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Etheric (or Aetheric) Ice

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Sept. 16, 2002

The regrowth of etheric ice after a particular piece breaks away is quick, literally overnight. Like lake ice it forms a thin layer which soon thickens taking many years to reach a thousand foot thickness which is the average for the lowest astral realm. Most ice remains at its neutral buoyancy level depending on its density.

Densification is the etheric equivalent of heavy metal pollution on Earth. It is like taking rocks off the bottom of a lake and placing them on the icy surface. If this process continues for any length of time there will be a crack and the heaviest portion of the ice and rocks will drop to the lake bottom. The ice melts in the slightly warmer water below and some of that same water returns to the surface and forms ice. Etheric ice melts (with the help of CBers) and recycles to the astral realms.

When a section of densified etheric realm, a piece the size of Montana falls to Earth it causes the crust to drop an inch or two over a wide area. Seismic GPS surveys which have been operating in the USA since 1999 can and do detect these etheric impacts. Depending on the weight and speed of impact plus the fault lines beneath the ground there may be an earthquake.

Earthquakes can be prevented by the stacking of pieces of densified etheric ice over a fault zone forming a barrier to direct impacts. Such stacking is a short term solution as the waters and the forests assist in melting of etheric ice. Such stacking blocks the flow of rain into that area. Drought is the consequence. Also diseases arise in the static aura of solid densified orgone ice. If ELF towers are being used to create and maintain a solid orgone buffer zone against a pending earthquake, the drought and disease may be the greater perils.

A truly large earthquake arises not from the lowest realm breaking up and falling of a single piece but from a multi-tier break up and many pieces falling together. ELF towers and nuclear plants help in the generation of the deadly orgone which is used by the "industries" of the lower realms and creates the densification of all four of the lowest tiers. That which could be called the heavy metals (strategic materiels) of the etheric industries are extracted from nuclear plants. The last 60 years has brought about toxic nuclear waste on Earth and its facsimile on the four lowest realms. As above, so below. The heavy metals breaking containment from above could cause a "catalyzed" condition which could cause a massive earthquake which would break nuclear containment in that fault zone below. The result would be both nuclear heavy metals and heavy orgone metals polluting the Earth. Using ELF towers to prevent earthquakes will create drought, disease and greater earthquakes in the future. It is better that the towers never existed.

Wingmakers (Sylphs) have prevented many earthquakes through balancing the orgone in the air. Their plan is the natural solution, but the diabolical entities who have poisoned the Earth for millennia do not want to stop their stupid wasteful ways.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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