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The Hiram Key

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Sept. 18, 2002

Dear Ken Adachi,

This is an email that I sent to a friend in California.
 Joan bought a used book at a local garage sale last week (June 9 2002). The book, "The Hiram Key" by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas was published 1996 in England by Arrow.  The book has a Canadian price on it BUT NO USA PRICE. That means it was not published in the USA. Checking I found it there with a ten day delay on shipping, meaning that it was being shipped from outside the USA. The book cover was the same as Arrow's. There were no commentaries added to the webpage.
The book goes into Masonic rituals and initiations. The authors are both Freemasons who went through the rituals and initiations, but did not have a clue as to what they all meant. They suspected that few Masons knew the origins of their social club. They both had access to the Masonic libraries of England, Scotland and Wales plus many rare books which would be available only in England.

They made discovery after discovery over the decade they researched. They found the man, Hiram Abif, around which all the traditions were focused. They actually found his body in Egypt with the wounds still visible. These are the three wounds which are reenacted in dark rooms in Masonic Halls.

The two authors then followed the story of Hiram Abif through 3700 years and proved that the Templar Knights of France (1120 AD) rediscovered the story of Hiram Abif in a vaulted chamber beneath the place where the Temple of Solomon had stood. The Copper Scroll of Quram, one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, lists 12 parchments in that chamber, written by James, the brother of Jesus. There was also gold and silver listed as hidden in various nooks around the vaulted chamber. The Templars realized that the Roman Catholic Church in the first centuries had totally changed the teachings of Jesus, so they hid the scrolls and swore their knights to secrecy.

With the destruction of the Templar Knights in 1307, the Knights went underground in Scotland. The Chapel at Roslyn in Edinburgh is believed by the authors to be the place where the 12 scrolls are hidden as that building is a replica of the Temple of Solomon including the vaulted, Roman era chamber.

It is likely that translations of the 12 scrolls are in hidden libraries in England, America and other places in the world. It is likely that Sir Francis Bacon, George Washington and others read the scrolls. It is also extremely likely that the Roman Catholic Church has found and destroyed some of those translations, so that what remains outside Roslyn is very well hidden. Possibly the scrolls were stolen out of Roslyn in the late 1800s when a baptistry was added to the west wall.

The authors, reading between the lines, of their rituals and related documents have a good idea as to the basic gist of the 12 scrolls, but not the details. The details would render the RC Church powerless, a lie created by liars. There are many organizations and governments that do not want the 12 scrolls rediscovered. The RC Church hid, delayed, and eventually minimized the importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls. They had a plan in place to do so, as they knew damaging documents existed. It is interesting that a publisher for "The Hiram Key"could not be found in the USA.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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