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The Great Poisoning of America Begins, October 2009

From Ken Adachi, Editor
October 5, 2009

The Great Poisoning of America Begins, October 2009 (Oct. 5, 2009)

Yesterday, while working outside, I had my small portable radio tuned to ABC, 790 AM. I heard Tim Conway, Junior, son of comedian Tim Conway, blather on endlessly about how dangerous and deadly the Swine Flu "outbreak" was and how very IMPORTANT it was to "protect" yourself and your family from being stricken dead by this killer flu and to get your Swine flu shot as soon as possible. While it was "necessary" to vaccinate health care workers, pregnant women, and school children FIRST, "there should be enough" vaccine available to cover everybody, so "just be patient" if you can't get your vaccination right away. "I care most about my family", he said, and "want them" vaccinated first, but 'I care about you too, the listener, and want you around as well".

So, do as Tim Conway Jr does and get yourself inoculated with a lethal cocktail of toxins and patented bio-weaponized germs with immune system-crippling adjuvant, so you can "protect" yourself.

Thank you Tim Conway, Jr., you lying, brain-washed, worthless son-of -a -bitch.

Earlier in the day, I also heard the greatest outlet of Tavistock propaganda on radio, NPR (National Public Radio), tell me that the first million (or two million or four million?) doses of Swine Flu vaccine have "just" arrived in Los Angeles in the "nick" of time for the beginning of the school year, so there will be adequate Swine flu vaccine available "for all of Los Angeles' school children."

Isn't that wonderful? Good News always seem to come in bucket loads on Sundays for some reason!

Are media whores, propagandizing on behalf of pharmaceutical companies and their whores in government, any less guilty of crippling and killing innocent people than the vaccine manufacturers themselves? Are they any less guilty than the Fort Detrick research team under Dr Jeffrey Taubenberger who went up to Alaska to retrieve DNA samples in 1997 in order to use it to map and REPLICATE the 1918 Spanish Flu virus, and THEN develop it into an even DEADLIER strain that eventually becomes part of the Swine flu vaccine cocktail?

I don't think so.

Every player and every cog in the Swine Flu Hysteria Propaganda Machine, are as guilty as the Illuminated Club of Rome planners who were behind this covert population reduction agenda. Having failed, apparently, to poison us sufficiently with chemtrails for the past 11 years, they now turn to direct poisoning via inoculations. The Satanic underpinning of this Death ritual is clear when you recognize that they FIRST want to poison those human groups most responsible for carrying on and continuing life itself: pregnant women, little children, and healthcare workers!

Former Marine Drew Malone Raines, great grandnephew of Major General Smedley Butler, discovered in July of this year that a Navy ship headed out of San Diego in late April of 2009 for Phukette, Thailand, had an emergency crisis at sea and had to return to port. All 347 members of the ship's crew were inoculated with the Swine flu vaccine three days before departing on April 21, 2009. By May 1, 2009 (about two weeks), 341 crew members came down with flu symptoms and approximately 260 of them had what was described as "very serious" flu symptoms. Two people died. About 50 medical personnel from another Navy ship, were brought on board to attend to the medical emergency and the ship was returned to port where it was quarantined. The wife of one of those seamen who had gotten very ill and nearly died, had reported the story to a group of Navy wives who were regular listeners to Drew Raines, A Marine's Disquisition, internet radio show, and they, in turn, reported the story to Drew Raines. Subsequently, the wives of every seaman on that ship were visited by Navy Intelligence and other Navy brass and told to keep their mouths shut and say nothing of the episode to anyone as the incident was now classified and subject to "national security" classification.

After broadcasting a radio show on September 26, 2009 discussing the April-May events aboard that ship, Drew Raines and guest Bob Chapman discovered that an internet disinformation campaign was launched to label the entire story of the ship's crew coming down with Swine Flu as a "hoax." Naturally, this infuriated Drew, as he was given in depth details of what had transpired on the ship by the wives of some of the men involved and who had nearly died due to the Swine Flu vaccination. In more than one instance, seamen were placed in ice baths or placed inside the ship's walk-in freezer in order to bring down fevers which were running as high as 106 degrees.

