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International Medical Veritas Association Addresses Childhood Immunizations & Autism

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June 4, 2004

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Dear Ken,

Below is a letter to the chairman of the chemistry department at Kentuky U....and below that the beginning of my frontal attack on the allopathic medical establishment whose roots we both know well. I think we have things to talk about. Hope to hear from you soon.

Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
Director International Medical Veritas Association

Dear Dr. Boyd Haley,

Very interesting that I found out today you joined the National Autism Association and are the first on their science advisory board. I was just about to send out all the principles of the NAA the following document which launches a series of essays that will lay out the basic positions of the International Medical Veritas Association's (IMVA's) on Childhood Vaccines. You are of course one of the great stars or shining lights I use in my discussions that now take on the properties of direct confrontation with the United States government, meaning with the CDC. I also have been using the NAA as another source of powerful information. I was going to offer the NAA a board position on the IMVA. Now I do not know. First I am thinking of joining the NAA myself, if they will have me. And then again of course I think of you. If you were on the board then your name would stand below what I have written here because it will appear in the name of the IMVA not my own. Or it will appear with names signed to the bottom and be offered as a petition of medical truth.

Of course you are already providing the backbone of the below discussion and that big spine of yours reaches accross the first three parts or thirty pages. Below is the first section only. You are already solidly inside the IMVA and your work I carry around in my medical heart and soul. I think what I tried almost a year ago with that group you participated in for a few weeks with me has taken a quantum leap with the IMVA for sure.

As you know I write as an expression of many imputs coming together and that means always including the latest information and feedback. So if you have anything more to say or add anywhere just let me know. Also any specific referrences you would like your words referred back to please send them to me. This is the first time I have referenced materials and I did so with several, but not all your statements.

I am going to send this also to the members of the NAA for a synchronicity of events seems to indicate that we all have a shared destiny and need to come together to break through the thick walls of medical resistance in the medical establishment and elite.

My best and warmest regards,

Mark Sircus Ac., O.M.D.
Director International Medical Veritas Association


Abstract: The Institute of Medicine, The Center for Disease Control, the American Medical Association, and the American Association of Pediatricians are assuring parents and physicians that multiple vaccinations of children are safe and that there are no problems whatsoever with the use of mercury in vaccines. It is apparent that the CDC and the IOM and in fact the entire medical establishment are risking their reputations on medical positions that are not defensible. They have based their assumptions on studies that are not rooted in solid science and as such are risking an entire generation of children based on myopic short-term studies. With a wave of increasing chronic syndromes like autism, asthma and diabetes being recorded in both Europe and America the assurances that these central medical institutions are extending to parents and doctors is dangerous. Many physicians and scientists disagree with these organizations and have solid evidence to back up their medical positions. The fact that the principle medical organizations in the United States are not listening to them speaks ill of the integrity and sincerity of these organizations. What is at stake is astounding in terms of price paid in human suffering. All physicians, nurses and midwives involved in the care of pregnant women and newborns need to be advised of the sever limitations of present studies that have been used to certify the safety of such practices. The nation and the world are faced with a crisis in medicine that is perilously close to an emergency. The childhood immunization program, due to the vast increase in injections (containing mercury and other toxic agents) simultaneously given is threatening to be the worst fiasco in the history of medicine.

Childhood Immunization


Most recently the IOM, contracted by the CDC, certified to the world that multiple vaccinations delivered simultaneously to infants is safe and that the mercury that has been in use in vaccines for approximately 60 years as a preservative, a deadly toxin even at the lowest imaginable concentrations, is also safe. Both of these aspects of the vaccine program are implicated in the rapid rise in autism both in Europe and the United States and in the growth of other chronic diseases like asthma [1] and diabetes. A full discussion of the convergence on the tragic explosion in autism (and other disorders), the use of mercury past and present in vaccines, and the delivery of many different vaccines delivered simultaneously is complex and deserves much thought and study.

