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Robert Ghostwolf: Native American Spiritual Spokesman Or Shyster?
February 21, 1999 From:

Note - The following data is in wide circulation on the net. We certainly, as is always our policy, invite Mr. "Ghostwolf" to submit a full and complete response or rebuttal to the allegations contained in the following story.


Robert Ghostwolf, AKA Robert Franzone, Robert Parry, Robert Wolf, Robert Wolfe

Con artist, criminal, fraud, abuser of women and children, fake Indian Updated Feb. 19, 1999

Ghostwolf's latest scam: fake Miami Circle < >

Long Island convicted con artist Franzone scams it up in Miami <

Robert Franzone History by Mike Two Horses <

"Thief, liar, abuser of women and children, con man" -- a real Indian speaks

Fax (702-727-8499) and < email Art Bell and ask him: Why is this con artist on your show instead of prison?

Wherein Robert Franzone morphs into bogus native American spokesman and apocalyptic pseudoscientistRobert Ghostwolf presented a ludicrous reinterpretation of history on the Art Bell show Dec. 11, 1997 to support his apocalyptic predictions of coming doom. Was there a pole shift when Jesus was born? Not in this dimension." < Project Stargate > contains information, which has never been released before to the public, and represents painstaking efforts that took years of personal sacrifice to their personal lives for the sake of truth and Spiritual enlightenment.... "The postion [position] of Polaris, the Noth [North] Star [in 5 B.C.], is 32 degrees off, indicating a polar shift. This shift will occur again within 10 years," he said.

A glance at an introductory astronomy text would have saved those years of sacrifice. The celestial position of Polaris in 5 B.C. was of course a result of precession of the Equinox (the extremely slow wobble of the Earth's axis of rotation of about 25,800 years, about 50 seconds of arc per year), not a "pole shift." The "NASA program" he says he used to display these star maps would in fact have used this precession to generate the very image he was misinterpreting.

Ghostwolf continues: "Looking at Star Globe Map 1 towards the East, in the city of Bethlehem at 51.2 degrees off the horizon, in the year 5 BC behold. We witness a double star as Regulus aligns with Venus descending in the heavens. Thus it would have appeared as a singular and very large and conspicuous illuminated star in the heavensThe Star of Bethlehem." Regulus would make Venus "five to ten times brighter," he stated on the show.

This is of course absurd. Venus is a magnitude 4 object while Regulus is approximately magnitude 1, so Venus is perceived as approximately 7.5 times as bright as Regulus. The increase was therefore approximately 1.3 times -- almost imperceptible. (See < and lect28.htm for information on the mathematics of celestial object magnitudes.)

A more rational explanation of the Magi story: in 6 B.C., the "Jupiter-Saturn conjunction would have been seen rising in the East very late at night, about four hours before Sunrise. This might have been when the Magi first saw the Sign of Christ's birth 'while they were still in the East,'" according to Terry Alden in < THE MILL OF TIME: Celestial Cycles And Ancient Mythological Science. Other possibilities include a series of conjunctions of Jupiter with Venus in 3-2 B.C. and an eclipse of Jupiter by the Moon in 6 B.C., Alden says.

Ghostwolf gives the impression that he discovered the error in the birthdate of Jesus. According to Alden: "The person credited with having devised the current system of reckoning dates from the birth of Christ is an abbot named Dionysius Exiguus who lived more than 500 years later. From this distance in time he was not able to calculate the date of the Great Conjunction to better than the known 6-year error, assuming he used astronomical records. He is also said to have not included a Zero Year between 1 B.C. and 1 A.D., compounding the error. Our time-reckoning system insists that there is an entire year called Zero rather than merely a Zero Moment."

Good news: Second coming date revealed. Bad news: pole shift.

But Ghostwolf next took an even more torturous blind leap of illogic on the show, stating that the North pole will shift 32 degrees based on "the electromagnetic frequency that wobbles" (whatever that means) and tied to the second coming of Christ in the next ten years.

Ghostwolf Does His Sweat Lodge Act

You have to buy his book to find out when, but here's a guess: "The next alignment of the North Star Pointer descending passage in the Great Pyramid will be with the North Star, Polaris, in about 2004 A.D.," according to Tim G. Hunkler in <


'The Slickening'

Ghostwolf tied the alleged pole shift to Braden's equally absurd prediction that the Schumann resonance will rise to 13 Hz.: "Know that the end will come in five full cycles for five is the difference between the Earth's number 8 (frequency) and that of the Dawn Star 13, which is the number of these children of destruction."

Let's sort out the misinformation (disinformation?) here:

Ghostwolf is confusing physical and magnetic pole shifts. Braden and < Cagle are talking about magnetic pole shift, not physical. (They're wrong too, but that's another story.)

Braden's undocumented speculation (in his < Awakening To Zero Point book and on the Art Bell show) that the Schumann resonance is rising and is now around 9 Hz is total nonsense. Current UC Berkeley Seismographic Station electromagnetic field < measurements show that the < earth-ionosphere cavity resonance (Schumann resonance) is still in the range of roughly 7.5 to 8.1 Hz (as you can see from the data, the frequency varies throughout the day, with an average around 7.8 Hz). This has not varied since the first measurements by Schumann in the early 50s.

The Light Ship Is Coming To Get You!

"We're now in the final days! The Purifier is here!" Ghostwolf pushed the limits of gullibility even further on the Art Bell Show Dec. 29, 1998. His latest < 2 Web page shows an alleged (and unspecified) < image that he claims shows a "light ship."

SOHO image of the Sun with Ghostwolf's "enhanced" closeup

Ghostwolf describes this obvious imaging artifact (more obvious in the Naval Research Lab's LASCO/SOHO Nov. 25 < movie) as the "Purifier" and then switches it to the "solar brothers" who have "come to help us" and later to "the watchers"--his story shifts in real time as he talks--to punish us for our "corrupt consciousness" as we "merge into the Fifth World."

This is followed by a long rambling, even-more-irrational rant on why They are here, ranging from HAARP waves altering the weather and disrupting the consciousness of the planet to < Hoagland's bizarre radar ring theory, the Philadelphia Experiment causing time shift and parallel dimensions, fungus contamination of all food on the planet, and globs that fall out of the sky. "Lots of people are going to perish from manipulated diseases and the weather."

"This is very big," he warned. "These are organic ships capable of moving through dimensions and time." (I'm not making this nonsense up. < Listen to the show.)

The seventh thunder (seventh seal) is here, he continued ominously, and in 1999, we'll see shifting volcanos, earthquakes, "contraction on the Sun," shifting techtonic plates, and "complete collapse of consciousness," whatever any of that means.

The answer: "Get a BayGen radio" (one of Art Bell's advertisers) and "subscribe to the Wolf Report" (only $59.95 a year).

Where's my barf bag?

Other Ghostwolf Reality Checks

Ghostwolf claims to be part native American and to represent the elders. If that's true (and these claims are widely disputed by native Americans), he's making native Americans look ridiculous with these grossly ignorant statements and owes them a public apology. < The Ghostdance < You Might Be a Twinkie If ...Also see alt.native newsgroup

Native American Spiritual Spokesman Or New Age Con Artist?

There have been allegations on the Net that Ghostwolf's real name is Robert Frances Franzone (AKA Robert Parry, Bobby Wolfe, and Robert Wolfe), that he has no native American ancestry, has been accused of fraudulent practices in Nevada and California and has been in prison in California. I'm currently investigating these allegations. If you have any information on this person, kindly < email it to me. And let me know if I may quote you. Wes Thomas <

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