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Etheric Ice's Influence on Climate and Weather

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Sept.27, 2002

    Earth's weather as viewed from the etheric and the intradimensional densities is quite different from a meteorologist's physical plane point of view.

There are two atmospheres interpenetrating one another. The physical atmosphere is a hundred mile layer of gases. The etheric atmosphere extends 100,000 miles, about half way to the moon, and then merges with the etheric atmosphere of the sun. The etheric atmosphere is composed of gaseous, liquid and solid orgone or magnetic substances. The same gravity which holds physical material to the Earth also holds orgone to the planet. I was told that etheric pressure at sea-level is equivalent to 32,000 psi as the solar etheric atmosphere at Earth's distance from the sun is significant. The solar etheric atmosphere at the planet Mercury's orbit is quite dense.

At ground level most orgone is gaseous or liquid. Solid orgone is unhealthy for plants and animals. There are also heavier rare orgone metals in the crust of the Earth which are coveted by fourth dimensional beings. These metals are used to fashion all manner of machines and devices used on the four lower etheric ice tiers. They are in the vicinty of low Earth orbit, about 120 miles, and sandwiching the Van Allen radiation belts. These four realms are inhabited by about 25 billion beings. There are another three realms above the Van Allen Belts which do not steal rare orgone from the crust. These realms are more lightly populated.

Within the planet there are nine concentric etheric shells extending down to the core. The orgone in these shells is crystalized and very dense. I do not know the population of these realms.

The lowest etheric tier (120 miles) contributes to the complexity of climate and weather on Earth.

There is a cycle of the orgone which comprises the ice of the lowest etheric realm and air, oceans and lands. It is like the water cycle of evaporation and precipitation.

Etheric ice, like physical water, has a liquid and a gaseous state not just the ice state which finds neutral buoyancy at about 120 miles up. The heights of the tiers can vary as the solar etheric atmosphere changes periodically. Due to activity of the denizens of the lowest tier, densification is an on-going problem. Rare orgone metals plus orgone stirred by humanity and the natural kingdoms on Earth are being drawn from ground level, magnetically, by suction pipes, similar to Cloud Busters. There are verying degrees of densification on these world-circling realms depending on the magnetics of the continents and oceans below. There are areas of the etheric lowest tier which are like the industrial Rhine Valley. Such areas are built where the etheric ice is thickest, for example, above the Canary Islands. The orgone there is literally hard.

Passing comets create etheric tsunamis. These high velocity waves take about six months to travel from Jupiter's orbit to Earth's orbit. Such waves fracture all the etheric ice from all realms around the Earth and the solar realms between the planets. Most fracturing near Earth is due to solar and lunar tidal movement. Where there is no densification of any sort, then the realm looks like fractured pack ice in the Arctic Ocean. The etheric pack ice soon refreezes becoming one piece again. But if there is densification in the lowest realms, those heavy pieces fall to Earth. A few crash at high speeds impacting the crustal orgone and causing earthquakes. Most waft downward like huge snowflakes.

These "snowflakes" can be over a million square miles.

Depending on where these pieces of etheric continents fall there a range of climatological effects.

The Sahara Desert is a part of the world where layers of etheric ice can build up as there is little water or forest to melt the ice. At one point in the mid 1990s Australia had a two mile high layering of etheric ice.

When a piece of an etheric continent falls on the Amazon or a forested area, rain storms, lightning, and the Cloud Busting action of trees breaks up the etheric ice and frees the air of static orgone quickly. Slash burning of the Amazon has destroyed the ability of the trees to rid the skies of negative orgone. If too much forest is cut down, Brazil, could become desert in less than a decade.

In the temperate zones there is a mix of many different types of forests. Conifer forests are the best at ridding the air of crystalized ether. Deciduous forests work well in the summer.

The Taiga and Tundra are high latitude deserts with less than 20 inches of rain per year and are very susceptible to layering of etheric continents like the Sahara or Australia. With the layering of the polar regions come the ice-ages. Sylphs have actually moved pieces of etheric ice from the polar zones into the oceans to melt so that the orgone recycles. Antarctica and Greenland are left alone and layers of etheric ice rest within the glaciers.