The incidence of childhood asthma, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases has doubled during the past 20 years; Attention Deficit Disorder has tripled, Autism has increased 600%. What part have vaccines played?
Stanley Monteith, M.D.

This IMVA addresses the above in three stages leaving out detailed discussions on asthma, diabetes and other chronic syndromes, which are known to be a consequence of vaccine collateral side effects, to another place. We will 1) Address the general case as presented by the IOM and the CDC seen from the eyes of the autism community, which has enormous and immediate concerns over the childhood immunization program. 2) An analysis of the medical practice of administering many vaccines on the same day to children and soldiers. 3) Addressing the specific case of using mercury and other preservatives in vaccines.

Childhood Immunization and Autism

Vaccines are among the greatest public health accomplishments of the past century, according to the IOM, and as such they dismiss out of hand the growing number of concerns that have been raised about the safety of certain immunizations. The Immunization Safety Review Committee of the IOM in May of 2004: 1) recently concluded that the body of epidemiological evidence favors rejection of a causal relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism. 2) The committee also concludes that the body of epidemiological evidence favors rejection of a causal relationship between thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism. And 3) the IOM says, “A review of the possible biological mechanisms for any adverse effects of multiple immunizations on immune function does not support the hypothesis that the infant immune system is inherently incapable of handling the number of vaccines presented during routine immunization scheduling.” [i]

The National Autism Association said the report “has parents and researchers shocked at how far the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will go to protect the reputation of the vaccination program. The report proves the IOM has not been able to divest itself from vaccine policies. And tragically, in doing so, they have failed society by their blindness to the issue at hand.” [ii]“It appears the IOM's admitted fear of an undermined vaccination program has led to this decision, not scientific evidence,” says Lori McIlwain, Executive Director of the National Autism Association. It was reported that after these medical positions were accepted as gospel by the CDC that representatives of the CDC where hounded off a stage by an angry audience of parents and had to be escorted out by the local police.

As the number of childhood vaccines has increased 700%, from 3 in the‘70s to 22 in 2000, the prevalence of autism has also showed a parallel increase of 700%.
Bernard Rimland, Ph.D.

Bernard Rimland PhD, director of the Autism Research Institute in San Diego says, “It is ludicrous to claim that the link between many causes of autism and vaccination is just coincidental. As a full-time professional research scientist for 50 years, and as a researcher in the field of autism for 45 years, I have been shocked and chagrined by the medical establishment’s ongoing efforts to trivialize the solid and compelling evidence that faulty vaccination policies are the root cause of the epidemic. There are many consistent lines of evidence implicating vaccines, and no even marginally plausible alternative hypotheses.” It must be remembered that identification of a cause of a disease or syndrome is a key step in defining appropriate treatment paths. The medical community is not helping the autistic and other learning disabled parents with the treatment of their children with their denial of one of the key causes of autism. Also this denial confuses parents who are desperate to do everything in their power to help their children. In any case, whatever the cause, it is always upper most in parents and professionals’ minds and hearts that these kids are special and deserve incredible amounts of love and support. No matter how much their nervous and immune systems have been disturbed they are beings with sensitive hearts, not diseased monsters needing to be locked away.

Dr. Boyd Haley, Chairman of the Chemistry Department at the University of Kentucky indicated that the IOM is “blatantly out of line,” and reduces the IOM report to the level of “absurd logic.” He states, “The IOM report represents an incredibly poor evaluation of the scientific literature and is symptomatic of a committee that has been compromised in its scientific/biomedical credibility to favor the wishes of its employer, the CDC.” “Thimerosal is one of the most toxic compounds I know of, I can't think of anything that I know of is more lethal," said Dr. Haley. Dr. Sidney Baker author of six medical books treats hundreds of autistic patients each year from around the country. He suspects that about half of the children he sees have been affected by Thimerosal from their vaccines.

