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The Speed of Light
By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
August 12, 2002

Dear Ken,

This is an email I sent to a friend regarding an article she sent. The article was in regards to the discovery that Australian astronomers had found the speed of light is different at great distances from the earth.

Dear Maggie,

The famous experiment of the 1890s which led to Einstein's theory in 1905 was where the speed of light was measured traveling at different times of the year. It was found that the speed of light was the same whatever direction the planet was moving in relationship to the motion of the earth and sun around the galaxy. Einstein made the assumption that this was a universal constant.
Another (and correct) interpretation is that earth and the sun were enveloped in the light's carrier medium  (ether) and the speed was the same in the vicinty of the earth because the ether was traveling at the same speed and direction as the earth. Most of the scientists of the time believed in the ether's existance.
As those in charge of worldly affairs did not want humanity to discover the ether and the existance of the astral realms they promoted Einstein's theory which denied the existance of the ether. The fourth dimension became TIME alone divorced from anything etheric. Current zero-point energy theories are bringing ether or the underlying structures back into the picture.
The progress of science has been slowed by Einstein's theory. In the same way Darwin's theory has slowed biological sciences. That was the intention of those ruling the world. Because the revelation that we can study and work with the ether would have revealed that our Emperor has no clothes.
The article you sent shows that light changes speeds between galactic and intergalactic space because the etheric densities are different.
Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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