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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
August 10, 2002

Dear Ken,

My wife and I visited MaryAnn and Don July 31 to August 6. Don has been a gold panner for many of his 60 years. He is also the type of guy who could be stranded in the wilds of Canada and survive. I have discussed Kervran's, "Biological Transmutations" with them and asked Don a lot of questions. This is my email back to them after mulling through some of the things Don told me.

Dear MaryAnn and Don,

    Don told me of his experience panning for gold using mercury. He said that he was able to pull gold out of a pan of river gravel using mercury which no amount of manual work could extract. Of course there are a lot of problems with this technique as the mercury has to be cooked off. The vapours of mercury are extremely toxic in the air and this poison then ends up in the environment killing fish. Brazilian gold panners have been illegally using mercury for years and part of the degradation of the Amazon has been the release of mercury into that ecosystem.
    Thinking about what Don said about mercury extracting the finest gold dusts, I thought about the possibility that a biological transmutation could be changing some of the mercury into gold. Too much mercury would kill the transmuting bacteria. It may be possible to set up a weak solution of a mercury salt dripping into gold bearing gravel and grow gold dust. I do not know the concentration nor the rate of transmutation. I do not know which bacterium or family of germs creates the atomic change, but granted, it is an ancient species. I believe the bacteria splits off a proton from the mercury nucleus releasing a hydrogen atom used in the growth of the cell and the release of a small amount of energy used to power the cell.
    In old alchemical writings the metal lead is transmuted to gold. It is an elaborate and mysterious recipe. As lead is element number 82, three protons have to be split from the nucleus. This would mean that lead is changed to element number 81, thallium which is more toxic that either lead or mercury. Somehow the thallium is transmuted to mercury, element number 80. Finally thallium is transmuted to gold, element number 79. It may happen that some platinum, element number 78 is created at the same time and it could account for the presence of some platinum dust in some of the panning Don has done. The three step alchemy of lead to gold may take a long time in nature, whereas the mercury to gold transmutation may be nearly instantaneous.
    Another consideration regarding this borderland of science is that some people may already know this secret and have cornered a large portion of the mercury supply. Maybe Alan Greenspan is manufacturing gold in the basement of the Federal Reserve. The problem with this theory is that Greenspan has been keeping the price of gold low over the last few years. If he was transmuting gold he would be making sure the price was high. Wouldn't he?
Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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