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The Next Voice You Hear
Part A

By Delamer Duverus
Sent by Jenny Miner <>
Jan. 29, 2004

Editorial reprints from The American Sunbeam
September 5, 1977 to November 21, 1977

I do not like reading serialized accounts because by the time I have read each succeeding episode I have either forgotten what I read in the last one, or decided that the subject matter was not important enough to file in my memory, and there are so many more important things I am obliged to remember, I cannot afford to clutter my mind with unimportant matters. For that reason, I do not write serialized articles ordinarily, but in this instance I will have to apologize for deviating from this habit because I believe that the subject matter deserves to be treated fully, and there is not space enough in what has been allotted to me each week in the Sunbeam.

In succeeding installments concerning this subject, I will endeavor to relate experiences of others whom I have talked with, all of whom were responsible, religious people of various persuasions, some other accounts I have read in responsible, non-radical publications, and I will also relate many of my own personal experiences, and others I know about in which voices were forced into my consciousness, in several instances mouthing foul language, and in others, making a concerted effort to control my mind, to force me to perform acts of violence against others, or against myself, all in direct contradiction to my basic nature.

I expect you to believe, or disbelieve nothing, but I would like to have you put the pieces together for yourself and see if you can discover some other reasonable answer to explain the phenomenon, other than electronics. If you can, your next obstacle will be to convince others that you know the answers, and then you will realize the meaning of, “Keep Thine Own Council, and Let No Man Take Thy Crown.”

Part I, The Wizard of Menlo Park
Just before his death in 1931, Thomas Alva Edison, “The Wizard of Menlo Park”, according to an article I read in Collier’s Weekly, was working on some sort of a device with which he believed he was in communication with the Spirit World. I may be mistaken concerning the publication in which the story was carried, but I know I am not mistaken concerning having read the story because, at the time I read about this device I was deeply involved in the subject of such communications, although I did not consider that it could be possible to use radio to communicate with anyone, or anything outside the physical world, and when I read of this, I was puzzled.

How is it possible to produce a voice without a resonating sound box and expect it to be received and understood without a physical audio receiver (and a memory bank) as the source of intelligence for understanding? Even more important, I reasoned; if the cortex in which our memories are stored are lost at the time of the loss of our bodies at death, how can we establish communication after we have slipped out of our mortal coil, and transmit messages to those we have left behind us in this vale of tears with no memory from which to draw upon?

The answer to my questions had to be simply that it is not possible to communicate with the non- physical realities into which we pass at the time of our death, unless we employ some type of scanning process with which to tap the memory banks of those with whom we would communicate in the physical reality, and this would transcend the use of either voice or language, since it consisted only of stimulating and rearranging mind patterns. With this process, it would not even be necessary to make use of a language, or even to utilize any spoken or written language common to both transmitter and receiver, because the transmission would be that of thought patterns, and memory impulses, which the receiver would have to translate into words, and/or voice patterns for understanding, and recording.

The voice you would hear then, when you received messages from the spirit world, would have to be either your own or taken from your memory bank to put the telepathic communication into words, and sounds for your own convenience in understanding, and recording. There was no reason why radio could not be used for this purpose, I concluded, because it was entirely possible to scan the memory banks of the living by radio waves, and it was also within the realm of possibility to transmit thought patterns, suggestive impulses, and stimulate the ego to translate, and interpret telepathic communications into memorized sounds, and words for recording, and understanding.

The voice you hear in your head, then, although it may not be your own, would have to be supplied by you from your memory bank, and what you thought you were hearing would not be sounds, but a matter of perception, and although quite real, nevertheless, only real to you, and only after you had created it out of your imagination.

I don’t doubt that the Wizard of Menlo Park could use radio waves to transmit messages with the current flow to over take those who had slipped out of this time to move unencumbered by a sensual, tyrannical, burdensome body, but I do not think it is possible for a free, non-physical spirit to establish a two-way communication against the current flow without a physical energy converter to transmit thought patterns by impulse back through the shades to this physical reality. The only spirits Thomas Edison could have been in communication with, had to be trapped in thick bony skulls as living creatures, in this physical reality who probably thought they were being in communication with the spirit world, or worse, hearing the Voice of God, or the Voice of Satan in their heads.

