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The One Kilometer Tall "Cloud-Buster"

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Sept. 7, 2002

Dear Ken Adachi,

As you know from previous emails to you that I have a different way of looking at things. I am very concerned about this kilometer high solar tower project (see article below) as it will tear holes in the etheric realms around the Earth and into the Thermal Barriers between Earth and Mars. The results will be disasterous for the whole world, not just the 1200 people in Wentworth New South Wales.

Wilhelm Reich's Cloud-Buster's and the current Chem-Busters liquify static orgone and thus breakup blockages in the atmosphere so that weather and all life on Earth can move freely. We are designed to dwell in liquid/gaseous orgone. Solid or static orgone has its proper place in the design of the "firmament".

The ancients called the sky-firmament-for a good reason. It was fixed. Another part of the firmament are the etheric bands which surround the Earth like layers of an onion. Adepts and Seers who journeyed out of the body knew of their existance as solid etheric or "solid magnetic" material upon which the populations of the etheric realms abide.

These solid layers of orgone are etheric ice floating on the magnetic atmosphere of Earth which is exceedingly dense, equivalent to 32,000 psi at sea-level. Different types of etheric ice float at different altitudes. The lowest level is about 1000 feet thick floating at roughly 120 miles. It is geostationary with the same rate of rotation as the Earth. The next layer made of a lighter ice is about 400 miles. The third is about 1200 miles. The fourth about 3400 miles and it is not geostationary as it rotates slowly in reference to the surface of the Earth. The fifth about 12,000 miles. The sixth about 40,000 miles and the seventh about half way to lunar orbit. Those who are familiar to these realms report that the regressive souls are on the lower four layers and the more angelic are on the higher three.

The One Kilometer tall pipe will tear holes in the lower three realms and long gashes in the higher realms at about 34 degrees south latitude, the latitude of Wentworth Australia. Cloud-Busting above the atmosphere may also become interplanetary as a Kilometer long tube could sweep gashes in the two Thermal Barriers between Earth and Mars and cause catalytic conditions back on Earth over the next century.

To stop the cloud-busting effect the Kilometer tall tower needs a special rain cap which stops the suction of magnetic elements, and will decrease the amount of power generated through limiting the uprise of air.

NASA knows of the solid magnetics of 120 miles and had to place sensitive satellites between 120 and 400 mile orbits in order to prevent satellite shuttering which blurred pictures. Hubble Space Telescope had to moved to a higher orbit as a collision with a particularly dense part of the 120 mile layer resulted in the bending of a photocell array. In one IMAX film the bent array was clearly shown propelled away from Hubble with a gust of gases from a shuttle. Likewise the International Space Station is in a 300 mile orbit. An article in Scientific American about six years ago regarding Hubble repairs and repositioning reported that the Keyhole spy satellites were move higher due to "solid magnetics" impacts. Someone in NASA has read Wilhelm Reich!

The astronauts are nauseous when they fly through the 120 mile layer. NASA knows why they are sick as it is classic Reich. Solid "deadly" orgone is not a proper place for people, especially at 18,000 mph collision speeds.

My teacher warned NASA in 1973 regarding the Thermal Barriers, zones of interplanetary space where temperatures reach hundreds of degrees in near vacuum. He said that crews to Mars should be balanced Female/Male and know how to work with higher dimensional energies. He added that the craft should include a perfect cube around the living quarters. (Interlocking tetrahedrons). The two thermal barriers are part of the solar magnetic field and both are hundreds of miles thick. Astronauts could die or become very sick if they fly through these zones unprepared. The placement of the orbits of the planets is related to laws governing Thermal Barriers. Bode's Law applied to the interplanetary gaps could give positions for the Thermal Barriers between all the planets.

The catalytic conditions which could befall the Earth as magnetic disturbances of the Earth's magnetic field, pole reversal and massive swarms of earthquakes.

The US atomic blast 60 miles above the mid-Pacific Ocean in 1958 cause power outages in Hawaii 1500 north of the blast. It also led to the Good Friday 1964 Alaska earthquake, 8.9 on the Richter Scale. Dr. James Van Allen witnessed the blast and saw his Van Allen Belts light up for many months. The blast punched a big hole in the lower three layers of the etheric realms and eventually caused the denser pieces to fall to Earth. Etheric Plate Tectonics drives planetary Continental Plate Tectonics. The pieces that came to Earth were the size of North America. They are feather-light compared to physical matter but there was so much of it that its impact moved nearly a million square miles of land and ocean basin. This is the reason why the 1963 atmospheric test ban of nuclear explosions went through so quickly. Government psychics were getting loud and clear warnings about the foolishness of exploding bombs in the air and in space. SDI "Star Wars" is similarly foolish should a bomb detonate in orbit.

One of the standard warnings for an earthquake are glowing skies at night. This is the solid orgone impacting orgone in the atmosphere. Animals also get frantic in a "Chicken Little" sort of way because they know that the sky is truly falling.

