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C. Louis Kervran
By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
July 23, 2002

Dear Ken,
This is the first of a series of emails I sent to . Robert Cohen is a fighter and I sent him this information to help him.

Dear Robert Cohen,

     There is a man in his eighties, if still alive, in France who is doing similar work to you and who solved a mystery which supports the Vegan belief that man can live entirely on vegetables. C. Louis Kervran in the 1950s and 1960s worked for the French Government as a scientist doing basic research. The Dept. of Science does not have an American equivalent. It was a combination of NIH, EPA and CDC. He was asked to find out how much calcium a chicken needed to consume in order to avoid laying soft shelled eggs. I remember reading an article about 1965 in the Toronto Star Weekly which reported that he was able to get the chickens of Brittany France to lay hard shelled eggs by feeding them magnesium alone. Magnesium was needed in the "fixing" of calcium into egg shells and likewise in  all bones and teeth. Kervran used a method in chemistry called stoichiometry which determines all the elements going into and exitting from the chickens and also included the cruelty of rendering the chickens down to ash. In the Star Weekly report, the results were catagorized as puzzling and unexpected. Also, he had an experimental loss of magnesium and a gain in calcium which he could not attribute to his rigorous methodology.

I never heard of Kervran for twenty years until I picked up one of his books in a used book store in Edmonton Alberta in 1985. It was called "Biological Transmutations", and was published after he retired. It blew my mind. Included in the book was a detailed description of his research into many basic phenomena in living tissue. The egg shell problem was explained again, but in terms not included in the 1965 article. Like Copernicus, Kervran waited until after he had left the department (Copernicus was published after his death). The biological revelation is Copernican in scope.

Another project that Kervran's department worked on occurred in the mid 1950s in the French Sahara. It involved the determination of how much sodium intake (Salt Tablets) was required for the French Foreign Legion. Kervran could not do to the Legion what he had done to the chickens, lest the Legion render him down to ashes, so he set up an enclosed environment for several weeks which included sponging sweat off hot soldiers. Considering the rigors the soldiers were subjected to, it is a mystery why Kervran did not suffer cruel vivisection by bayonnet. Kervran was able to determine that sodium was being changed to potassium and the potassium was sweated out. He found for every atom of sodium he was losing he was gaining a potassium atom. On top of that the atomic transmutation was cooling the body...endothermic nuclear fusion at body temperature. In other words, Cold Fusion.

In 1987, when I heard of Pons and Fleischmann announcing their discovery of room temperature fusion, I knew that they were continuing Kervran's work. That they were chemists, and not physicists, is noteworthy. There are a lot of queer phenomena in chemistry. It was predictable that the scientific community would stomp on them. The probability is that a lot of labs are working on Biological Transmutations, but it is being kept secret. I have tried ordering another edition of the book and it is not available. Kervran has a French web-site, but he is more concerned now about stone ground natural flour than transmutations. Behind all his other work, however,  is the priori of biological transmutation.

Based on the Salt Tablet research, a lot of salt tablets mistakenly include potassium. The Canadian Armed Forces went to 100% potassium tablets which did not work at all. I talked to a corporal who had taken those tablets. He also had a box of table salt in his kit.

About ten other transmutations were written up in the book. One of the grain related transmutations is manganese. In each grain of wheat there is a bit of manganese. Kervran was asked to determine how much manganese should be returned to the soil as a micro-nutrient? He determined how much was derived and put the manganese back. The soil was poisoned. He looked at the soil and found NO manganese in any of the fields save where he added it. He determined later that copper was being transmuted to manganese and that copper should be added to fields to increase yields. In the early 1990s in Alberta, a farmer doing his own research on his own field was able to take poor producing land, added bluestone copper and doubled production. The newspapers published the experiment and nothing was heard about it again. Somebody stomped on the farmer (Monsanto?). Monsanto is a four-letter word in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Possibly the large agro-multinationals are afraid of this scientific discovery and are trying to eliminate that which proves their products are ass-backwards, toxic. Maybe they are keeping it under wraps until they can figure how to patent, package and profit by it like rBGH.

