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Unusual Reactive Behavior Evidence of Electronic Mind Control in Switzerland?

From: Philip Ledoux
June 1, 2008

Unusual Reactive Behavior Evidence of Electronic Mind Control in Switzerland? (June 10, 2008)


I’ve been trying to help a fellow in Switzerland who found me via Educate-Yourself. Rather strangely, he has been giving me a liberal education about health, and I thought I was well rounded in natural health! One of the big problems in his particular case is a cell phone tower of some type on an official building across the street. When it is turned on it affects him badly, along with his wife. I do realize that some people are ultra sensitive to special frequencies, and thought that this was applicable in this case. Recent communications indicate that we are all being affected! Apparently they are located at the beginning of a massive Beta Test of major mind control technology. The implications, via the specifics of his missive, partly reproduced below and edited, are mind-boggling to say the least. The man spells it out very clearly, no need for my comments.

Philip N. Ledoux

"Every week when my wife has a day off she is not able to recharge herself because of the antennas that are ON NON-stop. Because of the antenna output, she gets only 5 hours sleep every night. This has been going on for at least the last two weeks. We are both really in a struggle for survival.

She told me today that all her fellow workers are making mistake after mistake over the last two weeks, they keep complaining that they forget everything and they need so much sleep. They take orders from the customers, and a second later they forgot what was ordered. So everyone is in a struggle to keep their heads clear. Also many regular customers are not able to speak whole sentences anymore, they speak fragmented when they place an order.

We see it all around us now when we go shopping; all the shoppers including the check-out-clerks look completely zombie-like and lost. People are regularly dropping things when they try to place it in their shopping basket. The floor of the supermarket is littered with things that people have dropped. It is also interesting to observe when people stand in front of the products -- it takes minutes before they made up their mind and place it in their shopping basket... They are just staring. Not only for them, but we also react the same way.

For the last few weeks people are also driving very, very slowly on the roads here, I assume because they have such a hard time concentrating. It is also interesting to see that when the antennas are ON that people don't stop anymore when you make clear that you want to cross a zebra crossing. (Zebra refers to the horizontal stripes marking a pedestrian crossing.) They simply don't see you when you are standing at the beginning of a Zebra !!! While normally here in Switzerland they ALWAYS stopped when you stand on the sidelines waiting and making clear that you want to cross the zebra to the other side of the road. I mean it is even a law here, everybody knows that you will get a heavy fine if a car doesn't allow you as a pedestrian to cross on a zebra. You have to STOP, but now people don't see you standing waiting. Everybody is really blind now, by the day it is getting more intense.

For my feeling we are getting closer and closer to a deadline that something horrible is going to happen again, it isn’t by accident the towers are putting out more and more power. "

[End of excerpt. Name withheld by request]


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From: Barney
To: ken Adachi
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2008
Subject: Comment

Hello Ken,

Re: Swiss mind-control experiments.

It's happening here in England too, though not to quite the same extent.

I suffer very badly from what the medical profession would call "tinnitus", but which stops if I make a "headscarf" of cooking foil (shiny side out). I know it seems insane, but it actually works, proving to my satisfaction that this is NOT a medical condition and that the "tinfoil hat brigade" aren't as crazy as we're led to believe.

I'm surrounded by orgonite devices in every room, TBs and HHGs, and I've got some Agnihotra Ash as well, but cooking foil is the only thing I know that will stop the incessant whistling that seems to be coming from just behind my head and to one side.

Nowadays I experience frequent "mind wipes". I'll go into another room, and then have to come back because I've forgotten what I went in there for. Everybody does that sometimes, but lately it's been happening all the time when the power's turned up and the induced "tinnitus" is at it's loudest. Sometimes I write a note to remind myself, but too often the thought is gone before I can do even that.

I'm not senile, but I am physically disabled and in a lot of pain, hence I have to take tablets. When the pain gets unbearable, I may suddenly remember that I should have taken the tablets a couple of hours ago, and then that thought too is gone, so I continue to suffer increasing pain while failing to understand why.

It's ridiculous. When I do remember, I have to keep repeating "tablets, tablets, tablets" while I'm going into the next room. If I don't do this, I forget why I went.

Similarly I have to keep repeating "cashpoint, cashpoint, cashpoint" to myself all the way to the shops or I'm likely to end up at the checkout with no money, having forgotten to use the cashpoint outside. Thank goodness for credit cards. At least I've never (yet) forgotten my p.i.n., though that could easily be next.

In town it's nearly as bad as described by the unknown author. I use a mobility scooter because I can't walk, and it seems this makes me invisible. People walk across just inches in front of me, completely blind to the danger and forcing me to stop suddenly to avoid injuring them. They don't even know I'm there. If I pause for a few seconds, to look in a shop window for example, I often find myself surrounded by a group of people, such as a family group, talking among themselves as if completely unaware that there is an obstruction (me) between them on the pavement.

Inside most shops, the floors aren't (yet) littered with things people have dropped (though I do know a few that are), but access to the shelves is frequently blocked by small groups of two or three people talking among themselves, or by zombie-like individuals just looking at what's on display, often not moving for minutes at a time and clearly unaware of the existence of other shoppers.

Sleep is another thing, but there's too much to tell in a short message. I find I need about ten hours a night, and still I'm tired all the time.

South-East England.


[Note from Ken Adachi: Negative ion generators are very useful and benefical for people who work around high voltage devices such as a CRT screen of older computer monitors or even a traditional TV which uses a CRT screen. The high positive voltage on the screen sucks negative ions out of the air (and out of your lungs. The reason you see a buildup of dust on a  traditional TV screen is due to the attraction of negatively charged particles of dust in the air to the high positive voltage charge on the TV screen). Ion generators are simple devices which employ a high voltage transformer and titanium "needles" to radiate negative ions into the air. They shouldn't cost too much to buy]

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From: Bjorn
To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2008
Subject: Switzerland


I just read that post concerning the person in Switzerland that lives near a "mind control" tower. Maybe the Elanra ioniser would help, as it changes the character of the electromagnetic field(s)/radiation in the room where it's used. Though I think you'd need to be within a 1-2 metre range of the Elanra.

Here: . I have one myself.

Maybe you could forward it to the person concerned.

Though....I would move.



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