When the IOM says that the thimerosal hypothesis is “theoretical only” scientists take note. Chemists are on solid ground in their research and findings that autistic children do not biochemically handle or eliminate mercury as well as do children unaffected by it. When chemists subject neurons in Petri dishes to minute amounts of thimerosal they die. Simple chemistry is not rocket science or astral physics. What is theoretical to the IOM is biochemical reality to scientists. “The most ignorant statement in the IOM report is the charge to ‘stop looking at vaccines and thimerosal’ as being involved in autism spectrum disorders,” said Dr. Boyd Haley.[iii] When the IOM’s committee found that potential biological mechanisms for vaccine-induced autism are “theoretical” they decided to ignore the evidence provided by thousands of parents who reported observations that had their children begin to deteriorate soon after receiving their shots. They also decided to ignore the growing number of doctors and nurses who are suspecting the main cause of the recent explosion in autism to be the increased in vaccines administered to children over the last fifteen to twenty years.

Autism is upon us because it’s the outcome of the 50-year experiment of dousing every living being with an overload of toxic substances, including vaccines.
Dr Gregory Ellis

Pointing the finger to mercury’s role in the creation of autism does not discount other possible causes to autism, or a general theory that includes a multitude of causes, which over the long run weaken children to the point where the toxic overload from chemicals in vaccines is just too much to handle. For instance Dr. Robert C. Kane, reminds us that, “radiofrequency (RF) radiation is a biologically active substance. It is also readily acknowledged that human exposures to RF have become pervasive during the past twenty years, whereas such exposures were uncommon prior to that time. It is suggested that fetal or neo-natal exposures to radiofrequency radiation may be associated with an increased incidence of autism.”[iv] Any and all substances or influences like disrupting radio frequencies, high power tension lines, malnutrition, toxic pesticide and herbicide residues in foods, even milk and cheese products with their high levels of hormones and other pollutants found in factory produced milk and cheese can diminish the power of the immune system and make it less capable of withstanding the shocks from vaccines. And so can prescription drugs depress the immune and nervous system making them more vulnerable to high stress loads that vaccines present.

Measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B, and the whole panoply of childhood diseases are a far less serious threat than having a large fraction (say 10%) of a generation afflicted with learning disability and/or uncontrollable aggressive behavior because of an impassioned crusade for universal vaccination. There are plausible mechanisms such as molecular mimicry whereby vaccines could have such effects.
Jane Orient, M.D.

Children "autism spectrum disorder" (ASDs) cover a wide range of behaviors and abilities. Symptoms might be mild in one person and severe in another. According to the CDC [v] “People with ASDs might not interact with others the way most people do, or they might not be interested in other people at all. People with ASDs might not make eye contact and might just want to be alone. They might have trouble understanding other people's feelings or talking about their own feelings. Children with ASDs might not like to be held or cuddled, or might cuddle only when they want to. Some people with ASDs might not seem to notice when other people try to talk to them. Others might be very interested in people, but not know how to talk, play, or relate to them.” Many of these descriptions are common personality traits found in the general population and reflect a general profile of alienation in modern society as emotional and social levels of intelligence drop. Yet the diagnosis of autism reflects deep language and behavioral problems that can be quite severe. What stands out though in severe cases of autism though is its similarity to symptoms found with mercury poisoning. "Thousands of parents have seen the regression of skills in their children following thimerosal-containing vaccines," says Jo Pike President of the National Autism Association. "Many of these same children are progressing rapidly with biomedical interventions addressing mercury poisoning.”[vi] Dr. Sidney Baker, author of six medical books, treats hundreds of autistic patients each year from around the country. He suspects that about half of the children he sees have been affected by Thimerosal from their vaccines. Thousands of parents report and demonstrate with home videos that their children were normal and responsive until suffering an adverse vaccine reaction but officials refuse to listen