I tried, at that time, to find out more about this amazing device, but learned that it was a very closely guarded secret. Then Thomas Edison slipped from his physical coil and had no further need for such a device, being now united with the spirit world, and in a position to communicate with it in person. I then attempted to learn what had been done with his radio device after his death, and ran into a solid wall of silence. Many of those with whom I talked about the device remembered having read about it, just as I had, but I found no one who knew what had been done with it, and by whom, and that caused me a good deal of concern because I did not believe that any living creature would have any defense against it if it had fallen into the wrong hands, and used for ulterior motives. It would become a particularly insidious device if people did not know of its existence, and refused to believe that it was possible to control minds by the use of electronic devices transmitting on frequencies relative to human brain waves, and by the use of such a devilish device, transmit thought patterns, and impulsive reactions to force people to think as they were told, and follow behavioral patterns contrary to their natures, and at the same time believe they were thinking their own thoughts, and obeying their natural impulses.

Those who rebelled against the input of thought patterns, convinced that they were being used because of religious teachings and moral convictions, would be made to believe that they were hearing the Voice of God, or in some instances, be made to experience unreasoning fear, hatred, shame, guilt, lust greed, or unexplainable prejudice, and in that manner be forced into silence. Or they could be labeled as a radical, or mentally disturbed, thus justifying putting them in mental institutions, or causing them to be rejected, or forced into seclusion by their families, friends, and acquaintances. Oh, but this "could not possibly happen because we had our religious leaders, and our elected representatives to our governments to protect us from such an insidious attack on our minds", I was told by a number of people with whom I discussed the possibility.

But what if this device were used first on our religious leaders and our elected representatives in our government, and they were made to think as the were told, and obey the telepathic thought patterns, convinced that they were following their own moral convictions, and doing the right thing in behalf of the people who trusted them, or appointed them to represent them, I asked.

"Ridiculous! Be careful, someone will think you are becoming paranoid if you continue to dwell on these thought patterns", I was warned a number of times by others. After all, "you have to put your faith in your people, and trust your religious leaders, and elected representatives to lead you in the right paths", one of my volunteer counselors suggested.

But I grew up in the gutters of New York City, among human animals, and I learned to put my trust only in God, and love humanity in spite of their weaknesses, not because of them. I do not even trust myself for more than a minute at a time, and I have learned to believe nothing I hear, and only half of what I think I see, because even my eyes have deceived me at times, making me think I had seen things I could not have seen, and believe things that could not have happened. If I cannot trust my own sensory perceptions, how can I trust those of others of my species and live in a fool’s paradise?

Religious leaders and elected representatives in governments are only human, and being human, they can be trusted only to the extent of their intentions. I would feel much more secure if they remained with their people at all times, and did not gather together in groups apart from their people when they enacted laws, or arrived at decisions that would affect their people’s lives, and become binding on their nation, contrary to the best interests of their people if these leaders obeyed their impulses placed in their minds by electronically transmitted telepathic means, making them believe they were having their own thoughts, and arriving at their own decisions.

People do not become intentionally evil, but they can be made to believe that evil is good, and good is evil under hypnosis, and/or through mind control, and when every thought of their egos is to do evil, believing it to be good, then you know that they are being controlled by an alien force, and if anyone cannot see that this is the case throughout the world today, they should begin to question their own sensory perceptions, and ask if they too are being controlled by alien forces.

It was but a short time after the death of Thomas Edison that people began to report hearing voices in their heads, commanding them to do things against their better judgment, and it was at about this same time that the Freudian Psycho-analysts made their debut on the world stage, declaring publicly that; hearing voices in one’s head was a form of mental disturbance, or, although they declared soberly, insanity was a legal term, people who heard voices in their head were emotionally disturbed.

