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The World Conquerors
Chapter Eighteen, Secret Powers

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By Louis Marschalko (1903 - 1968)
Published 1958

The World Conquerors: Chapter Eighteen, Secret Powers (1958)

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Chapter Eighteen (pages 272 - 284)

Secret Powers

The world conquerors would not be able to maintain their power for a moment without their auxiliary troops which they command from key positions. It is an appalling feature of our present-day world that the democracies and a certain section of the Christian Churches are controlled just as much by these auxiliary troops as are Bolshevik dictatorships and Masonic lodges. Parliaments and rulers, as well as the media of public entertainment such as the stage, radio and television, which are engaged in the systematic drugging of public opinion, are organised to act the part of auxiliary troops just as much as is the party congress of the Bolshevik dictatorships. But behind the governments, commissars and puppets of the opposition stands the Satanic Director ~ the Golden Calf ~ the "money power," washing gold from the blood and sweat of the 2,500 million inhabitants of the earth.

How did this come about? Is the world really governed by a dark and evil power?

On the Russian front during the Second World War, an officer of the Spanish Blue Division found a file containing records of unique interest near the body of a Bolshevik police officer named Guzmin. These records, drawn up in 1939 by Guzmin, contained a statement by Rakovszky, then Soviet Ambassador in Paris, who was incriminated in the great conspiracy against General Mikhail Tukhachevsky. In the records, the authenticity of which seems to be beyond question, the veil obscuring Bolshevism is lifted and one of the greatest secrets of the world is exposed. They were dictated by an authentic witness, one of the closest collaborators of Lenin. Needless to say, Rakovszky was a Jew.

Rakovszky frankly admits in the records that at the end of the First World War the position of Bolshevism became extremely critical due to the spread and progress of the Russian counter-revolution. At the end of 1917, the Bolsheviks had been driven back (272) as far as the territory of the principality of Moscow. But at this moment a higher power appeared, which, according to Rakovszky, governs the world. This higher power acted from the West and stopped the flow of military and economic supplies for the counter-revolution, which up to then had been steady and reliable.

In a series of confidential confessions, Rakovszky also states in the records that the great financial crash on Wall Street in 1929 was the work of a mysterious group consisting of a few persons directed by a higher power. This same world power put to work Roosevelt's famous New Deal, but on the other hand it also supported Hitler's movement in its initial financial difficulties through the help of Hjalmar Schacht, who was a freemason.

"This world power is greater and more omnipotent than the Komintern itself," said Rakovszky.

To Guzmin's repeated question as to who were the holders of this world power, Rakovszky gave various evasive answers, such as: "Them"; "Those people", etc. Apparently he did not want to pronounce the word Jew!

He said he did not know exactly who these people were. But he knew that they were omnipotent and within call anywhere. They had no visible form and appeared mostly in the guise of international financial interests. They are sometimes referred to as the "money power". But one thing was certain: this world power would be sure to intervene should any overwhelming force arise to destroy Communism. Trotsky, more closely acquainted with these circles, on one occasion said to Rakovszky: "The man who has succeeded in breaking the blockade closing round the Soviet is Walther Rathenau, the millionaire member of the Weimar government."

These records also hint that this unknown world power is embodied in some kind of freemasonic organization. But it is even more interesting to learn from Rakovszky that Karl Marx [birth name Moses Levy Mordecai, an Ashkenazi Jew, born May 5, 1818 in Prussia] was not the real founder of Communist world revolution. Its true father was Adam Weishaupt, founder of the freemasonic order of the Illuminati. This Weishaupt, who came from Germany, was a pupil of Moses Mendelssohn, the Jewish philosopher.

Kuhn, Loeb and Co., according to 1935 statistics, controlled a fortune of four billion dollars, and today [1957] no doubt control much more. (273)

The world policy of this secret power is most interesting. Jewry's hatred of the Czarist Russia was so great that this same bank, Kuhn, Loeb and Co., made a loan of 130 million dollars to the Japanese in order to finance the Russo-Japanese War. In later years, when it appeared that the Bolsheviks would be defeated, at the end of the First World War, it saved Bolshevism, too. It knew very well that the victory of the counter-revolution leading to the revenge of the tortured and cheated Russian people would end in the destruction of Russian Jewry.

