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The Truth about 'Information' and Its Stranglehold upon Humanity

By Don Nicoloff
August 2, 2011

The Truth about 'Information' and Its Stranglehold upon Humanity by Don Nicoloff (Aug. 14, 2011)                  

What you are about to read will require you to employ whatever skills of observation you may already possess. Observation involves looking at something, without judgment, and merely recognizing what one sees. Judgment involves a complex process of decisions and conclusions, many of which are based upon thoughts, feelings, opinions, beliefs, perceptions, misperceptions, and in some cases, a willing disregard for truth. Judgment always results in two inevitable conclusions: guilt and punishment.

You can observe a bird sitting on the branch of a tree without judging its right to do so. Likewise, that bird could care less what you think about his sitting there. He is merely being a bird, and his sitting on the branch is neither "good," nor"bad." It just is. Such is the nature of observation.

Some might argue, due to the learned habit of judging, that more 'information' would be needed to determine whether the bird was "good" or "bad." Again, I remind you that your powers of observation are paramount here, not your thoughts, feelings, or fears about what I—or others—say. As you observe, the truth will appear of its own accord.

As I contemplate solutions to humanity's problems, I am reminded of the true nature of a human being. I am also reminded of the meaning of words and how they are used to control every aspect of our existence. Words are simply expressions of another's intentions, though they often do not accurately represent the truth about those intentions.

In today's "Information Age," words are created, interpreted, and employed as a means of 'informing' the masses but seldom reveal truth. Words are control mechanisms and have little to do with the nature of pure consciousness. They are substitutes for what we, as human beings, intrinsically know. This intrinsic knowledge resides within the true nature of who we are and is immutable—within the human Spirit.

What is a 'human being'? In its deepest sense, a human—being; a biological, bipedal mammal experiencing itself in a complete state of awareness or conscious creation. Consciousness exists in all physical realities, though it is both independent and interdependent of every available multidimensional experience.

However, this definition is hardly understood by the average human being, due to the misperception that we are nothing more than sentient, biological entities in mutual competition for a simple purpose—our own survival.

A bird knows it is a bird, so It does not attempt to be a rock. Likewise, the rock will not attempt to relocate itself to the bird's perch in order to steal its food or eat its young. Occasionally, the rock will offer itself as a perch for the bird, even as a tool for honing its beak and claws. In other instances, the rock may fall upon or strike the bird, either inflicting injury upon it or ending its fragile life. Are we to then judge the rock for having been dislodged from its resting place upon a cliff—or for having been thrown at the bird by a 'conscious' human being? The Laws of Nature govern such processes which best thrive when absent of outside interference. What is the ultimate source of such consciousness?

Our existence, we are taught, is due to an evolutionary process which has no basis in physical, mental, or spiritual reality, yet we readily accept such nonsense as 'information' which will inevitably cause us to become successful survivors. We are propelled to compete with our physical appearance, in our ability to obtain, collect, and keep material objects, and to be recognized by others for having done so. How we actually achieve these goals is taught in our 'educational' system, though we learn little or nothing about who we are, nor the true purpose for our
being here.

'Information' serves as an artificial replacement for truth. Its source is outside of us, and therefore, by definition, is formed as a result of an external process imposed upon one's inner perceptions, i.e. in-formation. The purpose of 'information' is intended to compete with and replace what we already know (from birth). It is noise. It is interference, and it is nonsense.

We are told that 'information' leads one to a higher awareness or consciousness, but is that really true? If it was true, then humanity could easily solve the world's problems. Therefore, we can only conclude that 'information' will not—and cannot—provide us with the solutions we seek. The answers to our problems will be found within our immutable, intrinsic nature—just like the bird and the rock. The solutions we seek are directly proportional to our level of consciousness—our awareness of what we intrinsically know.

Where do true awareness or consciousness reside in a human being? Are they to be found inside one's head? Are they dependent upon the meaning of words, or might they exist elsewhere—free from the constraints of another's intention?

In metaphysics, we learn that consciousness resides within one's heart, where it is independent of thought. Thought leads to judgment and is a function of the mind. The mind processes 'information' and decides, based upon its own judgment, whether or not it will accept its own perceptions (beliefs) as reality. It is the mind which has been trained (programmed with words, sounds, and symbols) to receive and transmit information. The mind would serve no such function if it was the true seat of consciousness. The mind would not be required to judge that of which it is already aware. It would merely perceive truth and allow the human being to be that which it knows it already is.

If the mind was really the seat of human consciousness, then why would it require judgment in order to perceive truth? Pure truth would logically present itself to us and would never demand judgment as a prerequisite for its recognition. We would simply observe and see, and we would know. There would be no reason for us to search for something we already see, hear, and feel. So the question now becomes, "Is what
we see, hear and feel real, or is it just an illusion?