Part II, Other Voices
Before anyone writes in to protest, reminding me of documented instances in our history that would prove me to be in error, let me explain that this is exactly what the slimy parasites rely upon you to do to cover their clandestine operations. I am fully aware of those voices that spoke to the prophets and saints of the past, and I know that there are many instances in which people in need have heard voices of comfort, and guidance, and in some cases the voices have been heard by more than one person seeming to fill an area, and envelop those hearing the spoken words, while having no identifiable point of origin. In such instances, however; people involved in hearing the voices had asked, had sought, and knocked before they were answered, and the voices did not command them to do, or believe anything in direct contradiction to God’s Commandments.

In most instances, only the person asking for consolation and guidance heard the voices, and knew the meaning of the words being impressed upon them from a higher source of intelligence and wisdom, and the slime creatures are aware of this also, and hope that you are not able to distinguish the difference.

When I operated a short wave radio out of San Antonio, Texas a number of years ago, from time to time I would have a telephone conversation cut in on me while I was operating my set, and at one time while I was talking to a Tank Crew all the way across town, my transmission cut into a program being transmitted by Station WOAI. in San Antonio, and was heard throughout the entire countryside, creating quite a furor, and embarrassing the radio station, me, and the other Tank Operator involved in the affair. More recently, I have had Citizen Band transmission from truck drivers emanate from our electric organ, our television, our radio, and our record player periodically, and I have even heard of some amusing incidents involving a church service using a public address system, and having a truck driver’s voice suddenly cut into a religious service with comments of a humorous nature, disrupting the church services and causing everyone to laugh, without the truck driver even being aware of having had his voice broadcast over a church public address system.

I can understand these freak occurrences in electronics also, but I am not concerned with this phenomenon either, but we are getting closer to the truth. All we have to do is understand that the human brain is an electronically powered generator and transceiver, and realize that the Anti-Christ has only to change the wave length of their transmitters to coincide with the wave length of human intelligence, and then you will begin to understand how depraved, and degenerate our enemies really are, and realize how insidious their electronic transmitters are if their transmissions are used against our children, or adults having no defense against the obscene and blasphemous commands, or suggestions forced into their consciousness.

I know what I am writing about because I have been aware of it for many years, and have made a careful study of the evidence to support what I already knew to be true, but what is most puzzling to me at this point in time is; how can our elected representatives, religious leaders, and those appointed to instruct our children not be aware of the existence of such an abominable device, and allow it to influence their thoughts, their lives, and their loyalties to God, their people, and their nation?

How is it possible for a man like President Carter, a self-proclaimed born-again Christian, an ex military officer, and a nuclear scientist, to reach the highest position possible for a human being to attain on Earth, and not have become aware of the source of the information he receives continually, to know that it is not from God, the Christ Jesus, or even from his people?

Shouldn’t a man in his position keep an open mind, and learn that there are three types of Unidentified Flying Objects moving about in our skies furtively:

one which originates on this planet,

one of which is totally alien to life as it exists in our time on our planet,

and one, the only one we can trust, and believe, is not from our World, although it is from our planet?

The promises President Carter made in his message attached to the Voyager Space Probe concerning his intentions of establishing a one world government on Earth, is one of the biggest jokes of this millennium, but it does tend to suggest that he believes that he is being directed by, and is being given Divine instructions from somewhere out in Space.

I have long suspected that each of our presidents (and most of our elected leaders) have been controlled by alien minds since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I am even more convinced of it when I observe the behavior of a self-proclaimed born-again Christian and I do not hear any of our supposedly divinely ordained religious leaders stand up and speak out loudly against this man making concessions and promises to the Anti-Christ, and leading us into the captivity of the Asmodians. I have no choice but to believe that they too have been led into the captivity by alien voices and mind control electronic devices.

We were warned of these voices by Saint John, and told to ask such familiars the simple, but all important question when they attempted to communicate with us: “Who is Jesus, the Christ?”

Could any man, asking that question be deceived into believing he is performing a service to God, and to the Christ by leading his nation into the captivity of Asmodius, the Anti-God, with concessions, and traitorous promises to change our Christian way of life to make it easier for our atheist enemies to tolerate us, and consume us, our lands, our industries, and most important of all our children?

