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Will Colossal 'Telecommunication' Towers Now Under Construction Present Mind Control Threat?

By Ken Adachi, Editor
December 12, 2010

Will Colossal 'Telecommunication' Towers Now Under Construction Present Mind Control Threat? (Dec. 12, 2010)

Subject: GWEN
From: Dino
Date: Wed, December 8, 2010
To: Ken Adachi


I was reading your info on the Ground Wave Emergency Network and I was surprised. The GWEN system that you speak of on the LF frequencies was terminated and dismantled in 1999 after Congress terminated funding when it was found to be of little use after the cold war after Milstar and other technologies came into use. I monitored GWEN for many years when it was operational and I can tell you that no signals have come from any GWEN site for at least ten years. They cannot send their encrypted signals out as they are all gone. It was a sad day for me when the LF transmitters when dark. Perhaps you got your information from an unreliable source. Just a thought. Have a great day.

Dino D (N0RJP)
Saint Louis Missouri


Hi Dino,

The article posted on my web site about GWEN towers was written by Val Valerian, with Forward by Dr. Byron Weeks, and not me. It was probably written about 1993 or 94 I'm guessing.

I'm not surprised that the GWEN technology has been supplanted by more sophisticated systems, but the threat of electronic mind control and physical coercion using radiated energy - which the GWEN system represented - did not go away, even if GWEN is no longer active.

In major cities around the world, there are HUGE (microwave) "telecommunication" broadcast towers being constructed, such as the Tokyo Sky Tree in Japan, the Chicago Spire, the Dublin Millennium Spire in Ireland, the Pentominium, the Burj Dubai tower, and a proposed Dubai City Tower in the UAE, the Russia Tower and the Federation Tower East & West in Moscow, The Guangzhou TV Tower and the Canton Tower in China, the Incheon Tower in South Korea, the Jakarta Tower in Indonesia, and the immense spire that will be atop the "Freedom Tower" in New York (replacing the World Trade Center tower which was brought down by government and Mossad demolition experts on Sep 11, 2001) which will have the capacity to exert electronic mind control and coercion upon millions of people within its influence. These newer towers will likely work in league with existing mega-towers like the CN Tower in Toronto.

I posted a series of e-mails from Micheal O'Doole reporting on the disturbing sensations and energy 'shocks' he experienced while visiting the Dublin Millennium Spire in June 2004 :

The dated threat of GWEN will be exceeded by a thousand fold from the nightmare that lies ahead from these behemoth microwave towers which are going to be fed by vast computers located underground. The radiated power capacity (wattage) from these towers will be unprecedented.

The many thousands of people around the world who are experiencing electronic torture and harassment are the Beta Test guinea pigs that are helping to fine tune the control mechanisms that will be used by these behemoth mega-towers to control people to any level desired.

The development of electronic mind control under the umbrella program known as the Montauk Project, made it possible to control people via microwaves if the victim could be "synced" with the computer's mind control programming.

The mind control computer uses your unique DNA frequency "signature" to lock you into its control loop. Once your DNA signature is known to the computer, its satellites can focus and lock onto you within one centimeter of wherever you are located on the planet. It can then direct any control signal desired by the computer operator into your nervous system. He can deliver sensations of pain or pleasure. He can give you nightmares and insert voices into your head. The laundry list of abuses that are possible are found in the many articles on the Mind Control page authored by victims of electronic harassment and torture.

This is why there is such a big push in recent years to collect a sample of your DNA at any and every opportunity. Today, people, who are merely arrested and held in custody, are now being forced to provide a saliva DNA sample. Whenever you have a blood or urine test, you have just given the government your DNA frequency. Your DNA frequency is then uploaded to a myriad network of government computers, right along with the bulging computer dossier on your personal life that exists in government databases for every single citizen in this country (and citizens in other countries as well).

When these towers are up and running, it will be possible to electronically "punish" anybody on the face of the earth by merely flipping a switch. Most of them are due for completion in 2011 or 2012, but some as late as 2016.

The dumb-downed masses who go along with the NWO takeover scheme, will not be subjected to these experiences. It will only be the free thinkers, the intellectuals, the writers, the non-conforming 'dissidents', the constitutionalists, and the entire gamut of liberty-minded "trouble makers" who will be on receiving end of these transmissions.

Construction of these towers MUST be halted, but that's not going to happen until enough people wake up to this looming threat. The slave state, Big Brother world envisioned in the book 1984 will pale by comparison with the REAL electronic mind control horror show that is just over the horizon.

Thanks for your input.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Will Colossal 'Telecommunication' Towers Now Under Construction Present Mind Control Threat?
From: Chad
Date: Mon, December 13, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

A lot of this specific technology uses your brain waves like a fingerprint. I don't know if you are aware, I'm sure having knowledge of the different electronic waves that can be viewed with oscilloscope. provides an adequate example, you have AC and DC currents which can be clearly distinguished with a oscilloscope. You also have a lot of other electrical circuits that can be clearly identified exactly like a fingerprint with the use of oscilloscope.

Much like the human mind can be identified with your unique brainwave, unfortunately this proven to be more costly than, it's worth. So governmental agencies have changed tactics they seek to alter your brain waves to conform to a universal pattern. Through the use of TV and the entertainment industry at large. This has already been achieved to a large degree. As is evident by the mass populace of people that still remain unaware of the world around them even given the overwhelming evidence and information. The spires and other technologies are set to take effect in 2012. It's basically a race against the clock.

Despite the government's efforts to dumb down the populace, more and more people are waking up to the world around them. Once again people are starting to figure out their more connected then they previously realized to the world around them. Unfortunately for the federal government this will make mind control almost impossible, they know this; that's why they're trying to beat humanity to the punch.

With more and more accurate knowledge, may your mind become free your spirit become awake. And the world in which you live become one of your own choosing.

Your friend, Chad

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