I read a very capable article by Jim Kirwan a few days ago addressing this latest "hoax" disinformation effort, and how it paralleled so closely with the disinformation effort in the wake of the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty [ mis-identified by me as the USS Cole in the first posting of this article], branding the entire account ~ a "hoax." Who else but the military could be behind these disinformation campaigns?

I can only HOPE that enough parents are aware of the tremendous dangers which the BIO-ENGINEERED Swine flu vaccine presents to the health and longevity of their children, that they either obtain vaccination exemptions (available in every state) or pull their kids out of public school altogether and home school them. .

I can only HOPE that "health care workers" care more about the sanctity of their blood (and of their lives) than to sacrifice both in the interest of collecting a paycheck.

I can only HOPE that there are enough people in this country who still have a brain in their head and will GET INVOLVED in protesting and CONDEMING those who are promoting the Swine Flu hoax and worst of all, urging people to take the Swine flu vaccine.

The Great Poisoning of America has begun. It will probably continue through November and maybe into December. MILLIONS of people will suffer IRREVERSIBLE damage as a result of being vaccinated with the Swine Flu vaccine and MANY THOUSANDS WILL DIE, some immediately, and some more slowly.

How bad it will get depends entirely on how many people take the deadly vaccine. I can only HOPE enough people will wake up in time.

Ken Adachi


(Note to readers: I stand corrected on confusing the name of the USS Cole for the USS Liberty in the original posting of the above article and my gratitude to all who have written and pointed out the error...Ken Adachi)

Subject: The Great Poisoning of America Begins - correction
Date: Tue, October 6, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

1967 Israeli attack on the USS Cole, should read USS Liberty.

Excellent site. You have opened up so many vistas for further research.

Thank you Ken


Subject: Great Poisoning of America Begins
From: Fredrick
Date: Tue, October 6, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Mr. Adachi,

I read your article, and agree completely with the FACT that we, the sheeple, are being poisoned by the forced application of the swine flu vaccine in order to "cull the herd"... However, your credibility as a whistle-blower of secret, devious plans the government has in store for us was destroyed in an instant when I got to the part you wrote about Jim Kirwan's article. In 1967, the Israelis attacked the Liberty, not the Cole.

Such a monumental error is unforgivable in my eyes, and destroys your reputation as a credible presenter of facts.


Fredrick (Former U.S. Marine)
Rossville, GA


Subject: The great poisoning
From: David
Date: Tue, October 6, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

You've done it again,you've written a concise article that exposes the sinister intentions of our rogue government. This whole swine flu issue stinks to high heaven.

Initially I thought that it was just a red herring to create a martial law grid for the upcoming economic switchover to a global currency/banking shutdown,but now I'm not sure at all.



Subject: poisoning of America
From: Grin & Bear It
Date: Tue, October 6, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Vaccine becomes a virus in itself as shedding occurs. This has happened in the past with other vaccines. The person receiving the vaccine can give the virus to one not even vaccinated. This pretty much insures everyone will be affected. Basically what we will be seeing is those that receive the vaccine will be as compromised as those that do not; the end result is the same.

I am a retired nurse and this happened in the late forties and early fifties with the polio vaccine.


Subject: Was the Great Poisoning intentional?
From: Cad
Date: Tue, October 6, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

What if the sailors were supposed to catch the flu with the hope the symptoms would not manifest until after they had shore leave when they docked at Phukette, Thailand? What if the hope was the sailors - as all sailors do - would have hit the red light districts and discos and acted more as an agent to start a large cluster of flu in Thailand, thus improving the bottom line for vancine sales while enhancing the national security apparatus and profit centers being built up around the swine story?

Cad A

[Reply from Ken Adachi-Actually, you've hit a nerve here. I intend to expand the Navy ship story in far greater depth in the next day or two. You will come to discover that you have hit a bullseye with your comment. Bravo, ...Ken]


Subject: re 'Great Poisoning Oct 2009'
From: Illumnating 9-11
Date: Tue, October 6, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

"lying, brain-washed, worthless son-of -a -bitch"

I find myself saying that everytime I turn on the tv.

Thanks for more info ammo to convince brainwaSHED friends and relatives about this deadly scam.





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