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On the Passing of William Baumgartner ~ Free Energy Researcher, Walter Russell Associate

[Editor's Note: While he was alive, ZSL and I sometimes talked about William Baumgartner over the phone. I had hoped to publish some of his experiments and ideas. ZSL broached the idea to him a couple of years ago. He seemed to be slightly interested, but he also came across as secretive and guarded. I really didn't want to kiss his butt. If he wanted to share, okay, he had a forum on my web site, but I didn't want to try and pry it out of him, so the opportunity just hung in the air for the last 3 or 4 years. I probably should have tried harder to get him to talk at least.

His extension of the implosion work and ideas originated by Viktor Schauberger surely are significant and his association with the incredible Walter Russell is even moer important. Young people don't know who Walter Russell was, but he was one of the most important contributors to New Science in the past 100 years. The QUALITY of Russell's advanced understanding in physics was on a par with Tesla, although he did not produce the practical devices that distinguished Tesla's career. Russell was an unschooled artist and mystic who was able to access the Universal Mind and 'download' a tremendous amount of advanced science knowledge. His 1926 book, The Universal One, stands as a testimony to these advanced teachings. I wish I had spoken to William Baumgartner about his days with the Russells while I still had the chance. It might have proved interesting, but I'm sure William will encounter many old friends in the spirit world and will continue his work on another plane of existence....Ken Adachi]

From Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
January 8, 2011

On the Passing of William Baumgartner ~ Free Energy Researcher, Walter Russell Associate (Jan. 8, 2011)

William Baumgartner Obituary
Lakeshore News January 7, 2011

William Baumgartner was born November 10 1930 in Bavaria. He grew up skiing and climbing the Alps where his love of nature grew. He received a mechanical engineering degree from Technisches Institute in Zurich, Switzerland.

William moved to Canada in 1954 and experienced the immigrant's reality of working on temporary jobs while studying English on the side. He eventually landed a job as an electrician on power dam projects where he first began to question the safety and efficiency of these methods. This led to his life-long passion for studying and developing machinery which supplied "green energy".

William was drawn to Nicola Tesla's patent and articles and found opportunities to repeat some of his experiments. He was also a disciple of Viktor Schauberger's work and produced many of his inventions. This research led to contacts in the New Energy field and adventures around the world. He spent two years in Mexico and was called to the U.K. and Europe as a consultant.

William pioneered in New Energy print media by publishing the magazine Energy Unlimited from 1974-1989. He had a workshop in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he fabricated the complex pipes used in turbines to continue his work in vortex mechanics.

William Baumgartner was a visionary who never stopped learning and creating new concepts that could help people glimpse the larger realities of science. He will be missed by his wife Maggie Pym and remembered by people around the world who were influenced and encouraged by his work.

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I met William in 2004. He set up a study group regarding Walter Russell's work. We met once a week in his home in Salmon Arm for about six months. William also cooked the frappes and strudels we had after class.

William went to Swannanoa, Virginia in the late 1950s and met Walter and Lao Russell. He led tours of the University of Science and Philosophy such was the depth of his study of Russell's work. William had all of Russell's writings and duplicated his paintings.

A dozen of us were expertly guided through the mental somersaults one undergoes in being introduced to visionary science. William also introduced Viktor Schauberger's writings and inventions within the class and explained how Russell's work dovetailed with Schauberger's and Tesla's. William showed us articles he had written for Implosion Magazine printed in Germany and Austria continuing Schauberger's work.

One of the classes he took us into his workshop to demonstrate Lord Kelvin's waterfall experiment based on Schauberger's research. It was a simple apparatus where two thin streams of water fell three feet parallel to one another. Water fountain pumps took the water from the bowls below the streams of water and return the water to the top recycling the same water. As Schauberger said falling water generates electricity, wires connected the bottom of each stream to the top of the other stream, an infinity loop was created. It was as if the water had fallen thousands of feet and the electrical charge increased as the apparatus continued to run.

William turned off the lights in the workshop and it was very dark. William took a fluorescent halo bulb disconnected from electricity and ran one of the streams of water through the hole in the middle of the halo bulb. The bulb started to glow and the longer he held it in the stream of water the more it glowed. Pulling the bulb away from the water the bulb stopped glowing. We each held and placed the halo bulb in the water stream and could see the energy was coming from the thread-like stream of water.

William then took the bulb and held it in the water for a longer time and the bulb grew brighter, then mist started raising from the stream of water. William explained the water droplets were levitating as the voltage was high enough to allow the electro-gravitic effect to levitate droplets too large to be suspended in air by Brownian Motion. He added, the mists coming off all waterfalls is levitated water, Schauberger measured the voltage of one Austrian waterfall to be in the millions. He said the water needs to be pure. In this apparatus he used well water as tap water was too impure. The person holding the halo bulb is part of the energy circuit as the auric field adds to the energy.

We did many experiments together and I wish I could have spent more time with him, but it did not happen. He died young. He was still developing inventions up until he could no longer do so.

I miss him.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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