But the most horrible chapter of this satanic policy is when, according not only to Rakovszky but to other reliable German sources, this same world power gives still larger sums to Hitler and National Socialism, in order to help Hitler and his movement over initial difficulties. They knew that if Hitler succeeded in taking over power Germany could be forced into a new war. The real aim was not only the destruction of German National Socialism, but something even greater: the realisation of the final great and glorious aspiration, which is the biological destruction and enslavement of all non-Jewish nations.

Certain parts of Rakovszky's statements attain impressive heights. He must have been familiar with the nature of this secret world power to have prophesied from a prison cell as early as 1938: "Hitler will shake hands with Stalin in order to be able to liquidate Poland, and Stalin will accept Hitler's offer [The Germany-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact, 23 August 1939] . Though both of them will thus have attacked a Catholic country important to the West, nevertheless the West will declare one of them only to be the aggressor, and that will be Hitler's Germany."

Grand Orient records relating to the Great Council's meeting on May 29th, 1939, fell into the hands of the German counter-espionage service before the outbreak of the last war. From these it becomes evident that Arthur Groussier, the Grand Master, at this time had important consultations with Roosevelt's ambassador at Paris, Mr. Bullitt, who was informed of the viewpoint of the Grand Orient, according to which all possible steps were to be taken to prevent any understanding on the Polish question being reached either between Hitler and the Poles, or between Hitler and the European powers. Chamberlain was told as early as March, 1939, that if he continued his conciliatory (274) policy, the U.S.A. would withdraw all moral and financial support from Great Britain.

The records of the Jewish Congress [the February 1936 Catholic Gazette article describes extracts from a series of speeches given at a secret meeting of B'nai B'rith that took place "recently" in Paris, likely December 1935 or January 1936], which was held in Paris well before the Second World War, were published in the Catholic Gazette of February, 1936. At this congress, we are told, the secret world power demonstrated the full magnitude of its arrogance. The speakers referred proudly to the fact that the most important leaders of all nations were freemasons and were thus mobilised for the promotion of Israel's aspirations.


"We are masters of war and of peace!" sounds the confident challenge of the world conquerors. "France fell into our hands; Great Britain depends upon our money and is our slave. Many other States and nations, including the U.S.A., bow before our power and organisation."

That this world power not only exists, but is in fact master of the world, is strongly emphasised, firstly by Rakovszky's statements, secondly by ex-King Alfonso XIII, thirdly in secret reports found by the Germans after the occupation of Paris, fourthly by Forrestal's diary, and lastly by the confidential papers of a Polish diplomat:

Comte Jean Szembek, one of the leading officials of the Polish Foreign Office, published his diary in France under the title Journal 1933-1939. Here he records his talk with the King of Spain, Alfonso XIII, on February 19th, 1939. "The Spanish king has formed a very pessimistic opinion of the world situation," says the diary. "World Jewry and freemasonry play a very important role in the attempt to unleash war."

On July 6th, 1939, Jerzy Potocki, Polish ambassador to the U.S.A., returned to Warsaw from Washington to report to his government. In the course of his account he says:


"There are all sorts of people in the West driving us to war: the Jews, the big Capitalists and the armament firms. They feel they are entering an era of prosperity. They regard and handle us like Negroes, whose only duty is to work and sweat in the interest of multiplying their capital."

The Jews and freemasons found allies in unexpected circles. On March 19th, 1939, Comte Szembek visited Count Wlodimir Ledóchowski, the General of the Jesuit Order, and recorded the following: "I happened by chance to be present during Count Ledochowszky's consultation with Cardinal Francesco Marmaggi about the arrival of a deputation from the (275) Spanish Falange. [Fascist movement that merged with traditional right-wing elements in 1937 to form the ruling party under General Franco] During their talk both of them sharply condemned Fascism and Hitlerism and arrived at the conclusion that the Falange was a similar movement. Ledochowszky referred to all of these systems as the 'opera del diavolo', i.e. 'works of the devil'..." On April 21st, 1939, Monsignor Montini, the papal legate to Poland at that time, told Comte Szembek that according to the official viewpoint of the Vatican, should Poland decide on war, it would be a just and rightful war.

