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Where Is The Energy Coming From?

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Sept.30, 2002

    There is a problem in meteorology which has perplexed scientists for years. Totaling up all the available sources of energy that contribute to the formation of a thunderstorm or any storm system, there is more going out than coming in. In some theories, a thunderstorm should not have enough power to produce lightning. Another set of calculations shows that there is barely enough available power during the daylight hours to produce lightning. All lightning should stop at sunset. That must be wrong as I have seen prairie thunder-boomers last all night.
It easy to approximate the power of one thunderbolt. Multiply current times voltage. The power released during a  rain shower can be calculated. Often meteorologists describe the power released by hurricanes in terms of number of atomic bombs exploding per second. Assuming all the power driving a storm is coming from the sun, multiplying the watts per square meter for the extent of the front always comes up short; even including the environs abutting the storm, there is not enough energy.
Another problem which has not been solved is the ionization of water particles and dust particles which happens within the storm. Something acts like an electrical charge separator in the heart of a thunder storm. In one group of theories, warm humid up-drafts going all the way up to 40,000 feet are the generators of electric charge on water droplets suspended in the cloud. The mechanism behind the separation of positive and negative charged particles is unknown. Considering that the same up-draft is holding both the positive and negative charges, what places the negative charge on the outside of the cloud and the positive towards the middle? Also why is the lightning discharged to the ground when the same million volt difference from the inside of the cloud to the outside should cause the airborne droplets to rush together and cancel one another? The thunder cell should not exist.
Other current theories consider the wind travelling near the ground as a place where ionization first occurs and the up-drafts as the separating force. The problem here is that a positive charge exists in the cloud too.
About ten years ago, high speed video cameras detected, above thunderstorms, brief flashes of light traveling upward to the ionosphere. These flashes happen at the same moment lightning is discharged to ground. The flashes go up to 60 or 70 miles above the cloud tops in a tenth of a second. The energy is huge. The discoverers call the formations Sprites, Elfs and other fanciful names. Most theories postulate a trap door-like energy mechanism where the cloud to ground lightning bolt triggers a pre-existing dry air electrical discharge.
Some of the most powerful computers in the world are trying to predict weather patterns. All the models are based on insufficient understanding of the energies and mechanisms driving the weather. So the forecasters get the weather wrong...a lot: Garbage In....Garbage Out!
The solution to the conundrum of weather formation is: Sylphs.
Intra-dimensional, highly intelligent, ancient elementals control the weather.
Dimensional and intra-dimensional energy imputs must be added to the energy from sunlight to balance the equations. Etheric mechanism must be understood and combined with physical thermodynamics and physical chemistry. (See articles on Etheric Ice.)
The Earth's atmosphere is replete with living beings. Weather systems are living entities.
Humanity has unbalanced the natural order of things, Sylphs have tried to reestablish harmony. Sometimes the weather is destructive. In other times weather was not destructive, because Sylph's had learned how to stabilize climate even with interference from a multitude of outside influences.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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