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Compact Fluorescent Lights: Deadly Mercury & Deleterious Vibrational Effects

[David Icke may be the author of this article]
January 29, 2011

Compact Fluorescent Lights: Deadly Mercury & Deleterious Vibrational Effects (Jan. 29,. 2011)

Forward courtesy of Anita Sands Hernandez <>


How the BIG LIE is being used to target human health and well being. Given the fantastic scale of florescent mercury bulbs needing to be disposed of, we are going to see --are seeing -- serious mercury contamination in garbage and landfill sites. Yes, they shouldn't be disposed of like this, but that is what vast numbers of people will do rather than take them to hazardous waste centres.

The Control System knows that. Already an estimated 80 million used fluorescent tubes are sent to landfill sites in the UK every year, according to the waste education organisation, WasteAware. This equates to four tonnes of lethal mercury and the figure for throughout Europe and North America must be mind-blowing.

This puts collectors of refuse at risk from any broken bulbs disposed of in household waste, and also other neighbours in communal situations, and those dumped in landfills on the scale that is coming have the clear potential to pollute ground water supplies, rivers and fish with cumulative and deadly mercury contamination.

Once again, this is by design. The plan is to mass poison humans from endless sources as part of the global cull of the population and also to suppress us mentally through chemical influence. But there is another vital aspect to the imposition of fluorescent lighting: its vibrational effect.

The base state of everything in this reality is vibration or waveform. The chemical, electrical, digital and holographic levels are but expressions of the waveform information construct. So disrupt that and you disrupt everything else down the line. This is what these bulbs are designed to do: create a distorted vibrational environment in every home and workplace where these lights shine and that's a key reason why so many people experience health problems after buying them to 'reduce my carbon footprint'



Subject: “Compact Fluorescent Lights: Deadly Mercury & Deleterious Vibrational Effects”
From: Keith Howe
Date: Sun, January 30, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Regarding your recent post, “Compact Fluorescent Lights: Deadly Mercury & Deleterious Vibrational Effects” I would like to add that when these mercury lightbulbs radiate light with the wavelength and frequency of the mercury within them, that energy excites the mercury in our bodies, increasing the energy levels, making it more reactive and toxic as well. This is similar to how the Rife generator can destroy crystalline structured viruses by bombarding them with their specific, resonant frequency. Even without mercury in the body, the energy emitted by the
mercury bulbs will have a negative and toxic effect on the body and nervous system. There is no sane reason to use mercury in light bulbs., it is toxic in every way, which of course, is why it is being pushed on us.

Keith Howe


Subject: Mercury lightbulbs
From: Felicity M (UK)
Date: Mon, January 31, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Firstly, Greetings from the UK!

I happened to check out today (31st Jan)and it had the fluorescent lightbulb article carried by your website. I had read the same on David Icke's site on 29th as at 13.33 - so I'm wondering/presuming that David is the original author? The lady who kindly sent you the info will, I'm sure be able to clarify this for you and I feel it is important to have clarification.

I guess in writing to you, you can only presume that someone sends their own "piece". So perhaps contributors need to confirm to you the source/original author of a piece before you publish it perhaps? It's important info that I knew anyway. However, with regard to the first comment that came through on the article about the mercury resonating with the mercury we already have INSIDE us i.e. from dental fillings, I wonder if that person can be asked for further information on this - very interesting!

I'm sure David would be interested to develop the story further.

Best wishes, Felicity


Hi Felicity,

Thanks for your note. I'm always interested in giving credit to the correct author. Please send the link from David Icke's site so I can check it out and fix my copy.

I already wrote and posted a number of articles about the problems with CFL bulbs on my web site in the past couple of years, but I'm always interested in reading what others have to say about it. I also plan to write a very long article about mercury in amalgam fillings in response to an e-mail I got from a dentist in Dec of 2010. That's an even bigger issue that needs to be addressed at length.

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Kind Regards, Ken

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