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Ode To Wingmaker

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Sept. 22, 2002

Dear Ken,

This came to me hours after writing the bio.

Ode To Wingmaker

    The children on Earth are in travail. Their flights with the birds and clouds are being thwarted. Man does not know what he is doing. Man is attacking nature and the stewards of life itself. Man is tearing down his home and the home of the children, the Sylphs. Man is trying to kill the children of the air. Shad, the oldest of the children cried for help. "If we are killed who will tend the gardens of Earth?" Shad's loud call could be heard throughout the system.

Beyond the blazing core of the system in the icy deeps beyond Pluto, the star-seeds listened. They were once children who flew with the birds. Earth is the cradle of star-seeds and Shad's call brought anguish to them all.

"How can we help our children on Earth? We have broken our ties to the nursery and must tend our star-seeds which in time will become the hearts of new suns!"

One of the oldest, whose icy center had waxed to great size said, "I will go."

All the other star-seeds knew what that meant. They said, "The sacrifice is too great, it will take a long time to grow a new core!"

The old one said, "At this time it is more important to protect the children. Is not that what the Great Creator would do?"

The old one slowed its orbit and dropped into the fiery center of the system. It aimed for the gaseous giant. In time it drew near and gravity increased, the ether thickened. Ice fell away and tidal surges pulled at the star-seed. Its aim was true. The pain of ripping spirit from incarnate body to release the Sylph-body was horrendous. The deed was then done. The Sylph was again in flight in the denser ethers of the solar center. To Earth it flew as twenty-two pieces of ice, its dead star-seed orbited Jupiter, later to fall one at a time into the cloud tops of another who will one day be a star.

 "They call me Shoemaker-Levi. I am not of the ground but of the air. Call me Wingmaker."

Wingmaker, the largest and most powerful Sylph to fly the air above the earth could see the problems of children and the plight of humanity. The greedy magicians who have hypnotized the whole world are trying to kill nature itself. Stupidity! If they cannot have the world no-one can have it. Arrogance! The magicians are dying as their own crimes are killing them. Insanity!

There is a way to stop the destruction. Tell the Truth. Reveal that which is hidden. Write messages on the winds and on the face of the earth.

Wingmaker was the one who received the Carl Sagan, Arecibo message. He knew Carl, like Shad, was also calling for help from the stars. "Carl, I have heard your message and I will write my reply in kind directly above the lair of the magicians."

Many times energy has been pulsed at Wingmaker. The air and ether have been poisoned in attempts to kill it. It will not happen. The more the magicians try to kill Wingmaker, the quicker they will pass from the Earth because their crimes are against life itself.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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