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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
October 19, 2002
(Dear Ken: This is a re-write of a letter that I originally wrote to Robert Cohen at over a year ago. Much of the info came from that website.)

    Since World War II, the Japanese have increased in stature by an average of four to six inches. There are many Japanese who are over six feet. These men and women have grandparents who stand about five foot four inches tall. Records which go back many centuries show that people have never been this tall.

Japanese health researchers discovered and published that the increased stature and early maturation was due to dairy consumption. Girls are now starting their periods at age twelve and earlier. Pre-war menstrual cycles started at sixteen. In the USA girls as young as six are now showing signs of womanhood. Dairy was part of the Marshall Plan. The Marshall Plan was instituted to help rebuild the countries destroyed by WWII. The report indicated that there were fifty plus hormones in milk. Even though most Asians are lactose intolerant, enough cheese and ice cream was eaten to totally reshape three generations of Japanese.

Such reports have been forbidden in the west. The Japanese report slipped through the cracks.

In the west, dairy consumption goes back thousands of years as due to a quirk in genetics the majority of the white race can tolerate lactose.

Two hundred years ago, Admiral Nelson sent press-gangs into the English country to find the "big boys" who later helped win the Battle of Trafalgar. All the big boys were from dairy farms. The waifs of east London were all small as they received no dairy at all. Nelson needed big men to work his ships.

At the same time all the British mercenaries seemed to be raised in Hesse and other lands of the Rhine where there were many dairies. The legendary big Poles, Swedes, Frenchmen etc. were raised on dairy farms. Something in cowsmilk was making people bigger. It is now known that the growth hormone in cowsmilk is identical with human growth hormone.

Milk before pasteurization was unsafe to transport into towns and cities. Butter and cheese were available in urban areas but were pricy. Such dairy was the food of princes. The royalty was often taller and stronger than their subjects.

With Louis Pasteur's discovery that heat kills bacteria, the launch of urban delivery of whole cowsmilk was possible. The transition was quicker in America than Europe. Horse drawn milk wagons, along with ice delivered to the same ice boxes which held the milk, happened sooner in Philadelphia than it happened in Paris.

By 1916 when the "dough-boys" went "over there" Americans towered over their European cousins. Americans at an average height of five foot six inches were supermen. It was not wheat flour which was making the dough-boys big.

Dairy consumption which had always been part of the military preparations of nations now became official policy in America.

By 1939 the next generation was even bigger and milk helped the Marines beat the Japanese in the Pacific. By 1961 the average stature of Americans stopped increasing. Now the problem is "The Battle of the Bulge."

There are other problems with feeding the milk of another species to humans. They are covered at .  One of them is diabetes.

After the First World War, many people were falling into comas and dying. With the development of the automobile the brown-green clouds of pulverized horse manure which had made city life so unhealthy were disappearing. The number one killing disease, tuberculous, caused by the dust was disappearing too. The new plague had been seen before but not in these numbers. Toronto was hit hard and there in 1922 researchers Banting and Best discovered insulin in the pancreas of dogs. A treatment using insulin extracted from cadavers and animals made it possible for people to live a long life.

Many people in many nations were able to make a one to one correlation between consumption of cowsmilk and the spread of diabetes, both type one juvenile onset and type two adult or obesity onset diabetes. Their reports were not available to the public. Behind the military necessity for big boys was the pharmaceutical companies' desire to capitalize on all the diseases created by cowsmilk. Today up to three quarters of all western lifestyle illnesses are related to dairy. Japanese are now suffering more diabetes just like Americans.

All parents want their children to be big and strong. Stature is an asset. With stature comes the higher paying jobs. Politicians who have greater height get more votes. People are paying a huge price in health costs because of the doping scandal of the last hundred years.

The Olympics have always been in the midst of a doping scandal. The same aristocracy which decided to create in-town dairy delivery also created the Olympics in 1896. Year after year young people were running faster, throwing further and lifting heavier weights. The world records for most events were broken as more milk was consumed by more people. Those same bovine hormones are now banned and athletes know to avoid dairy related supplements. Yet the same athletes grew up on milk. They should be five foot six inches but augmented by cowsmilk they are six foot two inches.

Why would the black nobility of Europe and America decide to increase the stature of all people under their authoritarian control? Their original plan was to increase the stature of their own sons and daughters. Increased physicality would have made their princes more dominating. There would have been an adverse reaction to a minority taller race. It would have been recognized as artificial sooner and deposed. The best way to hide tall people is in the midst of tall people. Nazi master race theory included the precept that Arians are taller. Boosting the height of all Germans created a synthetic master race.  NWO thinking is Nazi-like. They are hiding their ideals under the guise of Olympic Gold Medal winning athletes. Everything about the Olympics including the choice of city hosting the Olympics is decided by the black nobility. (See: Round Stones and Cement Cloud Busters)

Increased stature is seen as a blessing but it is in actuality unhealthy. Should biological experiments performed on cows by Monsanto and other agro-pharmaceutical companies kill off the whole bovine family, parents would ask for supplements to keep their children from returning to the height of their great grandparents, but they should not. Our genetic blueprint is for a body averaging just over five feet. We would all be healthier and live longer by being our genetic height and we, even at our hormone increased stature, would all be healthier by avoiding dairy. The NWO agenda for increased stature was based creating bigger warriors and more menacing controllers. Such plans are fascist and indicate how our image of masculinity is still dictated by the Master Race theory of the black nobility.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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