El Ninos are times when too much etheric ice accumulates in the equatorial waters of the Pacific.

Life on Earth would be impossible without the oceans. In the understanding of the ecology of etheric ice, the importance of the oceans is very great indeed. The salts and living components of the ocean water dissolve etheric ice rapidly. Within days of the piece of etheric continent immersing in water, it becomes slush. Water, the universal solvent, has an intimate relationship with orgone. Water is the etheric filter/accumulator used in the preparation of homeopathic treatments. Homeopathy cannot be understood without the knowledge of water and orgone.

The melting of etheric ice in water generates heat.

Oceanographers have satellite photos of huge areas of warm surface water whereas neighbouring ocean surfaces are cool. They both receive the same amount of sunlight. Ships in those warm regions have discovered that the heating stops at about the 1000 foot depth. Why should the heating effect go so much deeper than sunshine can penetrate? Why are the warm zones uniformly deep worldwide? The reason for the uniform depth of heating is that the pieces of etheric continents are most often 1000 feet thick.

The ocean around the Canary Islands is one of the warm zones. Layers of Sahara etheric ice slide over one another into the Atlantic off the coast of Morocco. The supply is nearly constant. Seasonally, with the shifting of winds in September and October, hurricanes start in these waters and travel to the West Indies and Gulf of Mexico. Hurricanes are fed by warm waters, melting etheric ice. The gaseous form of the etheric ice aids the evaporation of sea water as it rises through the surface of the water it drags molecules of water through the surface tension. As so much etheric ice melts in the waters of the Canary Islands, the first etheric tier above the islands is thicker than most places in the world.

If the oceans did not provide the service of quickly dissolving etheric ice, densified material would eventually upset all the eco-systems of the planet. Etheric Ice can act as a greenhouse. Venus has its runaway greenhouse effect where the atmosphere is 900 degrees F. as it has a crystalized etheric shell hundreds of miles thick. That is what could happen if HAARP project managers continued to follow their current plan. If HAARP changes its settings and causes Etheric Ice to accumulate over the poles, there could be another ice-age.

Part of Venus' problem is the lack of a magnetic field. A planetary magnetic field would have helped keep the orgone moving. The etheric realms of Venus are beautiful inspite of the conditions below as the black magicians have been removed.

The climate of Earth is not stable. Sylphs and other agents are constantly tweaking the thermostatic controls of the planet to keep it from becoming too hot or too cold. They have a sensitivity for climate change which no human being could hope to attain. It was the job that they were created to do.

The climate of the solar system is not stable either. As the sun and planets circle around the galactic hub, the system encounters areas of greater quantities of orgone. The system is now entering a zone where its etheric atmosphere has increased and all the planets including the sun have increased in temperature. Even the moon has a tenuous atmosphere which did not exist thirty years ago.

The Cometary Being, Wingmaker, has been moving the extra etheric ice to other planets and moons, shifting the burden off this fragile eco-system. In one exercise she/he lifted pieces off Australia, carried them south and lifted off through the South Pole gap in the planetary etheric belts.

In the fourth dimension there are holes at the poles.

As the world has increased in population, the environment has been stressed. Likewise the etheric environment has been stressed. We are having more and stronger earthquakes. We are having more and stronger El Ninos. Both have the same root cause, the densification of the lower etheric realms, perpetrated in part by human activity. A diabolical conspiracy rules the lower etheric as well as on Earth and their goals are destructive towards humanity and the nature itself. It is entirely possible for twenty-five billion to live upon a garden planet if humanity knew how to work in accord with nature. Part of that plan would be acceptance of Sylphs as the caregivers for the well-being of the environment.

The Malthusian planning of the NWO is Machiavellian. It is time to put such destructive thinking to an end. Even though the climate is unstable, it has always been so. The world is what we make it. The lower etheric realms are being cleaned up. The problem of densification will be decreasing. The Earth has unlimited potential. We all have to work together.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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