That depends on what we are seeing, hearing, and feeling—and upon the source. Are we seeing, hearing, and feeling the immutable truths that reside within our hearts, or are we unconsciously (subconsciously) responding to the 'in-formation' process to which our minds have been subjected?

If you, the reader, are still in observational mode, you may have, by now, realized that 'information' only causes us to search for answers outside of ourselves. The incessant search for more 'information' keeps us focused on the previous illusions and then, on the compounded illusions that follow. Meanwhile, we ignore the heart-centered, internal wisdom we possess—which contains the answers to the questions we ask and the solutions to our problems—in favor of more indoctrination, propaganda, and mind control.

Ask yourself the following question: "If the receipt and transfer of 'information' is so vital to solving the world's problems, why is the world still falling apart at the seams?" It is by design, and the dissemination of 'information' (and disinformation) is its modus operandi.

We have more 'information' being transmitted and received across the planet than ever before in history, yet we still have not learned one iota of Universal Truth as a result. Through the simple process of observation, we can see that those who created 'information technology' are the ones imparting the 'information', along with a host of ever-increasing controls, scams, and permissive crimes . What purpose do their 'information' technologies and networks serve, aside from controlling the minds of billions of people? They offer no higher truths, no solutions to our problems, and they certainly do not increase your probability of survival. 'Information' was never designed to lead us to the truth. It was designed to lead us away from the truth. The proof is coined in the term, "artificial intelligence," which accurately describes the source—and the delivery system—of their 'information'.

The answers and resultant solutions we seek are already inside us. We possess them—in their original, pristine state, and the realization of that  to us (information) as our "reality."

[A case in point: The U.S. Congress is currently contemplating raising the "debt ceiling" of the U.S. government. Through the mainstream media, congressional mouthpieces, and Internet trolls, we are told that a "bi-partisan deal" (who gets what?) is in the works. Otherwise, the federal government will not have the money to operate, and by default, will not be able to pay its bills. Who actually pays the bills, anyway?

The average, brain-dead American will say, "Oh, we can't have that. They have to raise the debt ceiling." Does no one see the dysfunctional explanation of the basic premise offered by government officials? You cannot pay off debt with more debt. One cannot erase a loss by creating additional losses. It is the definition of insanity, if not simply another form of organized racketeering (RICO).

Rather than tell us the truth—that the American government declared bankruptcy in 1933, confiscated (and outlawed) the private gold holdings of Americans in 1934, and declared a nationwide "Emergency Rule" (which is still in existence) in 1935—they say that we must deepen the nation's indebtedness (to foreign banks) to the tune of trillions of (non-existent) U.S. dollars, calling it "raising the debt ceiling."

The 'information' we are provided avoids the pertinent issues at hand, including the fact that the Federal Reserve is a conglomeration of privately-owned foreign banks and is not a "federal" agency. In fact, the Federal Reserve usurps the constitutional purpose of the U.S. Treasury, another institution usurped by foreign bankers who have replaced our previous metals-backed financial system with a fiat one, including usury credit.

Simultaneously, we are told that "Congress is working on a balanced budget and correcting the nation's 'trade imbalance"—two more lies of gross proportion. How much more 'information' is required to recognize that none of the pablum coming from government shills or the mainstream media is true and offers no real solutions to our problems?]

Self-reflection (examining your inner self and your relationship to the Creator) is the pathway and the process to discovering the real knowledge you seek. You have always had this knowledge in your possession, though, by slight-of-hand trickery and various other deceptions, including sensory deprivation, you've been coerced to look outside yourself, where the answers to your questions and the solutions to your problems do not exist.

In accepting the 'information' offered by those whose sole desire is to completely control humanity, you are contributing to the illusion of the false self, otherwise known as the "ego." The ego will fight to maintain its identity and superiority over the real self by seeking more 'information'. The ego knows that the 'information' is not true, but it will never admit that, least of all to its host. To do so would inevitably bring about its own demise. Instead, the ego-self begs for more 'information' because it, too, thrives on the very illusions from which it was created.

The truth you seek from others is already waiting to be found within, if you would only look for it. Observe it, but do not judge it. You will soon recognize that it was always there and that you simply failed to see it for what it is. The knowledge you seek resides within that truth, and so you can then liberate yourself from the obsessive need to look elsewhere, especially outside yourself.

The knowledge you will have gained from recognizing your true nature—consciousness—will empower you to create solutions for many problems, including your own. Until you decide to embark upon the path of self-discovery, you will depend on others to provide you with illusions that can only perpetuate a false reality.

Who would you trust, beyond the Creator, to teach you about the purpose of life? In fact, He has already given you the answers you seek. You only have to look for them. They were always there—inside your heart.

Don Nicoloff

Copyright 2011  All Rights Reserved.

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