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)[vii] “Autism is not a specific disease, but rather a collection of disorders of brain development with a strong genetic basis, although its exact cause is not entirely known.” And yet the AAP tells its physicians “Pediatricians should continue to promote immunizations for all children. Continued high immunization rates are crucial in preventing an increase in life-threatening infectious diseases. Parents should be reassured that at the present time, there is no scientific evidence to support claims that the measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine or any combination of vaccines cause ASD.” The medical establishment admits that its causes are not “entirely” known yet in the midst of a cloud of doubts they find the audacity to determine that the cause has nothing to do with collateral damages done by vaccines in general or specifically by the mercury found within them. It should be noted that there is little to substantiate the statement about autism having “a strong genetic basis” and the very fact that many parents notice regressions and deteriorations in their children after receiving multiple vaccinations betrays the credibility of the AAP, IOM and the CDC. “Thimerosal exposure results in toxic biochemical effects that fit very well with the biochemical observations seen in autistics. These are (1) truncated neurons (ethylmercury inhibition of tubulin polymerization) in brain tissue and (2) inability to make methyl-B12 (Dr. Deth's work on thimerosal inhibition of the enzyme methionine synthetase) and (3) the subsequent decrease in methylation of cellular constitutents that require methylation to operate properly,” according to Haley.

The CDC assumes that, “neither the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) nor the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) would recommend the simultaneous administration of any vaccines until studies showed the combinations to be both safe and effective.[viii] Vaccines are considered the single most important tool in protecting public health. But in the United States, vaccines have the second highest rate of adverse reactions (19% of all adverse reactions reported) of prescribed medicines. The American Medical Association (AMA) depends on the IOM’s Immunization Safety Committee for its assurance to physicians and parents that multiple shots are safe and effective. The AMA says[ix] that the IOM reviewed eight studies of the relationship between multiple vaccinations and Type 1 diabetes, the autoimmune form of the disease; and that they looked at the results of seven studies, which, “despite some variations and limitations,” consistently showed that multiple vaccinations had no effect on the risk of infection. Dr. Barthelow Classen,[x] studying diabetes in Finland, found something else which undermines our confidence in the honesty of the IOM. He found that problems of infection “occurred in statistically significant clusters three to four years after vaccines were administered. The more vaccines you are exposed to the greater the risk of diabetes. I am very confident that we have proven that vaccines are causing diabetes. We have tons of data now to support this, including randomized, controlled clinical trials.” The greatest limitation of the trials that the IOM and the CDC depend on is the length of time they study subjects for, a time that is far too short. If children do not die or get chronically ill in three days the present medical authorities feel confident and secure in telling the world multiple vaccines are safe.

It is astounding that even if a normal and healthy child goes home and dies within twenty-four hours after receiving up to as many as 10 vaccines coroners and medical authorities will scratch their heads and pronounce on the death certificate, “this child died of unknown causes.” (SIDS)

This admission of limitations by the AMA cannot be dismissed lightly. Basing an entire vaccine program on studies with admitted “variations and limitations” plays into the worst fears parents could possible have about the childhood immunization program and how it is administered. Parents, primary health care physicians, nurses, midwives, chiropractors, and other alternative health care workers should be informed that children are being subjected to multiple injections based on studies without assurance as to the viability of these studies. Parents and physicians are being guaranteed by the major medical organizations about the safety of something that could be responsible for a wave of chronic illnesses that are beginning to overwhelm the educational and health resources of society. When one examines the issue from all sides it does seem that the IOM is betraying basic science, sound medical reasoning and its mission to improve health in the United States.

Dr. Brian S. Hooker, a vaccine researcher said, “I have personally analyzed the results of much of the epidemiology on both sides of the debate including the studies that the IOM states do not support causation between thimerosal exposure through vaccinations and autism. Curiously these studies (in contrast to many of the studies supporting causation) are marked by the following characteristics: 1) Conflicts of interest. 2) Missing baseline data – these studies at best show previously stratified and massaged data. 3) Use of capricious data treatment methods. 4) Faulty conclusions based on presented data and methods.