I believe that Abraham Lincoln, the greatest champion of the black race’s right to dignity, and freedom, had a deeper understanding of the black mind than any of our modern idiotic theoristical socio-biologists, and according to one of Abraham Lincoln’s own reported concessions, he admitted that the black race was in no way equal to the white race’s mentality, and although he admitted that they were incapable of contending with the white race on equal terms, he said that this was all the more reason for us to not exploit them, or permit them to be exploited as slaves by anyone.

Having lived among the black race, and coming to know them, and understanding how they think, being a total empath, I agree with President Lincoln’s observations completely; and although much of what the black race accepts as being normal, and natural to their survival would be considered to be immoral to our way of thinking, I do not believe that the black race can be said to be moral, or immoral according to our standards, because they do not think in terms of what is moral or immoral. They think only in terms of individual survival; so if it could be said that any human element is amoral, I would quickly agree that the black race is amoral, but this is all the more reason why we can never hope to be able to integrate their race with ours. Anyone who has eyes to see, and will observe the results of this attempt to integrate the two races in this, and other nations around the world, and still believe that it can be done, is deceiving themselves, and this is the most insidious type of treachery. There is a reason why the two races cannot be integrated, but it would require more space to explain here than I have allotted to me in the Sunbeam. However, I will say without fear of contradiction, that the superior intellects of the black race and the superior intellects of the white race have no desire or intention of integrating, or intermarrying one with the other.

It is only the gullible, uninformed members of the two races who believe they can integrate and exist as one race, and these are the unfortunate expendable elements of both races with which the Asmodians are not concerned.

Anyone who has not seen that in every case where a black person has been placed in a position of authority in our government, and in our industries, that office, and that industry has degenerated into an inefficient, incomprehensible condition of chaotic confusion to the point where it was unable to perform any useful function in our nation, had better look a bit closer, or ask themselves if their senses are being controlled, and directed.

(In next week’s installment of this serialized editorial all of which is already written, and filed for safety, I will relate those strange, and terrifying experiences of my own, and others about whom I had read, heard, or received in person involving transmitted voices, and projected visions undeniably electronically induced, and whether you accept my explanations of this increasingly commonplace phenomena, or choose to invent one of your own is your privilege, but I would suggest that you do make a distinction between the three potentials, and protect yourself at all times.
“Keep your own counsel, and let no man take thy crown.”)

Part III, Psyclops
Now, who else would fit the description of the “All Seeing Eye” of Annuit Coeptis, the symbolic pyramidal structure that is imprinted on the back of our dollar bills, but is not even listed or explained in our dictionaries?

Cyclops was supposed to have been one of a race of one-eyed giants living in Sicily, but in the Greek legends, Jason (The Healer) called him the Son of Poseidon, and when Jason and his Argonauts escaped from the captivity of Cyclops (after Jason blinded him), they did so by hiding in the flock of sheep belonging to the One- Eyed monster.

The Son of Poseidon, who was also known as Neptune by the Romans, must have had some basis in reality to have been known (and feared) by so many different cultures of ancient times. Although I am convinced that the legends concerning Poseidon n the past were allegorical references to a very real force on Earth, and the evidence of his (or its) being could very well explain those mysterious occurrences in the Bermuda Triangle or the Devil’s Triangle. The question that is in my mind: how do we distinguish the difference between the father and the son?

The beast that rises up out of the sea is unquestionably Poseidon, but is the United Nations the Hydra Beast, or are the self-appointed Illuminati the Hydra Beast? Which one is the creator, and which one the created?

“Who is like unto the Beast? Who can make war with him?”

We don’t have to make war with him. We have only to “Remember the Battle, and do no more,” and the battle is for Humanity, not for Earth. If the Beast cannot buy you, win you, or make you bow down and serve him through fear, he will be blinded by his own fury, and throw himself into chaos, the “Bottomless Pit”, as he has done many times in the past when Humanity challenged his authority over them.

Is it not about time that humanity began to understand the meaning of being human, and having the divine gift of Free Will? When will people realize that the battle between The Lord God and Satan is for humanity, and the fate of mankind depends entirely upon which of these two forces is victorious?

