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New Owner of Ken Adachi's Original Reverse Polarity Colloidal Silver Generator Notes His Excitement in Producing High PPM Colloidal Silver in Only 25 Minutes

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
October 29, 2017

New Owner of Ken Adachi's Original Reverse Polarity Colloidal Silver Generator Notes His Excitement in Producing High PPM Colloidal Silver in Only 25 Minutes (Oct. 29, 2017)


Colloidal Silver & The Reverse Polarity Colloidal Silver Generator by Ken Adachi

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[Editor's Note: On August 31, 2017, I posted an email I received from an individual who had bought an automated, electronic version of a Reverse Polarity colloidal silver generator who was wondering why it took more than 24 hours to produce an extremely low PPM, low quality version of "colloidal silver" using that generator. I explained that the electronic automation process itself was a mistake, along with other faulty decisons in the design of those electronic generators which ripped off my original idea of employing a CS production methodology which I pioneered as "Reverse Polarity" in 1997. I present this email below from David in Alabama who recently acquired my CS generator and - to his delight - produced golden yellow colloidal silver in the 15-20ppm range in only 25 minutes using the original Reverse Polarity Deluxe CS Generator, along with my original production protocol from 1997 which will produce the highest caliber of colloidal silver possible (which was dowsed and affirmed by Dr Bob Beck in 1998)....Ken Adachi]

From: David
Sat 28. Oct 2017
To Ken Adachi
Re: CS generator

Hi Ken,

Made my first batch today. Went very well despite being unsure about several things that probably don't make a difference. I used an available 1 qt Pytex measuring cup on a metal spacer in a 6 qt stainless steel pot on the electric stove with just over 16 oz of distilled water. Didn't count on evaporation of the distilled water, so ended up with less than 16 oz when done. Didn't quite fill up 16 oz hydrogen peroxide bottle. I let it cool some when finished, but wasn't sure about the hot water in the plastic bottle. Probably doesn't make any difference.

I had made a vortex device with 4 strong magnets taped around it to "energize" the water before the process. Walter Russell wrote about magnetism and electricity balancing each other and about the smaller end of a vortex containing the most energy. So running a vortex between 2 plastic bottles surrounded by strong magnets is an easy way to energize water.

The electrodes didn't get too deep in the water due to the shallow Pyrex container. That probably doesn't matter. I didn't start with the distilled water boiling in the double boiler arrangement, but did get the larger pot boiling before starting. I used 5 minutes for the first interval and 2 minutes for each period and the entire process only took me 25 minutes to get a nice yellow color. It was quite exciting when I first saw the color. Had to develop the rhythm from the timer going off, flipping the polarity switch, and starting the timer again. Only cleaned the electrodes once.

Getting ready to treat my wife with some in a nebulizer to treat post pneumonia tickles. She has gotten much better with traditional treatment but hasn't completely kicked it. Given the spraying up high [chemtrails] and the beginning of flu conditions, I'm looking forward to better treatment.

The one thing I thought about when looking for a place to store the unit would be a cap to cover and protect the switches either when stored in a drawer or to pack for travel. Otherwise, everything worked very well.

Thanks for your help in getting it to me.



28 Oct 2017 from Ken Adachi:

Hi David,

Thanks for taking the time to go into the details of making your first batch. You seem to have done everything right. For 16 ozs or less, you can skip using a double boiler (if you want) to keep that CS solution near boiling, but it doesn't hurt and will speed up production time, as you had noticed. If you boiled the distilled water first, and then insulated the 16 oz glass, you would have seen similar results in usually 30-45 minutes. But still, keeping the water near boiling will drive out more free oxygen in the water and reduce silver oxide buildup on the electrodes, so it's perfectly OK if you don't mind taking the time to set it up.

The spinning vortex is also OK before making CS. You could also spin the CS after you made it too. I wouldn't apply a magnetic field to CS after I made it, but before making it, it's OK. The hydrogen peroxide bottle has almost no reaction with the CS, but I would wait until it's cool before pouring into the peroxide bottle to be sure. I usually SHIP ready made CS in a hydrogen peroxide bottle, but tell people to switch over to a dark brown (or dark blue) glass bottle kept in the kitchen cabinet for long term storage. If you are worried about breakage, then the hydrogen peroxide bottle is OK.

If you have a shallow vessel, you can bend the electrodes into a "J" shape or "U" or "L" shape so that the majority of the wire is submerged below the water line which will speed up production time.

I good way to get CS or hydrogen peroxide into a fine mist into the air you breathe, is to simply add a fairly large amount to an ultra sound humidifier. They are available just about everywhere today and they work much better than the old fashion steam humidifiers. I fill our ultra sound humidifier with half distilled water, then 16 to 32 ozs of 3% peroxide and 4 ozs of CS. I also use CDS water sometimes in place of hydrogen peroxide. Breathing this fine vapor will do wonders for any sort of lung or bronchial condition since you're breathing a very small amount continuously over an extended period of time.

Deluxe Colloidal Silver Generator from educate-yourself.orgThanks for giving me an idea about the plastic cap cover for the Deluxe CS Generator [left]. I never thought of that, but you're right. It would be perfect to protect the switches. I keep my generator inside the plastic bag I sent, along with the electrodes, wall adapter, cleaning pad, and the timer, standing upright with bottom of the generator keeping it in that position in the kitchen cabinet.

I would like to hear your future reports of the therapeutic effects you notice from using your home made CS. I wish everyone would come to realize just how powerful colloidal silver is when made with the Reverse Polarity process and the production protocol I explain in my 5 pages of instructions. It took me a few years to gradually glean the information that is contained in that protocol, but it is the most effective and time-proven method yet devised, I feel, to make the highest caliber of colloidal silver possible.

Colloidal Sivler made with REverse Polarity Generator from E-Y produced in 1997, still golden yellowAnd the 20 year shelf life that I've achieved so far, with CS made using the same protocol contained in those instructions, PROVES the validity of that claim. Now you can make CS by the gallon for the cost of distilled water and give it away to your relatives and friends and help them realize curative benefits that will surprise them to no end. Even today, after 20 years of internet publicity, the vast majority of the general public HAS NO IDEA just how effective and powerful that hand made, Reverse Polarity colloidal silver is as a wide spectrum germ killer for just about every infective condition in the book. They may have heard of it, but they never actually tried it for themselves and experienced first hand, its amazing germicidal properties. It's so foolish to pay the outrageous prices that is asked for a couple of ounces of CS sold in a health food store or online, when you can make all you want - of much higher quality - for the cost of distilled water.

Glad to see you joined the club of hand made colloidal silver users which Dr. Bob Beck initiated at a Tuesday morning, Costa Mesa restaurant breakfast meeting more than 24 years ago.

Regards, Ken


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