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Other Key Waco Witnesses Recently
Dead Or Incapacitated

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As the Waco wrongful death suit progresses, death and destruction follow.
Jack Harwell, Sheriff of McClennan County (Waco) for many years, had called Branch Davidian and Waco Siege survivor Clive Doyle early last week to say he wanted to meet with him because "the death of all the children (killed at the Waco siege of 1993) was starting to weigh on him." Harwell told Doyle that he wanted to meet with him to talk to him about the case and the trail and "some other things."
Harwell died Thursday morning of a heart attack. He would have been a key witness in the wrongful death suit filed by the Branch Davidiansí attorneys.

(Please visit the following URLs to see Waco Tribune-Herald's Article: "Officials from throughout state to attend Sheriff  Jack Harwell's funeral" link and to read his Obituary link. )
Another Key witness for the plaintiffs in the Branch Davidian wrongful death suit, Dr. Edward Allard nearly died last week when he suffered a serious stroke. Dr.Allard is considered to be the world authority on infrared imaging systems, holder of three patents on FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) technology, whose designs are in use in all US military aircraft and equipment that use FLIR . Allard has analyzed FLIR footage taken by British Special Air Services working for the FBI in 1993 and has concluded absolutely that the video clearly shows military death squads either Delta Force, Hostage Rescue Teams, or both firing with wanton abandon, hundreds of times into the Branch Davidian Church. Dr. Allard has stated, "this type of behavior, men running up and down the building, firing automatic weapons into a church is disgusting." Allard remains in critical condition after his stroke.
Both of Harwell and Allard were to be key in proving that the Federal Government premeditatedly murdered the Branch Davidians and then systematically obstructed justice and engaged in huge cover-ups. Now Allard is fighting for his life and Harwell is dead.

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