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Boston Bombing: "Craft International" (Military Contractors) Photographed at Bombing Location Before Attack

by Scott Creighton
April 17, 2013

Boston Bombing: "Craft International" (Private Military Contractors) Photographed at Bombing Location Before Attack (April 18, 2013)

Posted on April 17, 2013 by willyloman

UPDATE: Boston Bombing: Blaming “Middle Eastern Looking” Guys on Faulty Evidence (sound familiar?)

UPDATE: Goat pointed out that these guys were photographed just after the explosion, still very near ground zero, but still carrying their backpacks. That image, a larger version of the one included in the 4Chan comparison, is now added to the end of this article. The fact is, they are there, that close to the scene, wearing suspiciously heavy coats and matching military style boots and pants talking on headsets to somebody with gear from Craft International. They are contractors of some sort. Are they the back-up team? Are they counter terrorism expecting some kind of attack? Are they the FBI? Hard too say.—-

What does this mean? The images were uncovered first by 4Chan but I don’t know if they knew that the location where they were photographed was so close to ground zero.

It’s been revealed that at least two men, possibly a third man with them, were photographed at the bombing scene in Boston wearing matching military grade boots and khaki pants and carrying large black backpacks that match the description of the ones the bombs were in.

They were photographed just feet away from where one of the bombs was detonated before the attack.

I have noticed that one of them is wearing a hat from Craft International, a mercenary training company set up by former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and at least one of them is wearing an earpiece, the type the Secret Service use to communicate on site during operations.

It might be worth noting also that Chris Kyle was killed a few months ago in a rather suspicious shooting at a gun range. I wrote about his shooting in relation to the ongoing American Gladio operation. And now here we have a guy wearing a hat from his company so close to ground zero with a backpack that matches the description of the one that had a bomb in it?

[click on images for larger view]

First let me set up the time one of the photos was taken by showing you the full size version of it:

The three men standing together in the bottom corner of the image are the ones in question. It’s important to note, this location, as I will show next, is less than 50 feet away from the point of detonation of the first bomb. See the flags and the plywood wall? Use that as a reference in the next image which you will recognize from previous pictures. Also important to note: THESE MEN ARE NOT WATCHING THE RACE NOR ARE THEY GOING FROM ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER. THEY ARE WAITING FOR SOMETHING WHILE ONE IS CLEARLY LISTENING TO HIS EARPIECE.

before blast

As you can see in the photo below, the men were standing around, waiting, less than 50 feet from where the first bomb was detonated.


Below are the images of the two men found by 4Chan. What you see are two photos: one is a larger version of what is above, the other taken of these two men sometime during the day.  They are clearly wearing matching military grade pants and boots, dark jackets and both seem to be in communication with others. Both men appear to be of military  age or just old enough to have left the military and joined up with a merc firm. Both have military style haircuts.

boston 19

Not much has been mentioned of the third man standing between them. Would he be the person they were in contact with in the other photo and could he be a handler there to run interference for the ops? As you can see, the backpacks are clearly large enough to carry the explosive devices. The only question is when was the photo of them standing in the street taken. Makes a big difference.

I also noticed that the hat worn by the one guy is definitely from Craft International, the company set up by Chris Kyle. Here is a closer view of the hat:

craft logo on hat

Notice the red patch on the right side of the hat above the ear and the white lettering? Not just the skull with the word “Craft” written on it’s forehead…

That is definitely a Craft International hat he is wearing. Craft bills itself as a training company for security professionals but they probably contract as well. They have ties to the corporate and government worlds. I don’t know what became of them since their founder was killed in a very odd shooting which took place at a gun range in Texas a couple months ago. But it is odd that someone so close to the bomb site is seen carrying a back back exactly like the one the Feds are looking for and wearing a hat from his company.

You should go back and read my article on the subject. They had no motive for the shooting and the guy who supposedly killed him was still active reserve. Very odd indeed.

It’s also interesting that as soon as this information hit the web this morning from 4Chan, the MSM came out with a story that the culprits had been arrested, only to recant that story later.

Were these guys found and detained as a result of the 4Chan story (4Chan is the biggest online alternative investigation site on the planet… they are DEFINITELY being monitored) and then subsequently released due to their connections?

I don’t know what this means but if that photo of them in the street is taken before the attack, they should definitely be detained and questioned.

UPDATE: This large image shows these two guys still very near the area where the first bomb went off still with their backpacks.

boston 24

Are they security contractors? Were they the back-up plan for these guys?

boston 22

UPDATE 2: A reader suggests the hat is not from Craft International. I disagree.

craft hat proof



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