Dr. Walter Spitzer, professor emeritus of epidemiology, McGill University, and clinical professor of medicine at Stanford University agrees with Dr. Hooker. Referring to the most widely cited study that says that MMR is safe and has no link with autistic enterocolitis said of the study that it was “too short-term in its follow-up. Representativeness wasn’t demonstrated, date marks were inconsistent, the analysis was incorrect, and the study was uncontrolled and had conflicts of interest.” Dr. Boyd Haley said, “I was amazed that the IOM would make such ridiculous statements and chose to use such obviously damaged epidemiological studies to support their conclusions.” The gaping flaw in these studies is the lack of allowance for time. None of these or any vaccine study have factored time into their research designs. A group of vaccines administered can strongly damage a few (the ‘rare’ ones so often mentioned) within hours or days, but other kids show collateral damages weeks or months afterwards.

Investigative researchers Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher in their new book The Virus and The Vaccine remind us of the sordid story about federal health officials having a long established habit of covering up serious problems with vaccines. “Millions of Americans are unaware that government officials and leading scientists played Russian roulette with their health in the 1960s after discovering that the original polio vaccine was contaminated. Although there was alarm within the scientific circles that the vaccine might cause cancer, federal health officials made a deliberate decision not to recall contaminated stocks of vaccine. They feared that withdrawing the vaccine, or alerting the public about SV40, would cause people to lose confidence in the vaccine. So, for two more years, millions more Americans were needlessly exposed to the virus,” said Bookchin and Schumacher. The same organizations involved then seem to be involved in similar cover-ups for the same reasons in the questions surrounding mercury and the multiple administration of vaccines.

Every day new parents are ringing us. They all have the same tragic story. Healthy baby, child, teenager, usually a boy, given the DPT or DT, or MMR booster followed by a sudden fall or slow, but steady decline into autism or other spectrums disorder."
The Hope Project (Ireland)

“Thousands of parents believe that the MMR vaccine has contributed to their children’s autism. They have pictures and videos to prove the ‘before’ and ‘after.’ They speak of the MMR being the only new event in their child’s life in that period between normal development and autistic regression. They point out their children’s marked immune system dysfunction, something with which they were not born,” reports Dr. F. Edward Yazbak. Yet the IOM does not recommend a policy review of the current schedule and recommendations for the administration of either the MMR vaccine or thimerosal-containing vaccines.

It is interesting to note historically that thimerosal was introduced only a few years before Leo Kanner, MD described a new mental disorder that differed “markedly and uniquely from anything reported” before. Fifty or so years ago autism was so rare that many pediatricians had never heard about it. But now society should be well aware of an autism epidemic that although once considered rare has now skyrocketed from one in 10,000 to one in 300 to as many as one in a 150 according in some reports. It does ‘seem’ that it is mostly the vaccinated that are affected and that autism seems to almost always occur after vaccination and not before. Health authorities though are loath to make this connection.

In the time period running parallel with a sharp increase in vaccinations given, between 1987 and 1998, there has been a stunning increase in the number of children diagnosed with autism in the US. According to a recent report by the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) entitled Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Changes in the California Caseload: 1999-2002, the rate of children diagnosed with full-syndrome autism between 1999 and 2002 nearly doubled from 10,360 to 20,377. The report further revealed, “Between Dec. 31, 1987, and Dec. 31, 2002, the population of persons with full-syndrome autism has increased by 634 percent.” That is a doubling of autism cases every four years, and the staggering increases are being reported in many states, not just in California.

As the number of childhood vaccines has increased 700%, from 3 in the‘70s to 22 in 2000, the prevalence of autism has also showed a parallel increase of 700%.
Bernard Rimland, Ph.D.

