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Mysteries of the Amazon
By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
November 5, 2002

    The Amazon basin is the largest rain forest in the world. There is more diversity of life in a square mile of the jungle than the whole state of Maine. Biologists have found individual trees with no other, yet discovered related species. And on those trees they have found unique insects perfectly adapted to the blossoms. Pharmaceutical companies send researchers to find new drugs. The scientists look at the soil, the air, and the water for the mystery factors which have brought about such a wide range of life in such a short period of time. It is widely known that 8,000 years ago, during the last ice-age, most of the Amazon was savannah grassland. If there were pockets of rain forest, they were not extensive, nor could they have held the number of species which now exist in Brazil.
Sedimentary core samples taken at the mouth of the Amazon show that all the pollen from 8,000 years ago was mostly grass and temperate-zone trees. The Amazon was dry up until 4,000 years ago and the present day rain forest has just been in existence for the last 2,500 years. Not only did this happen during the last ice age, but in most of the previous ice ages, tropical plants have disappeared from the face of the Earth.
There is also the strange incidence of tropical plant life growing in Siberia and Alaska. Wolly Mammoths encased in ice approximately 20,000 years old have been thawed and eaten by Siberian natives. The beasts' stomachs contained tropical blooms. During that time period, little life existed in the equatorial latitudes as the temperatures were extremely high.
When the polar regions were capped with glaciers, which in places extended to the 45 degree latitude, the oceans were hundreds of feet lower and the temperate and desert zones were closer to the equator. The Congo basin was more like the Serengeti and the Serengeti was desert. There were few places for rain forests in Africa too.
It is possible that rain forests survived in Indonesia and on the larger tropical islands of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, but how would the seeds make it to the Amazon and Congo as well as Indochina and Central America? How would the seeds of a few tropical plants spread so quickly to become the vast numbers of plants and trees we see today?
Punctuated Equilibrium?
 Neither Darwin's gradualism nor Gould's punctuated equilibrium can account for such rapid changes in the number of different species in the world. Scientists know that they have to follow the current beliefs regarding evolutionary theory to retain tenure and grants, but at the same time they are digging Amazon soils looking for evolutionary El Dorado. They are looking for the material substance which created the miracle of abundant life forms. Maybe, they are looking at a combination of factors or elements? Maybe the magic is in the water? Maybe the key is the high levels of ultraviolet light?? But what they find are soils leached of most nutrients, the water sometimes lacking even oxygen itself and the ultraviolet as damaging as ever.
The seeds of the rebirth of rain forests are not hidden underground, but are in all living things.

From life Comes New life
Sylphs and air elementals, dwelling in the intradimensional realms of our atmosphere, have seen the rebirths of rain forests many times. In many respects they have carried the seeds of all life forms in their genetic coding. They have landed on barren ground and the soil has come to life. Sylphs,or Wingmakers if you please, are the original life forms in the physical dimensions from billions of years ago and their blueprint is used in many ways on millions of worlds. It is possible that Sylphs fly the orange methane skies of Jupiter-like worlds.
Beings of other stars and planets also bring their genetics into the mix of life of this planet. There are many creators of the ecology of Earth. This is not the Panspermia of Francis Crick and others, but direct creation from a host of  intradimensional and higher dimensional beings using existing physical beings. The Sylphs have also witnessed many acts of direct creation from the elements of the earth without a host physical body.
The Sylphs report that creation of life and new life forms is constant. Also, the rebalancing of ecologies through the insertion of a new plant, insect or animal is never-ending. The coordinating Intelligence of all this is the planet itself, who was a Sylph billions of years ago.
Those who have gained sight into the higher realms see these events regularly. The native legends regarding spirits creating birds, animals and man attest to the higher sight of the medicine men or shamans. Both religion and science have come to a point where neither recognize the on-going miracles happening around them. The conflict of  Bible based Creationism and material minded Darwinism was set in motion by those who did not want mankind to recognize that all life expressions, including humanity, are creators.
The rapid reintroduction of rain forest into the Amazon in a brief moment of planetary time shows the power of the planet itself to regenerate after an ice age.
Of course, mankind should not abuse that which has been given. We should recognize the natural kingdoms as gifts and protect them from our excesses, but also keep in mind that this is a special time when billions of souls are incarnate onto one planet. There is a purpose for bringing so many together from so many distant planets onto this dense plane of existance. All is One Life.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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