Szembek also records in his memoirs that on August 11th, 1939, the Polish ambassador to the Vatican said to him that "an unbending attitude is to be maintained towards Germany and that this policy is openly encouraged by the Vatican"!

And so we find even the Vatican itself ranged among the satellites of the world conquerors, without apparently pausing to consider the inherent danger of Bolshevism.

We have dealt already with the key positions held by the world conquerors. But the political advance was only a rather modest consequence of that economic world power which world Jewry captured as early as the beginning of this century in order to dominate the nations.

The appearance of this mysterious world power was referred to by Marxists, Leninists, and other dreamy-headed Socialists, as "dollar imperialism". Though the flags of the "dollar imperialists" were carried by Americans who died defending them, nevertheless behind these flags of a politically ignorant and inexperienced new and powerful nation [America] stood the world conquerors, who, in fact, are marching today towards the subjection of all free and independent peoples.

We will give a few examples to illustrate this. Speyer and Co., the great Jewish banking house, in 1903, gave Mexico her first twelve and a half million-dollar loan. They acquired by this transaction all oil concessions in Mexico. Rockefeller, Morgan, Jacob Schiff and the other great Jewish financiers followed suit and thus almost all the natural resources of Mexico fell into Jewish hands. Bernard Mannes Baruch, the National City Bank under Jewish management, and Guggenheim, the Jewish copper magnate, became the real masters of Mexico.

In 1906, the same world conquerors obtained monopolies over (276) Nicaragua's national income from customs and excise and also over her railways and shipping lines.

The banking house of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. was one of the founders as well as chief financier of the Panama Canal Co.

The major part of Cuba's industry is controlled by the Guggenheims.

Bolivia was turned into a colony of "dollar imperialism" by Speyer and Guggenheim, who exploited the zinc mines.

Since 1935, thirty-five percent of the potassium nitrate and ninety percent of the copper industry of Chile is in the hands of the Guggenheim and Morgan Trusts.

In Peru, the copper mines are in the hands of the Seligmans and Goldschmidts.

Lord Melchett, under his original name of Mond, controls the nickel industry of Canada. Out of a total of thirty billion dollars which constitute the national assets of Canada, a total of three billion is in the hands of the Jews.

Foreign trade with China was organised by the Morgans and also by the National City Bank and, of course, by Kuhn, Loeb. Later, the International Banking Corporation, led by Edward H. Harriman the railway king, and Isaac Guggenheimer, began the economic "exploitation" of China. Schiff, Morgan, Kuhn, Loeb, and Harriman made fortunes out of railway construction in that country.

According to Rakovszky, similar forces rescued Bolshevism, and with the ultimate aim of destroying Germany, supported Hitler's movement in its early days. They were also behind the Stalin [non aggression] pact and total aerial warfare, the expulsion of eighteen million Germans from their homelands leading to the enslavement of Europe, and the suppression of those Asiatic nations struggling for independence.

This world power identifies itself with the Nuremberg Trials, with the sordid bargaining at Yalta, whilst the death of the democrat Forrestal as well as that of the Communist Zhdanov was due to the fact that these men wished to bring about a showdown between the Bolshevik and Capitalist world. It exterminated many of the leaders of the European Christian peoples under the pretext of "war crimes ", and from this has been hatched the latest theory of co-existence to save the Soviet Union. Rakovszky informs us that this "higher" power disclosed its real identity during the trial of the atom spies. (277)

Why did Julius Rosenberg refuse to tell the court the names of those who gave him his orders, though he could have saved his own and his wife's life by doing so?

