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Who Makes Crop Circles?

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
July 15, 2002

Dear Ken,

I believe crop circles are created by planetary elementals of the air called "Sylphs". Sylphs may also be called "Wingmakers". In the Encyclopedia of the Occult by Manley P. Hall, the chief Sylph is named Shad and he is very ancient and powerful.

The Sylphs coordinate weather, climate, forest growth, forest fires, land animal migrations, bird migrations and the dissolution of static magnetics (Dor) in the atmosphere. They are INTRA-dimensional existing in both the third and fourth dimensional densities.

I heard about "Powers of the Air" as far back as 1970. I saw a female Sylph above West Vancouver in 1972. In 1984 I bought Trevor James Constable's book on infrared photography of Sylphs in which they have amoeba-like heat signatures on the specially prepared photographic plates. They are actually slender beings as the Greek term sylph means thin. Constable wrote that the USAF as far back as 1960 set up microwave defenses against Sylphs who they blamed for gremlins in aircraft and psychic disturbances against pilots. It is probable that the USAF was in violation of natural law and the Sylphs were trying to correct the Air Force's practises. Crop Circles are a continuation of the Sylph's desire to warn men to stop their environmental, psychic and spiritual crimes.

I have seen Sylphs guiding flocks of Canadian Geese south over Saskatchewan. I have seen them cause hundreds of pigeons to turn as one body. Biologists have long known that the signalling of a turn in the air from one side of the flock to the other side is faster than the bird's eyes and nervous system can respond. All the bird's are receiving the message to turn at the same time. The small piece of magnetite in the bird's brain is the way the Sylphs send the message to flock and turn. It is probable that Homing Pigeons are led home by Sylphs the same way.

Many times Sylphs have sought my attention through turning of street lights as I drive at night. They can generate a small spark, miniture lightning, on the photo-sensors thus causing the street light to move to daytime "off" mode. They jump from street light to street light anticipating my route of travel. They have also correctly anticipated which direction I would turn at intersections. Usually the Sylphs want me to go into a prayerful attitude to assist them in their work. Sometimes they warn me of problems in traffic ahead.

In Colorado, high speed low light video cameras show activity above thunderstorms during lightning strikes. Flashes move high into the stratosphere. The rapid movements of electricity and light are called Elfs and Sprites, appropriately they should be called Sylphs because the thunderstorms were generated by Sylphs, the ancient, wise, august and huge ones. Regular video cameras and 35mm cameras catch "Rods" corkscrewing quickly around people and through trees. Rods are baby Sylphs and other fauna of the intradimensional realm of the air.

They have been drawing designs in grainfields forever. Indians of North America have interacted with Sylphs in many ceremonies including rain-dances. After a rain-dance there is a circle in the prairie grasses where no feet have tread. These holy circles were marked with stones and called medicine wheels. Within hours rain would fall.

They crop circles of the last few years have become more complex as the Sylphs become more desirous that men stop their abominations. The crop circles are made using the same energy that goes into generating rain storms. The Sylphs are generating a love message to raise the consciousness of humanity, written on the only available tablets to which they have access. The graphics are highly intelligent loving cartouches.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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