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  Nov. 20 ~ Buffalo NY Business Owners at Meeting  Stand Up to Sheriff Deputies and Health Dept.Worker over Face Masks, Chasing Them Off Property 

From Ken Adachi, Editor 
November 20, 2020

 Buffalo NY Business Owners Stand Up to Sheriff Deputies and Health Dept.Worker over Face Masks, Chasing Them Off Property (Nov. 20, 2020)

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It was wonderful to view this video today of gym owner Robby Dinero and about 100 Buffalo area business owners who were having a private meeting at Dinero's Orchard Park gym, Athlete’s Unleashed on the evening of November 20, 2020 to discuss what they can do to continue earning a living while under the jackboot of JWO Globalist/psychopath Commissar Andrew Cuomo, of the Communist state of New York. While conducting their meeting, uninvited Erie County Sheriff deputies and an Erie County Health Department worker enter the premises (based on an 'anonymous' complaint the Health Dept. worker admitted) and start throwing around their weight citing the 'rules' established by Commissar Cuomo, Erie County Executive, Mark Polencarz, and Health Department Director, Dr Gail Burstein in order to 'help protect' the health of the people attending the meeting. The first words spoken to the Sheriff deputies and the Health Department worker were :"You're on private property, you need to Leave." 

It only went uphill from there. 

The overweight senior Sheriff deputy in charge (who should probably come back to Dinero's gym during the day and use some of his overtime money to sign up and work off that bulging gut)  seemed to quickly lose confidence as Dinero and the other business owners quickly made it clear that they're having none of their illegal trespass into their meeting. The Health Department worker put her foot even deeper into her mouth when, under questioning, she had to admit that she didn't know who called in the complaint "I guess it was anonymous" she said.

With his thumbs in his pockets, the senior deputy sheriff must have thought it was going to take awhile to get the owners to 'comply', but as tempers quickly grew, the owners stated to chant in unison: "Get Out!"...."Get Out!".... "Get Out!'....  in a rising chorus that soon had the desired effect and - with tails between their legs - they start heading for the door. When the deputies and Health Department worker got outside, the owners told them to 'keep on walking' to the road and OFF the property/ ending with a final send-off message to: "Take your commie sh** elsewhere!"

It's important to note that while these business owners are losing their means of earning a living for no legitimate or intelligent reason whatsoever, the Health Department Commissioner who's doing such a bang up job of following Commissar Cuomo's Dictatorial Dictums , Dr Gail Burstein (photo right), is gaining more overtime money (thanks to 160 MILLION Covid Stimulus money received in April) than any other county employee to date, having earned $115,133 in overtime pay (on top of her annual salary of $207,292). So those creating the 'rules' seem to be fairing MUCH better than those upon whom the rules are being imposed



Orchard Park, NY – 100+ local business owners had enough. Erie County Sheriff’s Office escorted the Erie County Health Department into Athlete’s Unleashed, a local fitness center in an attempt to breakup a meeting.

Gym owner Robby Dinero, organized a meeting of local business owners to discuss how to survive the increased New York State lockdown restrictions. About 20 minutes into the meeting, the Health Department showed up demanding to shutdown the meeting.

Business owners weren’t having it and stood their ground. Business owners immediately rebuttled and notified them they had walked into the windowless, closed, and private business, without permission and ordered them to provide a warrant, or leave.

After about 3 minutes of heated discussion and refusing to leave, owners united and stood their ground. Then proceeded to tell them they were trespassing and to leave immediately to avoid legal action. Owners then began chanting “Get Out” and directed them to the door.

“We are struggling. Our livelihoods have been taken. Our income has been controlled. Our freedoms have been taken away and many of us are about to lose everything we’ve worked for and they want us to sit there and not stand up?” said one business owner who wanted to remain anonymous.

“How can they tell you to close your business, then argue that you can’t even meet to come up with ways to survive, and meanwhile there’s no help from the government and very few elected officials even standing up for businesses and it’s starting to be noticed.” He added.

Once outside, the officials were notified they were on private property and ordered to leave the entire premises.

New York State Governor Cuomo, recently named Erie County a micro-cluster orange zone, which forced gym owners, salons and high risk non-essential business to shut down and restaurants to cease indoor dining.

Libertarian Candidate Duane Whitmer, spoke to Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard immediately after, who stated he had no knowledge his deputies were showing up and had not instructed them to.

Howard recently told media, he had no plans to have his Sheriffs enforce Cuomo’s ban on gatherings.

The meeting was combined of business owners from all political parties, races and industries.

Dinero, is a former US Marine, who made news when he defied shutdown orders back in March.

Watch the full video here:



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