Another part of the puzzle regarding non-disclosure may have to do with world finances. Gold is mentioned briefly in Biological Transmutations. Almost all placer gold dust is pitted like a tiny piece of coral. A cubic mile of ocean water has as much gold suspended in it as all the bank vault in the world and it is extremely hard to extract. Hardrock gold veins are ribbons of pure gold at specific gravity 19.3 locked into quartz at specific gravity 2.7. If the gold was deposited in the quartz by magmatic intrusion it would not be suspended in the quartz, it would be in a puddle beneath it. Ask a scientist, any scientist, why there is no lead, mercury or other neuro-toxic elements in the world's ocean? There is none not even at parts per trillion unless a mining concern dumped it. If there were neuro-toxins in the oceans we would not be able to eat tuna (If you eat tuna). For billions of years lead has been leached into the oceans and a bacterium dating back 3 billion years has been eating it and changing it to gold. In British Columbia all gold panning has been on rivers downstream from lead-zinc ore bodies. There has never been an exposed gold ore body as the source of the placer gold dust and nuggets. Gold panning the Yukon River from its mouth led to the giant lead-zinc ore body in Faro, Yukon Territory. The South African hardrock quartz/gold vein is a metamorphized river bottom dating back over a billion years ago. Gold is a biological inert byproduct. It is as if the planet itself billions of years ago determined to make itself free of neuro-toxins in order to support life in the oceans and on land. Without that ancient bacteria there would not be no higher forms of life.

About five years ago I heard about a large company's attempt to dredge a section of the Colorado River for gold. Investors pumped tens of millions of dollars into the enterprise. The EPA shut them down. Lead was being dumped in the river. One of the investors told me from stage that not an ounce of gold was found. It is probable that it takes centuries to grow a grain of gold and that the concentration of soluble lead is very low. High concentrations would probably kill the transmuting bacteria.

As you can see this is Copernican in scope and may be too foreign to present day scientific "knowledge" (lies) to place out in the public eye. There are a lot of people who are trying to control this information, even Kervran is not candid about what he knows. I have told many people about this and have long papers and the book itself filed in an American library but the information just does not penetrate the present day darkness which clouds the minds of men and women. You know the mental and psychic inertia firsthand. Biological Transmutation is a key in pressing the Vegan agenda foreward.

Z-S. Livingstone in Salmon Arm British Columbia

Dear Ken,

I must apologize to you about my lack if scholarship regarding remembered facts from "Biological Transmutations".  I wrote that he did tests regarding sodium/potassium on the the French Foreign Legion, I was wrong. The tests were on an oil exploration team. But I got the Sahara correct. I just received a new copy of the book from Beekman Publishers, Woodstock New York. I ordered off the website.  The price is $17.63 but it cost me $45.00 Canadian by the time I paid exchange on currencies, freight, Goods and Services Tax, and a $5.00 COD charge to Canada Post for collecting the fee on GST. I do not think the North American Free Trade Agreement is working. The new edition has twice as much information as the copy I read 18 years ago.

I believe that there are a lot of scientific interests blocking the dissemination of this knowledge. You know what happened to Cold Fusion. The Fusion of Hydrogen scientists are receiving hundreds of millions of dollars per year and their funding could be cut off. Pharmaceutical and Agro-business corporations would attack Biological Transmutations. Darwinists would see transmutation processes as entirely unexplainable in the framework of their theories. 100,000 biologists would have to send their MS and PHD degrees back to the Cracker Jacks Co.

One attack on Cold Fusion has been the lack of released neutrons. In Biological Transmutations there are no released neutrons likewise the Cold Fusion technique is a similar low energy process and will never generate the energies of the core of the sun.
Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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