It should be quite apparent then, that which of these two forces wins depends entirely upon us; but what is even more important, whether or not we win will depend upon which course we choose to follow. If Man wins, we win also, but if Satan wins, we lose, and go into chaos with him, having no place in the Divine Kingdom of God.

In this battle, Humanity is not only the pawns, they are also the medium through which the war is being waged, because neither The Lord God, nor Satan, which we should identify as what they truly represent; The Lord of Light, and the Lord of Darkness; Being, and non Being, can do more than influence us in our decisions, and work through human individuals to inspire us in our decisions. The servants of God, and the servants of Satan must exist in human form, and it is for Humanity to understand the difference between the two when they make their choice.

This is the reason it becomes important to be able to identify the voices you may hear in your head, and to know that these voices may be electronically transmitted by human agents of the Satanic Force, and I can assure you without fear of being contradicted that you can tell the difference, and sometimes the results of identifying those voices becomes comical, but in most instances this is true only if the person is able to identify the source of the voices, and treats the transmitter with contempt. In too many instances, the transmitter’s effect upon the victim has been tragic.

Robert Webster, the editor and publisher of “Fate Magazine” wrote a series of articles exposing the true nature of these voices, and recounted a series of incidents involving innocent children being made to do things on orders from voices in their heads, and in one of his reports, Mr. Webster identified the source of the voices and publicly referred to them as blasphemous liars. Soon after that article, Robert Webster sold “Fate” to someone who converted the publication into a kind of spiritualist magazine, and that stopped any further revelations concerning the mysterious voices in people’s heads.

As I recall, this happened in the late thirties, or early forties, but I believe that it was after this that the “Literary Digest” published an article about people who die in their sleep from no apparent cause, and although I don’t recall the author’s name, he attributed the unexplainable deaths to the same source as the voices, and I suspected that the slime creatures were still experimenting with Thomas Edison’s invention, trying to discover the full potential of the device, but I do remember that the first victims of the slime creatures in human form were children, almost, if not completely, exclusively.

One of the cases which Robert Webster wrote about involved an adolescent girl in one of the New England states, and her younger sister on their way to church. They were near a river, and approaching a bridge, according to the story, when the older girl told her sister that she heard the voice of God calling her from the river, and telling her to come to Him, and while her young sister waited for her to return, the girl climbed down and waded out into the river and drowned.

It was this case that prompted Robert Webster to call the transmitter of the voice a blasphemous liar, but he reported a number of similar incidents involving innocent children in which the voices told them to do things that resulted in their injury, and death, and there were witnesses to testify that the child had said they were obeying a voice in their head, which would tend to prove that the experimenters found children to be most susceptible and gullible at the beginning of the experiments.

As the experimenters became more familiar with the device, and learned how to increase the range of their transmissions, they suddenly began to reach adults, and curiously enough, those who were first to hear the voices in their heads were among the higher intellects, involving business executives, and scholars, suggesting that the experimenters were discovering the range of human mind by wave length, and making the device more sophisticated, while closing in, and attempting to choose individual minds to concentrate upon at will. One such incident involving an adult of superior intelligence, and with which I became personally acquainted, although it may not have been the first, it was the first that I was told about by the person involved, was an elderly business executive in New York City.

The incident occurred prior to World War II, and the man was in his seventies then, so I doubt that he is still alive today, but to avoid involving his descendants, I will not identify him by name. I will only say that he was the sole owner of a large corporation that did business in almost all countries throughout the world, and a man of superior intelligence, and high moral character. He was also a Christian gentleman, and a member of a church in which he taught Sunday School.
This man resided in a town upstate, and commuted each day to his office in downtown Manhattan to his offices, which occupied an entire building consisting of a number of stories, and employed a number of office personnel, all of whom held him in high respect.

