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Four Crows Remain
By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Sept. 12, 2002

Dear Ken Adachi,
I avoided the media blitz yesterday regarding the first anniversary of 9-11. I did not turn on the TV or radio. But I could feel the emotions. I could feel the manipulation. I thought at one point the mind control function of the ELF towers had been turned up a notch. No the politicians were milking the public's fear, hate and anger. Joan heard two men who thought that it would be a great thing to go into Iraq and get rid of Saddam. Saddam had nothing to do with 9-11. The Manchurian Electorate is brainwashed.
This morning I woke up knowing that there are Four Crows Remaining.
There has been a tradition at the Tower of London to feed and house seven crows. For over 800 years the tradition has been maintained. If a crow dies it is buried and another crow is put in its place. The crows represent the seven dark masters who have ruled the sceptered isles for just as long if not longer.
These dark ones have the ability to transfer from one body to the next with all memories intact. The dark master who took over ruling Britain through reclusive Queen Victoria and transferred into the infant Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon at age two is no longer in the flesh nor is it in existance. The one higher power has extinguished that personality and retrieved the spark of life stripped of all memories.
The four remaining ones are desperate, they see their days are numbered. They are cunning and cruel. They may try to accelerate one of their timetables creating turmoil in which they may avoid or delay the day of their annihilation.
The "crows" of England created the British Empire. They also fostered free speech, fair play and basic human liberties. They knew that despotic rule does not work, unlike the dark one in China who thinks the warlord type of rule best fits its needs.
Total immersion into physical matter, cutting the ties to the higher self, seemed like the proper thing to do milennia ago. But being cut off from one's own source forces one to become a parasitic lifeform. Like the crows of the Tower of London, men feed and house them.
Elizabeth, the Queen Mother in a dark rite tried to transfer to her daughter Margaret. Both died in the same year. The dark one did not want to be side-lined for years in the growing body of an infant. It wanted an adult body. It did not want to be in the body of Elizabeth II because it would be an abrupt personality change for the ruling queen and the public would see through the change immediately and demand the aging queen to step down. If it took over Prince Charles' body likewise the personality change would force Charles to resign his position as successor to the crown. The crows rule best in the shadows as recluses. The feminine role lends it self to the role of the recluse. Charles, the real Charles, not the dark master, won his battle with the crow. The crow was disincarnate. The master could not reincarnate, no mother would accept such a monster. The time of dark rites of soul transfer passed and the dark master was a wraith caught in a limbo of its own making. Finally last night its existance was dissolved by the power of its own Higher Self, the stone which the master builder had rejected eons ago.
Four Crows Remain and their days are numbered.
Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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