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Doomsday Is So Hard To Schedule!

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
May 24, 2011

Doomsday Is So Hard To Schedule! by ZS Livingstone (May 24, 2011)

The desperation of the money people is palpable. The manmade plagues were flubs. The earthquakes are not working. The tsunamis are not pounding the shorelines worldwide. The hurricanes and typhoons are not wreaking havoc. And the tornadoes are being spawned artificially by the score and they are not plunging the spirit of people into hopelessness.

A 'Great Rapture' prediction for May 21 2011 did not happen either. Polls reported just six million Americans believed in the prediction. The October, 'end of the world' prediction might have even fewer adherents.

The billionaires and trillionaires might as well pick up mud and throw it, so few of their plans are working. They have the secret technologies working with energies which could power the world for centuries aimed at faults and ocean floors and the planet will still not buckle.

They have super-computers plotting intersections of wave fronts from artificial quakes off Japan and other points on the Ring of Fire, converging under the San Andreas Fault but nothing moves. No gigantic tectonic releases have happened since March 11 2011. They have been aiming for a 9.0 Richter plus earthquakes somewhere...anywhere...but nothing has happened. The Earth has been ringing like a bell for months but the crust will not crack.

The New Madrid fault did not move at the scheduled date when a million people were practicing drills for a disaster, so they hit the whole area with HAARP frequencies and other energies causing massive tornados. Joplin Missouri was hit with an F-4 tornado because the scheduled 8.5 Richter quake did not happen in Cape Girardeau. The whole region which would have suffered by a strong quake has been pounded by tornados but still the spirits have not sunk.

The mud of fear is not sticking. The slime of depression is not being recognized. People are living their lives and helping others out of the problems not of their making. The tragedies are not acts of God and people know it. There is anger but it is still quiet and building.

There is something strong binding the crust together and the planners of doomsday cannot move against it. Soon the dark machinery will fall apart and the Earth will be free of the angry tempests of petty tyrants.

This is a replay of events which lead to the submergence of Atlantis. The same parties are trying to claim the Earth anew for their personal power and greed. There will be no chaos from which they can re-establish their hold. There will be no mass extinctions. The great teacher 'karma' is moving events in a different way so the old cycle will not be repeated. The hardest lessons will be for those who would attempt to destroy the world. The Earth will not be destroyed.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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