Each day when he went to his office he walked about a block and a half to his offices from the station exit of the underground transit called “The Jersey Tubes”, as he had done for a number of years, until one day, while passing an empty office building not far from the train station he began to hear a loud voice shouting the most obscene epithets in his head. He was surprised, and shocked by the phenomenon, and thought he was losing his sanity, he told me later, but as he passed the vacant building the voice faded, and then died away. He turned, and went back past the building, and the voice was heard again, but only in one area in front of the empty building. He walked back and forth several times, then walked around the block, and each time the voice forced its way into his consciousness at the same area in front of the building; and he knew the answer.

He went into a tobacco shop on the corner and telephoned the police, requesting they send a man to that location, and when the police car arrived he told them what had happened, and demanded to have them open the building and investigate what he suspected to be inside. Instead, they radioed in for an ambulance and had him taken to the psychiatric ward in the city hospital where he was held for three days before he was permitted to communicate with his family, and they in turn contacted his family doctor, and his lawyer, and after they identified him, and had him released, he again demanded that the building be opened, and searched. This was done by the police, with apologies to him, but by that time the device had been removed; but he told me that there was enough evidence to prove to him that one area of the building had been vacated hurriedly, leaving signs of there having been electronic equipment installed, and removed while he was being held in the hospital psychiatric ward incommunicado.

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Part IV, Voices From Outer Space?
The only space involved in the phenomenon of the voices to which I refer exists between the ears of the perverts operating the transmitters, but the fact that they are moronic perverts does not make them any less menacing to those who are not able to identify the source of the voices, and recognize them for what they are. While they are involved in playing their insidious games, however; the suggestion of voices is not their only capability. They can, and do transmit suggestions of odors, visions, and stimulate any of our sensory perceptions, and what is even more vicious, they can cause a naive victim to react to fear, hatred, shame, guilt, lust, greed, and prejudice, causing the person to believe that the sensory perception, or the emotion is their own, and real.

It is for this reason that we should learn to believe, or disbelieve nothing we hear, and only half of what we think we see, applying the “Golden Reed”, as our medium of measurement to know the truth at all times. This is our only defense against the moronic perverts’ device to take our minds and bend them to their will.

The “Golden Reed” is: “Identification, Reason, and Concatenation”, and this is the one “Trinity” they cannot overcome, or succeed in discrediting through their deception.

As I have explained many times, I am a teleologist, and totally empathetic, and if I did not have a defense against diseased minds I could not have survived for three quarters of a century. Believe it when I tell you that the slime creatures in human form that use those devices against humanity can, and have killed by suggestion, but more often they have forced others to kill on command, or drive a person to a point of madness when the person refused to submit to domination; but the one thing that will frustrate, and defeat them is ridicule, and laughter, and they really are ridiculous when you know them for what they really are.

I have heard it said, and I have read that these vermin really enjoy the fear, and suffering they cause their victims to experience, but this is not true. They don’t really enjoy it, it is just that “Misery Loves Company”, and they are miserable, fearful, and abominable, and their own suffering is made more tolerable when they can cause others to feel fear, and pain. In knowing this, you can understand how frustrating it becomes to them when you reject their attempts to control your sensory perceptions by suggestion, and laugh at them.

When Jesus, Immanuel, the Christ told us to “Resist not evil”, He did not mean that we should accept it, and permit it to dominate us. That is why He told us, “Keep thine own counsel, and let no man take thy crown.” By resisting it we only make it stronger, but by not resisting it, and laughing at it, we weaken, and destroy it by giving it no support.

In relating a few of my own personal experiences, I must admit that not all of the incidents could be positively identified as electronically induced, but since none of them were of benefit to me, and they could not be explained through Identification, Reason, and Concatenation, I placed them in the category of external projection, and induced by transmission from a source apart from my consciousness, and therefore, I rejected them as being induced for evil intent. I do not discount the possibility that the vermin can create effects with their devices by chance, which even they do not yet understand, and cannot either predict, or control; and since they do not know us as well as they think they do, they are not able to predict an individual’s responses to their transmitted suggestions.