For example, in 1992 Ohio reported 22 cases.[xi] A decade later the number had increased to 2,217. In Illinois the rate of autism cases climbed from just 5 cases in 1992 to 3,103 - a fantastic increase not even measurable in percentages. In Indiana, where vaccinations are now required against up to eight diseases before a child may start school, the number of autistic children registered in schools has grown from 273 in 1989 to 2621 in 2001. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the vaccine schedule was amended to include both hepatitis B and Hib vaccines, each administered to infants three times during the first six months of life. Their addition to the vaccine schedule potentially tripled an infant’s exposure to mercury, should he receive all thimerosal-containing vaccines. A visit to the doctor during the 1990’s may have exposed some children to 125 times the limit on mercury set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The House Committee on Government Reform held hearings on CDC Activities Related to Autism in April 2002. During those hearings Dr. David Baskin, a Baylor School of Medicine neurologist, testified about his research and the serious consequences of exposure to mercury. Dr. Baskin concluded that even if the link to autism has not yet been conclusively proven, based on what is known to date about mercury as a deadly neurotoxin and because thimerosal is not an essential component to the vaccine, there is no reason to continue to purposefully inject it into the bloodstream of infants.

Autism may be a disorder linked to the disruption of the G-alpha protein, affecting retinoid receptors in the brain. A study of sixty autistic children suggests that autism may be caused by inserting a G-alpha protein defect, the pertussis toxin found in the D.P.T. vaccine, into genetically at-risk children.
Mary N. Megson, M.D.

Dr Yazbak reminds physicians that, “When the MMR vaccine was licensed in 1971 and became available shortly thereafter, many pediatricians refused to use it and continued vaccinating with the monovalent products at 3-6 months intervals. These pediatricians were concerned with the potential decreased efficacy and increased side effects of the combination. Many of us were also aware that no long-term safety studies of the MMR vaccine were available, on going or contemplated.”

Regardless of how often the authorities attest that the MMR vaccine is safe,
an increasing number of parents here and in Europe are refusing to believe them.
Safety trials not looking beyond 3 weeks post-vaccination convince no one.
Dr. F. Edward Yazbak

After the MMR triple vaccine was shown to “cause” meningitis in 1 in 2026 recipients, not only did the Japanese health authorities recognize the “causal” link to this vaccine, they also discontinued its use. Yet typically health authorities in other countries absolutely refuse to look at research in published, refereed medical journals, and claim that there is only a temporal and coincidental association. Sugiura & Yamada (Pediatr Infect Dis J, 1991;Vol 10(3):209-13) describe not only the causal link but what happened when the Japanese authorities responded to the information in an appropriate fashion. The most important thing for vaccine advocates to note is that no epidemic followed the removal of the MMR. And more to the point, the incidence of vaccine-caused (and overall) meningitis plummeted. Many doctors believe that the eradication of measles, rubella, and mumps is in practice impossible anyway so they believe that the rational basis of MMR immunization strategy is invalid. It is important that there is a precedent of a major country abandoning an offending vaccine and a recognition of the causal link between the aberrant vaccines and the observed reactions to it. It is incredible that medical “authorities” in the US, specifically in the CDC and the FDA continue to ignore (or not read) the research in published, refereed medical journals. In a globalized world this is entirely unacceptable.

Let’s face it, our children’s lives have been ruined. Have you ever lived with a family that has a child with Thimerosal-induced autism? It’s not pretty. Not only do many of these children have no lives but they live in a daily hell that many cannot even begin to imagine. They can’t sleep. They can’t communicate. They bang their heads and roll up in pain. Many have eating disorders or cannot tolerate most foods. And many are easy targets of sexual predators.
Lori McIlwain

Before DPT shots were given in 1943, there were 11 cases of autism. Latest statistics estimate that over a half million American children are autistic, and with numbers steadily growing, there is no end in sight. Most of these children will require custodial care for life, at an average cost to society as much as three million dollars per child. The overall cost to society now is being estimated in excess of a trillion dollars. Signs of autism usually show up around age 2. Sometimes children who had previously appeared to interact normally will suddenly regress, become withdrawn and stop responding to their parents and the outside world. They may perform repetitive motions, like spinning or flapping their arms, have seizures, scream uncontrollably and resist physical touch.

Medicine knows no national boundaries, its internationalized and globalized more than any other aspect of human existence. The American medical authorities are making a big deal of taking the mercury out of American vaccines (even though there is no proof of harm according to the CDC and the IOM) but not out of third world vaccines. Autism also knows no borders yet the American medical establishment is not paying attention to what happens to other kids children who do not live inside the United States.

