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Wiolawa Photoshop Techniques to Reveal Reptilians  

[Editor's Note: Barbara Crouse Brown  ( of discovered some years ago that photographs have the capacity to retains images that are not usually noticed by the naked eye. By enlarging photos and applying different filters available from the photo editing software called Photoshop, Barbara has been able to to reveal in photos (mostly taken off the internet) anomalous images including alien life forms, alien ships, and reptilian shape shifters hiding behind a human-appearing body. Contrary to the ignorant conclusions drawn by her detractors and debunkers, anyone can repeat Barbara's work and arrive at the same images. Of course, it takes practice and knowledge to execute these editing procedures with skill, but it's not magic. Anyone can do this if you have a professional version of Photoshop installed on your computer and you apply the same filters (and in the same order) as Barbara does.

I tried it myself for the first time about 5 years ago. Barbara had taken a photo off the Art Bell web site of an usual looking lenticular-like "cloud". By repeatedly enlarging the image (E.g. 500-600%) and applying filters from Photoshop to draw out hidden detail, she revealed the presence of an alien ship within the cloud and was able to further look "inside" the ship by continually enlarging and filtering. What's going on inside the ship is fairly ghastly, so I'll save that one for another day.

I wanted to see if I could get the same results that she obtained, so I copied the same "cloud" photo from the Art Bell web site that she started with and began enlarging and filtering it with Photoshop. Sure enough, the outline of the ship emerged on my screen. I lacked the skill and knowledge in the use of Photoshop to draw out the great detail from "inside" the ship as she had done, but I saw enough to convince me that she wasn't faking any of this and that these images were indeed there. Some day, Barbara Crouse Brown is going to be hailed as the founding pioneer and innovator of this technique. Hopefully, that day will come while she's still alive, in order to make up for the many difficulties, threats to her life, murder of her friends, and the savage pillorying that she has endured over the years in trying to get this information out to the public.

Here are a few Photoshop tips that Barbara uses to draw out those hidden images   The info was sent courtesy of Kenny R....Ken Adachi]
November 13, 2006

Subject: wiolawa press
Date: Mon, November 13, 2006 8:06 pm
To:   Editor

Hey Ken, thought you might want to add this to your WIO/Barbara research if you don't already have it. On her forum we've benn discussing the filters to use etc.


Here are some things I picked up from wio's forum. Anyone want to add to them feel free.

* Using adobe many photos often show up as bright patches in the original images.

* Solarization then finding edges. THEY will put extreme brightness on the image areas that they do not wish for you to notice.

* Expand colors to cyan & blue +100 then solarize/find edges, then desaturate.

* Snakes will often lack real eyes.

* Solarized & desaturated

* Embossing (textures) of the photos will expose anomalies.

* Solarized filter, black & white filtered, blue cyan filter

* X on nose. X = leader- non-human


* Black & white original solarized then desaturated filter.

* seems these shapeshifters add an extreme color of PINK to cover up their FLAWS... or is it CLAWS.... ?
((this would be an extreme PINK tinge on their skin, UNFILTERED))

* red eyes, red aura=red soul

- Kenny


Wiolawa Press Defends Ted Gunderson & Reveals Reptilian Entities in Photos at Area 51 (Nov. 12, 2006)

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