When two or more people share the same experience, and the experience is not real, the only reasonable explanation for the phenomena would seem to be mass hypnotism; but when hypnotism has to be ruled out, the only other explanation has to be telepathic projection; but to establish telepathic communication, there has to be some identifying relationship between the minds of the sender and receiver, and some purpose for the communication. It requires a living brain to generate the energy necessary to transmit thought telepathically, and that is something the dead do not have, so when the living are influenced by telepathy, extra-sensory perception, or parapsychology, the energy must be supplied by the living, not the dead, and when the power is irresistible, the only answer has to be a synedrion of mind, or electronics.

Time projection for communication with the past, or the future does not resemble ghostly manifestations in any way, and cannot be mistaken for hallucinations. Time projection and empathy are one, and the same, and the empath does not experience hallucinations, they identify with, and absorb those with whom they communicate, and knowledge is shared, and exchanged, not by projection, but by transference. They do not lose their identity, they just increase it.
The experience I will relate at this time, then, is one of those which I suspect was electronically induced, but the transmitter did not anticipate the response, and probably did not intend to produce the effect that resulted from the projection.

I was living in an apartment in upper Manhattan, New York City, and doing research in Biblical History, and at the time of the incident a Hebrew Scholar was working with me, aiding me in my studies. We had worked far into the night, and my eyes became tired, and I decided to lie down and rest, leaving him to continue alone in one room while I stretched out on my bed in an adjoining room. The door to my bedroom was open and I could see him clearly from where I lay, but when I closed my eyes I became aware of another presence in the room with me, and I opened my eyes to find a shriveled up old lady dressed completely in black, and wearing a black veil, bending over me, her hands folded, and looking down into my face, crying.

The building in which I lived contained many apartments, and my first thought was that some mentally deranged tenant had entered my apartment, and I put my hand out to push her away so I could get up and lead her back to where she belonged, but although she seemed solid enough to block the light, and keep me from seeing my associate, the moment my hand touched her it passed through her, and she disappeared. I could see my associate in the next room then, his face white, staring at me with an expression of disbelief on his face.

“What was that?” he asked, puzzled, and frightened.
“What did you see?” I asked him, getting to my feet quickly.
“Something black bending over your bed,” he told me. “1 thought it was you getting up at first, but then it just disappeared, and I could see you still on the bed.”

I told him that his guess was as good as mine, because I did not know what it had been, and could not relate it to anything in my past, and after we discussed it at length, we both had to agree that, since we had both seen it, and it had not been real, it had to be some kind of a mind projection, and we assumed that it had to be intended to frighten me, and for a very understandable reason.

He was a Hebrew Scholar, and I a Christian, and there were elements in both religions that were opposed to our friendship, and determined to keep “The Lion, and the Lamb”, from coming together in a harmonious relationship. The Torah, (Priesthood) approved of our studies, and encouraged our bond of friendship, referring to him as Ben Gurion, and to me as YaHseVaH, but the Torah are Jews, and what we are dealing with now are not Jews, they are liars, and they worship in the Synagogues of Satan.

Even at the time of the Exodus out of Egypt with Moses, the Jews were burdened with the leech- like vandalic Turkic Mongol hordes which we now know as Tartarian Khazars, and it is about time for us to make the distinction between the two peoples, just as it becomes increasingly important for us to make a distinction between the Nigero, and the animalistic Mau Mau savages that hide within the Blue Race, if we expect to survive this Armageddon, and bring peace to the world.

Being human is no little thing, and it does not come naturally because we happen to have a human body in which to live. We have to work at being human, and all races are human, but in each, and every race on Earth there are elements that are not human, and can never really be expected to be human. It is these that we must identify, and mark well so the rest of us can exist together harmoniously, because we must share the Earth. There is no other place for us to go to get away from each other, and the Earth will not do any of us any good if it is ravaged in an effort to conquer it, or dominate it for the benefit of any one race, or people.

In the succeeding parts of this expose I promise to identify the source of our problems, so that no one will have any doubt remaining about the identity of the enemy, and what we can do to rid ourselves of them is a simple matter. Identify them, and mark them, and when you know them, you will be free of them.

“Keep thine own counsel, and let no man steal your crown.” Jesus.

Delamer Duverus

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