The answer is simple! This small and unimportant Jew was, together with his accomplices, the agent of this "higher" power. It was not on his own initiative that he passed on atomic secrets to Kaganovich and his friends. Certain persons ordered him to do so; certain persons succeeded in convincing him that it was a sacred, patriotic and religious duty for him ~ a small but loyal Jew ~ to pass on to the Kremlin the secret of the atomic bomb, and by so doing to prevent a third world war which would lead to the total extermination of Jewry.

What is certain, however, is that these comparatively unimportant Jews, Rosenberg and his wife Ethel, died like martyrs, taking with them to the grave one of the greatest secrets of the twentieth century. Those Jews who followed their coffins to the cemetery in a funeral procession enlivened by dramatic and fanatical incidents, knew very well that this couple had sacrificed their own lives for the survival of world Jewry. And thus, the names of the real culprits were never disclosed.

In its issue of June 15th, 1955, La Voix de la Paix, a French paper, published an interesting article from the pen of a leftist writer, throwing, though surely quite unintentionally, a very sharp light on the basic nature of "democracies" governed from key positions. "The French Parliament itself," he writes, "is a type of closed society in which the representatives of the great banking groups meet. These consist of: (1) L'Union des Banques Américaines which is represented in the French political field by René Pleven, who began his career as Jean Monnet's secretary; (2) L'Union Européenne, to which the banking houses of the Rothschilds belong. This group is represented politically by René Mayer, a former director of the Rothschild concerns."

In this short article a startling picture is presented, showing that the France of St. Louis is today under the dictatorship of various Jewish financial groups aided by rotten democratic parliamentarians, and that at the same time she serves as one of the main bases of the international conspiracy which is strangling the world.

Among the many exposures of this secret world power to appear (278) after the Second World War, perhaps Francis Quisney's article is the most remarkable. It was published in the periodical Der Weg, edited in Argentina, and dealt with the world policy of the Rockefellers. To put it shortly, the present head of the "Christian" banking house of Rockefellers, Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, has been working for a long time in close touch with the Jewish banking house of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. of New York. During the Second World War Roosevelt appointed Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller to the post of Coordinator of Hemisphere Defence, the purpose of which was "to keep in hand" the South American States and to control the South American markets.

It would fill a volume to attempt to describe in detail the fatal role played by the head of the Rockefeller banking house in the Bolshevisation of the world while under the influence of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., who financed the Bolshevik Revolution and the atomic bomb. In the Wall Street Journal of May 13th, 1948, Ray Cromley, an American journalist, confirmed that not only at Yalta but well before that conference, a secret agreement had been concluded between Nelson A. Rockefeller on the one hand and Andrei Gromyko, the Jewish representative of the Kremlin, on the other, to divide the globe into two hemispheres. The demarcation line bisecting the globe runs by the Eastern frontiers of Finland, and continuing along the shores of Sweden, cuts through divided Germany to run along the Eastern frontiers of Austria, from where it follows the Northern limits of Turkey and ends at the Persian Gulf. This secret agreement between the Eastern and Western conspirators took into consideration the fact that the rich oilfields of Saudi Arabia must remain under the control of the Rockefellers and of the Jewish oil magnates behind them. Another alarming part of this exposure is the statement, duly supported by evidence, that the oil delivered by the Saudi Arabian plants of Rockefeller and of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. for the Communist war machine, made it possible for the Korean Reds to carry out their attack on South Korea.

Upon several occasions, Bolshevism was saved from destruction by a secret Western conspiracy. The same secret power originally saved it through exerting pressure through the British trade unions and American bankers to put a stop to the anti-Bolshevik war of intervention; later on it helped Stalin in the industrialisation of the (279) Soviet Union. It saved the Soviet Union again when at the time of the Ribbentrop-Stalin [non aggresion] pact, Hitler only was singled out as the enemy. It saved the Soviet once more when La Guardia handed over the eleven and a half billion dollar cheque to Litvinov, and yet another time when the second front was prematurely established by the invasion of Europe without waiting for the armies of the German and Russian dictatorships "to bleed one another to death".

