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Victim of Human Bio-Robotization Says Nano Particles in Her Eyes and Facial Muscles Are Forcing Involuntary Speech and Facial Expressions

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[Editor's Note: Nano (one Billionth of one meter) size metal particles and polymers have been part of chemtrail fallout for 20 years now, since the Winter of 1997-98 when chemtrail spraying was first reported over the Art Bell radio show in December 1997 by William Thomas. Dr True Ott posted an article in 2010 titled DynCorp, The NSA, & Nano Technology Conspire to Robotize Humanity that warned of the coming human robotization agenda. Last December, I posted an article by "Charlie" which explained his methodology to remove Nano particles from the body, which allowed him to free himself of the symptoms of electronic harassment and torture. He included a photo, seen below, of perfectly round "floaters" in his eyes which he said many people have in their eyes due to exposure to Nano particles in the air from chemtrail spraying. I've received a number of emails from a woman named Gail who has been reporting to me how her life is being manipulated and influenced by Artificial Ingelligence (AI) computers and remote operators who are imposing a form of electronic slavery over her life. Today, you can buy very inexpensive Digital microscopes on Amazon or Ebay that will give you a tremendous amount of magnification to inspect your skin or eyes for evidence of Nano technology "fibers" and other Nano assemblies that are forming within our bodies under the influence of microwave radiation from Smart phones, cell towers, WiFi anything, tablets, etc.

We are all ingesting Nano particles from crops grown outdoors as well as breathing in Nano particles that are inserted into our atmosphere from Chemtrail spraying. Nano particles absorbed into the body can also self-assemble themselves into neural networks which can alter our DNA within the body under the influence of microwave energy fields from cell towers, WiFi devices, Smartphones, etc.

I posted many articles over the years warning of the folly of using Smart phones, tablets, or WiFi anything because of its impact on your health and immune system, but also to minimize the assembly activity of these Nano particles inside the body (we ALL have Nano particles inside our bodies from breathing chemtrail fallout and from crop contamination since 1998). Take some simple steps to minimize the amount of microwave radiation coming into your home with inexpensive shielding materials. This is not a story that only applies to the woman reporting this information. This concern also applies to YOU; you just don't know it yet. ..Ken Adachi].
June 17, 2018

Victim of Human Bio-Robotization Says Nano Particles in Her Eyes and Facial Muscles Are Forcing Involuntary Speech and Facial Expressions (June 17, 2018)

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From: Gretta Fahey
Re: Very Important - Please Read Carefully...

When you are in front of your computer screen or tablet or Smart phone, neuro scientists can interact with your computer in such a way that it is possible for them to see and inspect if there is any nano technology inside your eyes or facial muscles or lips, jaws or tongue.

If there is a substantial amount of nano technology therein you are then selected for human bio-robotization.

Each nano strand inside your eyes or facial muscles is individually connected to a computer network where said nano strands are then co-ordinated by the use of a super-computer so that your eyes and other completed sets of muscles can be co-ordinated with the thought streams of the bio-robotization personnel to the extent that whenever the bio-robotization personnel are speaking, your whole facial muscles will be co-ordinated to move in tandem with their words.

We must discontinue all use of screen time in front of computers and smart phones combined with all other digital screens.

Some of our fellow human beings have already been totally bio-robotized by this method to the extent that they are total and utter slaves, without the ability to move a muscle without permission.

The solution is to disassemble and destroy all microwave and millimetre wave transmitters combined with all other transmitters throughout the world urgently. I am in a unique position to know that this bio-robotization process is real because many of the muscles throughout my face and body can already be remote controlled against my will.

Gretta Fahey

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