The geosynchronous pieces fall to Earth towards the west. I am not sure of the mechanics but it is rare that these icy sheets would fall towards the east. The moulding and shaping of continents on Earth can be seen as orchestrated by etheric forces. The rise and fall of continents can be seen as the waxing and waning of etheric continents and the Biblical quotation about the "...heavens rolled up like a scroll..." take on new meaning. It is a mystery why all the Island Archepeligos are on the eastern sides of continents. Considering that the continent moving forces are falling in a westward direction on the ocean floors as well as land and the ocean floors are thinner then pieces of the ocean floor will be pushed up against the eastern sides of continents.

The blasting of holes through the etheric realms by oversized "solar towers" (cloud-busters) will do the same sort of destabilization of the etheric realms as A-bombs.

Punching a hole through the Thermal Barriers of the solar system could change planetary configurations.

Never Never Never aim a cloud-buster at the sun! It would get too hot here on Earth! It is not a good idea to aim a cloud-buster at the moon or any of the planets. Most cloud-busters and chem-busters are thin pipes about six to twelve feet long. These work at distances up to twenty miles. A one Kilometer tube would work deep into the solar system.

The Atlanteans had crystals which derived energy from the sun, similar to Chem-buster design, and continents on one side of the planet submerged and central Asia went through the roof.

The Australian tower is not a good idea, it could be made to work without causing harm to the Earth but even during construction if the rain cap has not been positioned on top of the tube at all times devastating events could result. It is not worth the perilous risk.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

© Copyright 2002  All Rights Reserved.
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A Tower In Oz to Touch The Sun
By Daithi O hAnluain <>,1282,54917,00.html

Last week the Australian government added its support, but no cash, to a hugely ambitious renewable energy project: the 1 kilometer-high solar tower.

The project is a solar-generated wind farm on a massive scale. It works on the principle of convection -- hot air rises -- and the tower functions like a chimney. In a big chimney, air can rise very quickly.

The air reaches 65 degrees Celsius at a speed of 35 mph toward the center of the 7-kilometer collector -- essentially a big greenhouse. As it rises, it turns specially designed wind turbines and produces electricity. When night falls, heat stored in solar cells during the day is released and continues to turn the turbines. Unlike traditional wind farms, the tower doesn't have to rely on the weather for a good crop. It produces its own wind, 24 hours a day.

The project resembles a modern tower of Babel, and it's almost as ambitious. It will be nearly double the height of the world's tallest structure, the CN Tower in Canada. It will be visible from space as well as 80 miles away at ground level. If it is built.

Its chief promoter, EnviroMission, is very serious about the plan, and the company has some very serious people who say they can do it.

For starters, the Australian federal government recently awarded the tower Major Project Facilitation Status.
It means the project is of major public interest, has the moral backing of the Australian government and will be fast-tracked by government agencies.

The government couldn't wait to get in on the act.

"This project confirms Australia as a world leader in renewable energy production aimed at reducing greenhouse gases. The EnviroMission venture will represent the world's first full-scale application of this new solar technology," said Ian Macfarlane, Australia's federal minister of Industry, Tourism and Resources.

The project's credibility is enhanced by the technology's developers, German structural engineers Schlaich Bergermann and Partner (SBP), one of the world's most prestigious design companies. SBP has previously experimented with other alternative energy sources, notably a solar power-collecting dish that can reach temperatures of 700 degrees.

"We developed the solar tower prototype in Spain after the oil crises of the early '80s," says Wolfgang Schiel. "But we didn't get a chance to develop the system because everybody thought oil would go up to $36 a barrel and actually it dropped to $15 and everybody lost interest."

Until now. The prospect of climate change and the demand for carbon emissions control has given new impetus and financial feasibility to the tower. It's also impressed environmental activists abroad. "Such a plant may be relatively costly to build compared with a conventional wind farm," said Robin Harper of the Green Party in Scotland. "But its advantage is that it can run when there is no wind and also at night.

"This gets around the problem of having to store energy, one of the biggest criticisms of most existing wind and solar technologies."

A 1-kilometer tower can produce 200 megawatts, enough electricity to power 200,000 homes. This energy output will represent an annual savings of 830,000 tons of greenhouse CO2 gases from entering the atmosphere.
"One of these plants would produce as much electricity as a small nuclear reactor, so they are a very serious proposition," Harper said.

The tower would also have a huge tourism impact. In fact, the majority of the 50 jobs projected for the power plant would be in the visitor center. It takes just 15 staff members to run the station.

Wentworth Shire, New South Wales -- the town where the solar tower will be located -- certainly sees its potential.
"The significance of this project cannot be overstated," says Wentworth mayor Don McKinnon.

The company says it hopes to begin construction early in 2003 and open the plant by late 2005 or early 2006.

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