This was done, although Truman (whom we can regard as the only "anti-Semite" President of the U.S. since Jefferson) had said at the time of the outbreak of the Soviet-German War in 1941: "Let them kill one another. We will later have to support the weaker party."

Truman was still only a Vice-President and Roosevelt nearing the end of his days when the suggestion settling the Soviet question for good was being seriously considered by the Western world. Truman even conceived the possibility of destroying Bolshevism and Hitler together in one opportune swoop. This was the very last chance for the democracies and for the free world to secure real victory.

Consultations were begun with the military leaders of the defeated German Army. It was proposed that after a formal capitulation, the Germans would join forces with the Western allies and fall on the exhausted Soviet armies. All those who lived in Europe during those feverish times sensed that the world was on the threshold of a new clash, which would decide the fate of mankind. It appeared that although German Nazism might be destroyed, nevertheless, the victorious Wehrmacht [unified armed forces of Germany from 1935 to 1945] would march again in alliance with the even more victorious British and American forces.

In March, 1945, the operators of the German and Hungarian radio stations, and the General Staffs, knew that the Soviet Union was at the point of collapse. In Hungary and in the East German territories the coded messages sent to Moscow by the various Soviet commands were intercepted and decoded. They all consisted of desperate calls for the "victorious" Soviet generals for help ~ for weapons, ammunition and reinforcements.

But at this time, when the democracies had the opportunity of wiping out Bolshevism with the help of German National Socialism, the mysterious power mentioned in Rakovszky's records once more (280) intervened through the person of a typical puppet ~ General Dwight Eisenhower, who later became President of the United States.

The news of the negotiations between the German Wehrmacht and the British were no idle tales. Rokossovsky, the "red" Field Marshal and recent Commander-in-Chief of the Polish Communist armies, brought to light some remarkable details about this matter. He said that Marshal Georgy Zhukov possessed proofs of the fact that in April, 1945, the British intended to conclude an agreement with the German Wehrmacht to swoop down on the Soviet armies which had advanced far into Western Europe. Meanwhile, the Soviet High Command intercepted and decoded the telecommunications between British and German headquarters. The sole condition was that the German Army should offer its capitulation by April 22nd, 1945. A combined attack would immediately follow in order to force back the Soviet armies, at least as far as the Oder.

A British Army colonel was believed to have given this plan away to Eisenhower, who in turn promptly told the British that if they helped the Germans against the Bolsheviks, he would cut off all vital war materials from Great Britain who would be obliged to go it alone.

And today Marshal Zhukov refers to the moment constituting perhaps the last chance for the freedom of mankind by saying: "The intervention of my good friend Eisenhower foiled this treacherous plan." (Das Neue Zeitalter, of September 28th, 1957.)

And so Roosevelt's tame general, the influential master of American freemasonry, of whom General MacArthur remarked tartly: "Eisenhower was not my staff officer but my clerk" ~ destroyed the last hope of mankind. The Soviet Union was not only saved but became one of the strongest powers in the world. After this, it was only natural that the favourite of Baruch and Morgenthau and the executor of the Morgenthau Plan, should become President of the United States, while the powers behind the scenes prevented the nominations of Taft and MacArthur for the presidential elections. Once Eisenhower was elected to the presidential post, the investigations of the McCarthy Committee were stopped. The world conquerors returned to the White House, and in view of subsequent events even a child can understand the indifferent attitude towards the (281) historical Hungarian Rebellion on November 4th, 1956, as well as this omission to give it any effective help.

Thanks to Mr. Eisenhower the Eastern half of Jewish world power was saved again. Through the irresponsibility of this careerist puppet-soldier the secrets of the rockets fell into Soviet hands also. On learning of the approach of the Bolsheviks, the German scientists evacuated Penemuende in 1945. The V-I and V-2 types of rocket had been made here, and the V-9, the equivalent of the Soviet sputnik of 1958, was also ready. The German scientists brought with them fifty-four waggons of blueprints and scientific material, which they intended to hand over to the Americans. The American C.I.C., which at this time consisted almost exclusively of world conquerors, ordered the German scientists to leave the fifty-four waggons of scientific material in the hands of the Soviet. The scientists themselves would be allowed access to the territory occupied by the American forces, but bringing only 100 pounds of personal luggage per head. It may be asked whether these things were known to Eisenhower ~ Morgenthau's Commander in Chief. This may be open to question. But the fact remains that the secrets of the rockets, like the secrets of the atomic bomb, fell into the hands of the Soviet.

