and thus limiting the movement of all continents. A great deal of energy is still being applied through the Great Pyramids and into the energy grid of the Earth.

Proof of the "Holding back of the Winds" lies in the middle of the Pacific. The Big Island of Hawaii has remained fixed in position over the Hot Spot and has grown to be the most massive of the Hawaiian Chain. The Big Island reflects the ongoing energy gridwork done at Giza 12,000 years ago.

Somehow a great work was done in Egypt to counter the command and control structure of the black magicians in the lower astral. Many disasters that could have been visited upon the Earth have not happened. Effectively the worst sort of black magic was removed from the Earth after the fall of Atlantis. The Great Pyramids reflect the higher law and order. The pyramid symbol represents stability or the anchoring of the divine. Even without the capstone the pyramids work. Even though the orientation at the time of construction was to the wrong star, the Earth itself held Africa in position and now the Pyramids are oriented to the correct star, Polaris.

Even more than representing the three stars in the Belt of Orion, the three Pyramids represent Marra, Koussi and Tahat and interlock energetically.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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