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Sylphs and Those Who Play Golf in The Rain

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Sept. 29, 2002

Sylphs and Those Who Play Golf in The Rain by ZS Livingstone (Sep. 29, 2002)
 If Sylphs can create and direct weather, are they creating lightning? Yes they are.

As lightning strikes and kills many people each year, are Sylphs killing people?

Sylphs' control of lightning is not precise. Lightning is needed to break up deadly crystalizations of orgone and storms are augmented for the area that needs to be rid of a crystalization. Sylphs warn all who are in danger. Sylphs can and do induce "sudden frights" to scare people and animals to flee to safety. To the Sylphs, it is better to have a fright than to be dead.

In an emergency, Sylphs will physically lift and carry people away from a lightning bolt. There are many people who have survived near encounters without a scratch. In those situations Sylphs are called guardian angels.  

The Sixteenth Hole

Golfer: "Looks like rain, but I might be able to finish the round."

Young Sylph to other Sylphs: "I'll chase the golfers to cover. This storm will be dropping bolts of lightning near the course."

Golfer finishing the sixteenth: "Seven strokes! I guess I must be rushing my game. What was that chill?"

Sylph beside Golfer: "Wake-up you bonehead or else you may be a crispy golfer!"

Golfer: "The clouds are not overhead, I might be able to finish....My ears just popped, the air pressure must have dropped."

Sylph: "Yes you moron, and my screaming in your face didn't do anything to your ears? The storm is over you now!"

Golfer seeing all the other golfers run for the clubhouse: "Great, now I don't have to wait at the next tee. Was that rain?"

Sylph to an older larger Sylph: "I'm outta here! I can feel the electric charge rising to the treetops. Can you watch this idiot."

Older Sylph: "Yes I can. You had better clear this area. There is a concentration of electric charge near the tree in the middle of the fairway."

Golfer: "I think I'll be safe under this tree....what is that buzzing?"

Older Sylph sees that he has less than five seconds to cover a quarter mile distance. He accelerates and at the same time constricts his air-gel body into a six foot sphere. He hits the golfer about half a second before lightning hits the tree. The golfer is thrown backwards about twenty feet from the tree by the impact of the older Sylph and is out cold, unconscious.

People in the clubhouse hearing the thunder turn to see the tree split and catch fire. A grounds-keeper runs through the rain and finds the golfer unconscious but breathing. The golfer awakens soaked by rain.

Grounds-keeper to golfer: "You lucky cuss, you should be dead, but I don't see a mark on you. I guess the tree took all of the charge. Next time run to the clubhouse!"

Young Sylph to older Sylph: "Are you alright? You look weak."

Older Sylph: "I took a lot of radio-pulse, it will take an hour to shake off. Golf must have been invented by one of the British Crows. Insane game!"

Young Sylph: "I was told that he was Scottish at the time."

This is an illustration of how Sylphs protect people from storms. Not just lightning, but hurricanes, tornados, and floods. Trevor James Constable photographed swarms of Sylphs near thunderstorms. These storm chasers are the life-guards who warn people and animals to take cover. Animals immediately respond to the warnings. People often do not.

Radio-pulse is a wide spectrum of radio waves generated by a high voltage discharge. Radio-pulse is a danger to Sylphs and people too. They have learned to make their air-gels into Faraday Cages, blocking electromagnetic waves and electric charges. That Faraday Cage enveloped the golfer and protected him. The older Sylph took a big jolt as the lightning and the radio-pulse passed through his body. The younger Sylph would not have been strong enough to take such an event so he moved away from the area.
Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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