So to the question, "Is there a supranational conspiracy covering all nations?" we cannot give any other answer but a definite "Yes!" This conspiracy has taken form and intervened in every great crisis affecting mankind. It had its hand in the French Revolution, in the Socialist-Communist movements of the 19th century and in the peace treaties after the First World War. Its features became visible for an instant in 1917 when Czarist Russia was destroyed, and according to the above quoted records of Rakovszky it was owing to this conspiracy that Bolshevism was saved during the time when the Russian counter-revolution was on the point of achieving success. This mysterious power started the Second World War, destroyed Christian Europe and exterminated the European intellectual elite. This mysterious conspiratorial power passed on the secret of the atomic bomb to the Soviet, and it betrayed America.

Who, then, are the members of this conspiratorial group? There is no doubt that in the first place are to be found the leaders of world Jewry, the obsessed fanatics of Old Testament world-conquering "Nazism", directed by the bankers of the great international (282) finance groups and interests and also by the chief commissars of Bolshevism, i.e. the masters of the Kremlin. Perhaps all of these cannot be included, but there are many amongst them fighting under the leadership of Kaganovich for the establishment of the Jewish world kingdom.

Almost more dangerous than these conspiratorial leaders are the "auxiliary" troops they succeeded in rallying to their cause nearly half a century ago. According to the latest statistics, there are more than six million freemasons in the world, and four million of them are in the United States. The majority of these freemasons are probably not Communists, but nonetheless they are unintentionally promoting Communist aims. Furthermore, motivated by financial or material interests or convictions, they are consciously serving the Jewish aspirations, the final target of which is Communism, and through Communism the establishment of totalitarian Jewish dictatorship and the complete abolition of human freedom.

To understand the colossal dimensions and consequences of this conspiracy we must realise that mankind lives today in what we might term a "threshold age", and has perhaps already passed from the Iron Age into the Atomic Age. It does not need much imagination to see that the world is over-populated and that the future of the whole globe ~ the life and bread of the population ~ depends upon greatly increasing production through the most efficient use of atomic energy. This energy, which might be a source of evil or, on the other hand, a heavenly blessing, is controlled by a closed group of the prophets of supranational "Nazism". The majority of mankind is already helpless against this group which by means of atomic blast experiments served its own profit-making interests only, regardless of the fact that is has by now possibly poisoned our water and our bread and even affected the genes of our unborn children by atomic radiation. What will happen if this group takes over exclusive control of this fatal energy under the title of "atomic energy for peaceful purposes"? It is neither a Utopian concept nor a nightmarish dream, but on the contrary, highly probable that this energy may prove to be the medium for the establishment of world dictatorship. Only that continent which submits unconditionally will receive fuel and electric energy. Those not prepared to serve this Jewish group and thus to ensure retaining their position near the top of the (283) social pyramid enjoying the sunny side of life, but who would dare to resist the general exploitation, will perish miserably. For this Old Testament "Nazism" knows neither mercy nor humanity.

If its power is not soon eradicated, and if it continues to enjoy political, economic and intellectual monopolies, then in one or two decades the totalitarian world terror will come, bringing the destruction of human freedom, together with that of the free spirit of mankind and of all human ideals, including the concept of one's own native land and of national pride. There will remain in the end, on one side, the helot-masses amounting to four billion enslaved people without national, racial or religious ties, and on the other, fifteen million chosen people who fulfilled the prophecy in Torah and became indeed the masters of all nations. (284)


Chapter Nineteen: The Hungarian Freedom Revolt

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