The American government (CDC) wants no part in taking responsibility for the autism epidemic and is betraying hundreds of thousands of families who they are sworn to aid and protect. Lawyers around the country are making a case against the medical establishment and it will now be up to the courts to decide what the medical establishment will not. Jacksonville attorney Alan Pickert calls thimerosal "the new asbestos. The parallels are absolutely there. Right now, there are a few brave doctors crying in the wilderness that thimerosal is a major health concern. It was the same way for years with asbestos.” Long ago doctors thought it was crazy to think asbestos caused cancer. But Pickert said, "Of course, history has proven them wrong, and in the end that will be the outcome with this issue, too."

“There is growing evidence that immunization cause a large number of other chronic diseases including autoimmune diseases, allergies, asthma, cancers, and Gulf War Syndrome. Data linking these diseases to vaccines includes human and animal data. In some cases the increased risk of developing these diseases following immunization exceeds the risk of the infectious complications prevented by immunization,”[xii] states J. Barthelow Classen, M.D., but the IOM and the CDC and all the rest of the medical and health organizations around the world beg to differ. The recent statements from the IOM, which have been picked up by the CDC and everyone else, highlight a 200-year-old struggle over the issue of immunizations.

Two key issues today bring to a head the entire question of mass vaccination. First is the use of thimerosal in vaccines as a preservative and the other is vaccines given simultaneously with the assumption that each individual one is safe. Each of these issues needs to be examined carefully and separately. But in all things related to vaccines, no one issue is entirely separate from other issues that combine in the end to form one result. Medical science and medical officials seem unwilling and incapable of investigating the truth about vaccines so now the courts will decide the issue. Though the medical authorities have in the United States moved to take thimerosal out of vaccines this will not exempt them from prosecution or protect the pharmaceutical companies from law suits for damages done up to 2002. Nor will it protect them from suits as people in other countries wake up to the thimerosal question and the fact that nothing is being done to remove this toxic poison from the vaccines in their countries.

The fact that thimerosal is present in some flu vaccines, that will now be given to children starting at six months of age, speaks of the incredible superciliousness of the medical elite in America. The day will come when many self-important doctors and health officials will hide their faces in shame for through all their attempts at denial the simple truth is that chemical poisons are not appropriate for injection in any quantity. Children are not coming to our lives to be poisoned by our doctors and us. That modern medicine has built its foundations on such practices and defends them to the bitter end does not speak well of government-sponsored medicine that the allopathic system has become.

The ranks of doctors, nurses, midwives, pediatricians, and all alternative medical modalities will soon begin to see that the CDC and the IOM have risked their reputations as legitimate health organizations on medical positions that are not defensible. Through all their fine arguments displayed to the world are gapping holes that many lawyers are going to jump through. Incredible as it might seem to any normal human being, a false fortress of medicine has been built by people who should have never been given the keys. A tower of wrongness twisted in its intent and logic will rain shame on the very name of allopathic medicine.


1 According to the CDC, asthma has increased 52% in persons between the ages of 5 and 34, and rates of death due to asthma have risen 42% in the period between 1982 and 1992. A more recent study by the CDC indicates that asthma has doubled during the last 20 years and is now the most common disorder in children and adolescents.

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[xi] (Source: Individuals With Disabilities Education Act data, US Department of Education. Note: Where increases are from a very low base figure, these have been expressed as "almost infinite". For every two cases there were in The latest 2000-2001 figures represent a single-year increase of 20% over 1999-2000)

% Increase


(almost infinite)




(almost infinite)



District of Columbia





(almost infinite)







(almost infinite)







(almost infinite)

(almost infinite)

New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota
(almost infinite)

(almost infinite)




Puerto Rico

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota




(almost infinite)



[xii] Vaccines Proven To Be Largest Cause of Insulin Dependent Diabetes in Children. By Dr. J. Barthelow Classen, M.D. Published: May, 2001

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